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Ben Gordon will reportedly play in famed Dyckman League tonight

Via Jared Zwerling of ESPN New York, Ben Gordon is reportedly going to play in a game in one of the country’s most famous pro-am leagues tonight:

Kevin Durant and Ben Gordon are both scheduled to play tomorrow night at the Dyckman League.

Durant, if you haven’t heard, has been doing ridiculous things in pro-am games this summer. Should be fun to watch if anyone is in New York. Gordon would be the second Piston that I know of (there may be others, I just haven’t come across any coverage of them) to play in a pro-am this summer. Austin Daye is playing in the Drew League in Los Angeles.

All of this pro-am talk makes me depressed. Flint used to have a fantastic pro-am league, getting guys like Jason Richardson, Glen Rice, Morris Peterson, Charlie Bell, etc. Even Chucky Atkins played a few times while playing for the Pistons and rained threes from all over the court.

UPDATE: Thanks to Alex Nguyen on Twitter for pointing out that Greg Monroe has also been playing in a pro-am this summer:

Greg Monroe has been playing in the Nike Pro City league (aka Kenner League) at Georgetown.


  • Aug 4, 201112:24 pm
    by brgulker


    I can’t think of a player I’d rather not watch any more than Ben Gordon.

    • Aug 4, 201112:39 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      Nick Young?

      Honestly, watching Gordon in a pro-am would probably be entertaining, since no one plays defense.

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