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How do you grade the Pistons for hiring Lawrence Frank?


  • Aug 6, 20117:19 pm
    by Laser


    er, “Pass” i guess. really tough to grade this one, given all the factors involved. we missed out on some candidates i think would have been superior while we were dicking around with fat idiots like curry and kuester, but we picked a guy who i think is a “good” hire. not perfect, but not mike woodson either, so i’m not sure anyone has the right to complain. maybe that just means it’s a solid B, but the pistons left themselves in a position where they’re truly desperate for a long-term solution when there were no particularly inspiring options. they got the best of a bad lot, as far as i’m concerned.

  • Aug 7, 20112:45 am
    by Jason


    After watching Frank’s intro press conference, I’m 100% on board with this hire.. They guy is sharp as hell. and there’s no doubt in my mind he will help mold this team back into the defense first squad we’ve been accustomed to. He seems sharp as hell, and ready to get going… No matter how you want to spin it, he’s a significant upgrade over our last 2 coaches, and therefore i’m a huge fan!

  • Aug 7, 201111:27 am
    by Druhouse


    It is a vast improvement over the previous years. What he does with this roster and the culture will determine his worth.  I have a lot of optimism surrounding this hire though.  Mostly as a result of the promises Frank made in his presser and his general demeanor. He definitely is better on the mic than our previous coaches. 

    It seems to signal a shift in focus toward productive moves that are future oriented.

    Frank seems to be the right guy to lead us out of a dark dark time.  I hope that Frank can get this team working as a team or at least figure out who should stay and then Joe D can work some magic and balance the roster.


  • Aug 7, 20111:46 pm
    by Hawkins


    Anything is better then that dusche Keuster.

  • Aug 8, 201111:22 am
    by brgulker


    I’ll give it a C.

    I hear a lot of writers, bloggers, and fans talking about this is a really good hire. We got a guy who has a proven track record, yada, yada.

    But where is that track record? Overall, he has a losing record as a head coach. Sure, he had a great start and a couple nice seasons (when he was coaching really good players in a terrible conference).

    But let’s not forget that this is the same man who coached a team to the worst start in NBA history. Anybody remember the drama that ensued? I do.

    Frank is likely a better coach and communicator than Curry (although I’ll withhold judgment until I see him handle the Rip/Gordon problem). Frank is probably a better communicator than Kuester, but I honestly don’t remember NJ well enough to say if he’s a better X and O guy.

    Anyway, not to rain on everyone’s parade, but let’s just remember that Frank has the track record he has. It’s a losing one, and most recently, among the most losing track records ever. This is absolutely not a coach who is going to turn the franchise around through great locker room speeches and one-on-one meetings with players. It doesn’t work that way.

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