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Greg Monroe ranked NBA’s 94th-best player, predicted as top 60 in a year

Matt Moore, Royce Young and Ben Golliver of Eye on Basketball combined to make their own list of the NBA’s best 100 players, and unlike Zach Lowe of The Point Forward, they included Greg Monroe:

94. Greg Monroe, C, Age 21, Detroit Pistons
2011 Stats: 9.4 ppg, 7.5 rpg, .551 FG%, 18.0 PER
Composite rankings (random order): 94, 96, 83
That Monroe cracked this list in his first year speaks extremely well of him, comparing the train wreck of a locker room he operated in, the depth in the Detroit frontcourt, and his coach’s slow spiral of disaster. Monroe’s young, so his 20.5 PER allowed can be overlooked, considering his efficiency minute-by-minute. 
Monroe showed himself to be the best young player for the Pistons to build around and Lawrence Frank would do well to make him the focal point. With the right defensive system, Monroe could skyrocket up this list in the next two years.

Moore also provided for PistonPowered readers a sneak peak of next summer’s list:

I’m certain he’s going to be top 60 next year, and you can quote me on that.

These top-100-NBA-players list are all the rage this week. Maybe I’ll try to beat the rush and start my list for 2012 now. If I do, I think I’d agree with Moore and rank Monroe in the top 60, too.

By the way, Rodney Stuckey also received Honorable Mention from the Eye on Basketball guys:

Rodney Stuckey: Destined for Detroit Pistons Trivia Land.

Who’s the only player from Eastern Washington in NBA history? Who was the Pistons’ last sophomore to play in the NBA Rookie Challenge? Who did the Pistons draft with the pick they received for trading Darko Milicic?

I guess I need to modify my guess from Lowe’s list. In addition to Monroe, I predict Tayshaun Prince and no other Piston will make the list.


  • Aug 2, 201112:09 pm
    by RyanK


    Rip is one of the top 100 players in the league…probably top 40 players.  While he didn’t put it on display for the entire season last year, there were moments that he showed he was the best player on the court.
    If we’re looking at who put on a top 100 performance last season, that’s not Rip…but if you know Rip’s game, you know he can turn the switch on when properly motivated and return to old form.  Is that classy of him…no.  Is he a leader…no.  But he still is the best player on the Pistons team…even though he doesn’t play hard enough for the media to recognize it.

    • Aug 2, 201112:54 pm
      by Laser


      nope. i defend rip plenty when he’s unnecessarily attacked, and i’ll defend logic when rip is unnecessarily praised. and i do both for the same reason, actually: we just don’t know quite what rip’s capable of right now. he was once considered the best conditioned athlete in the league, but i don’t seem to recall many instances where he’s running his defender ragged, and he’s at that age where players can start to decline. we’ve had three full seasons of him being stuck in an awful system with too many shooters, no passers, and no good screen setters. so we don’t know what he’s capable of in a system with a point guard and some double screens to run off of, since he’s three crucial years removed from that.
      to say he’s the exact same player he was when he and chauncey were considered the best backcourt in the league is just as crazy as saying he’s washed up. the answer probably lies somewhere in between, but we have no idea what he is right now.

      • Aug 2, 20111:17 pm
        by tarsier


        I would add that we can say with a good degree of confidence that he is not top 40. I mean, not every team’s best player will be top 40. And Rip, at best, is in a tight race for Detroit’s best player. And Detroit has arguably the worst best player in the league (with honorable mentions to Toronto, Cleveland, and Sacramento).

      • Aug 2, 20111:28 pm
        by RyanK


        I’m a big proponent of looking at both ends of the floor. Rip is a lockdown defender when he wants to be. He’s the only player I’ve ever seen shut Lebron down. Unfortunately he wasn’t charged with the task for long periods of time, so most don’t remember it. Lebron passed when Rip was on him…he drove and or shot when Tay was.

        Top 40 might be a stretch, I’ll admit that. But top 100 isn’t a stretch at all based on ability. Top 100 based on performance, he doesn’t make the cut because of his attitude last season.

        • Aug 2, 20115:40 pm
          by Laser


          he’s a good defender, and he’d certainly pesky when he’s interested. but he’s not lock-down. i remember him having a few very nice sequences against lebron five years ago. the fact of the matter is that we need to see this guy in a reasonable system in order to evaluate him, because the three years he’s spent wallowing in shooting guard hell have turned the guy into an unknown quantity.
          personally, i think he’s perfectly capable of being a good to very good overall player, maybe even top 100. but nobody has any way of judging his current capabilities. it would be equally foolish to judge him purely on his recent production (or lack thereof) as it would be to judge him on what he was doing three full years ago.

    • Aug 2, 20111:31 pm
      by tarsier


      61 player who are hands down better than Rip:
      Garnett, Pierce, Allen, Rondo, D-Will, Lopez, Melo, Amare, Billups, Iggy, Brand, Bargnani, Rose, Noah, Boozer, Deng, Granger, Bogut, Joe Johnson, Horford, J-Smoove, Lebron, Wade, Bosh, D12, Richardson, Wall, Dirk, Kidd, Tyson Chandler, Lowry, Kevin Martin, Scola, Marc Gasol, Gay, ZBo, CP3, David West, Duncan, Parker, Ginobili, Nene, Love, Durant, Westbrook, Ibaka, Aldridge, Gerald Wallace, Al Jefferson, Ellis, Curry, Lee, Griffin, Eric Gordon, Kobe, Pau, Andrew Bynum, Odom, Nash, Gortat, Reke.

      After that, there are a lot you could argue. Heck, if you’re a die-hard Rip fan, you may be able to argue almost a dozen of these. That would still keep him out of the top 50.

      • Aug 2, 20112:00 pm
        by kamal


        I don’t think Brand, Richardson, Lowry, or even Gortat is better than Rip.  They might have had a better year than Rip but that don’t make them better.  

        And people like Ibaka and Chandler are just on better teams, so it seems like they’re better.  On Charlotte, Chandler was putting up career low numbers.  I’ll admit, their size and positions make them more valuable than Rip; but not better.

        But overall, I agree with you.  Rip, as of right now, isn’t in the top 50 players in the league.  And the more I think about, he probably won’t even register, even though he should place somewhere around 70-80.

        • Aug 2, 20116:33 pm
          by tarsier


          Fair enough. Like I said, there are less than a dozen on the list who are debatable even. And probably a couple I missed too. But I can’t possibly agree with you about Brand. Look at their career numbers. Over his first 8 seasons, Brand averaged something like 21 ppg and 10.5 rpg and better than 2 bpg. The consummate perennial all-star level big man. Yeah, Brand started producing a lot less after an injury and a change of team and role. But he should be docked more for that than Rip for playing poorly after a change in role?

          • Aug 2, 20118:42 pm
            by kamal

            No he shouldn’t be punished more than Rip.  I like Brand.  Always have.  It was unfair for me to judge him on his last 3 seasons, while ignoring Rip’s last 3.  

            But, I think Rip was a better player.  He didn’t have a better individual career than Brand.  But he’s had the better career in my book.  Leading a team that constantly went deep in the playoffs in scoring in both the regular season and post goes a long way with me.  Brand he’s a step above Abdur-Rahim in my book.  A guy who puts up monster numbers on bottom feeding teams.  

            But I understand why people would rate Brand higher than Rip.  20 and 10 is still the standard for a good big man and Rip NEVER came close to putting up the Shooting guard equivalent (25, 5, and 5).  I just happen to believe that Rip sacrificed shots and stats for the betterment of the team.

    • Aug 2, 20118:57 pm
      by brgulker


      RyanK, I would like to meet you. Honestly.

      The sings you say about the Pistons are literally unbelievable to me.

      Rip is washed up and unreliable. The one in five games he shows up and shoots well, he can still help a little. But one in five isn’t anywhere close to good enough.

  • Aug 2, 201112:22 pm
    by rob


    Why does Tayshaun’s name continue to come up in these Pistons discussions? He’s a UFA, not a Piston.

    • Aug 2, 20111:18 pm
      by tarsier


      He will be considered a Piston by most fans until he signs elsewhere.

  • Aug 2, 201112:54 pm
    by jj


    94! Now if only the Pistons had anyone else in the top 150.

  • Aug 2, 20111:47 pm
    by neutes


    I’ve got my bottom 10 after a bunch of shuffling. Prince comes in at #91 on my list with 2 other Pistons ahead of him somewhere. It’s not as hard to pick out the top 100 players as I thought it would be. Can’t say that N.Collison, Mayo, Salmons, L.Williams, Artest, or Redick make my list however. No Bobcats. Sucks to be them even if they did get Biyombo.
    100. Battier
    99. Haslem
    98. T.Evans
    97. D.Collison
    96. Biedrins
    95. Perkins
    94. Delfino
    93. R.Anderson
    92. T.Allen
    91. Prince

    • Aug 2, 20112:02 pm
      by neutes


      Stuckey at 85. Monroe at 79.
      4 rookies – Griffin, Wall, Monroe, E.Davis
      Howard at 1 over Lebron, because let’s face it – if the Magic call Riley and ask for a Lebron for Howard swap the Heat take that without blinking.

      • Aug 2, 20116:36 pm
        by tarsier


        The Heat would consider it. But take it without blinking? I think not. Pretty sure they would insist upon some more to be thrown in. Because let’s face it, they’d have all the leverage with James under contract for 4 more years to Howard’s 1.

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