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Austin Daye talks working out, Kobe/LeBron and the lockout at his camp

The Orange County Register has a story about Austin Daye from his basketball camp in Irvine, Ca.

Daye gives his thoughts on Kobe Bryant and LeBron James — calling Kobe the best player in the league — and expresses his hopes that the lockout gets resolved quickly, although he says he wouldn’t be surprised if they lost ‘a month or two’ of the season.

This, though, is the greatest reason Pistons fans should be hopeful that Daye can take a big step forward next season:

In the meantime, Daye is working out every day and will be headed shortly to Las Vegas, where NBA players such as Chancey Billups, Rudy Gay, Kevin Garnett and Tayshaun Prince will be training during the lockout.

“It’s very structured and I like that, so I’ll be doing that for a couple months,” Daye said.

Of all the Pistons’ young players, Daye is the biggest wildcard. The team has already seen stretches of consistent play from Greg Monroe and Jonas Jerebko. Daye certainly has looked, at times, like a highly skilled offensive player, but for a variety of reasons — his lack of strength, no defined role, too much depth at his position, etc. — he’s still largely an unknown. Playing this summer with tough, professional guys like Billups and Garnett, in particular, will hopefully rub off on Daye. If he’s able to win that starting small forward job, the possible free agent defections of Prince and Tracy McGrady might not hurt so bad.


  • Aug 8, 20111:23 pm
    by Druhouse


    Daye shows alot of promise: leadership, not afraid of the clutch shot (he even hit a few last year), and good dribbling.  I hope all this preparation he is doing has a chance to pay of this upcoming season.  I also hope he does not fall pray to the pattern of young guys we drafted hoping they would add 20lbs of muscle: Amir, Samb, any others that I am forgetting (does 3 counting Daye make a pattern?-ha). 

  • Aug 8, 20111:41 pm
    by detroitpcb


    If the 2011/12 season is cancelled, the Pistons as a team will be a big loser (they do gain one less year of bad contracts to Ben Gordon, CV, Max, and Rip but all their young players will suffer from not developing and the Pistons lose the benefit of one year of cheap contracts with their young players) this kid will be the biggest loser. You know i have always been a fan of Austin Daye’s skill set. I also like his toughness, his willingness to rebound in a crowd despite his slight frame. Personally i think Daye should be given the opportunity to be the #2 scoring option on the team by the new coach. Daye has the shot, the range, the ability to shoot off the dribble, a good handle (that needs some improvement when being pressured by defenders), an ability to get to the rim (needs to get stronger to finish more consistently), and good court vision and a willingness to set up teammates off ball rotation or the drive. Daye can also finish in transistion. He also likes to take the big shot and has already shown that he can be clutch. Given the roster as it is, Daye might be my #1 option for late game shots. His defense needs lots of work but a new system that allows switches rather than forcing him to try and get his lanky body over screens should help some. But i am afraid that if there is not a season next year, this kid may never develop his full potential. This would be a real make or break year for Daye.

  • Aug 8, 20113:18 pm
    by vic


    a good coach like Frank with a stable consistent lineup and clear roles will absolutely bring the best out of Daye.
    Im excited for him.
    I dont think the lockout will be all that bad. there’s too nuch money to lose.

    it will be good for the players to work on their skills for a little bit more.

  • Aug 9, 20119:54 am
    by Murph


    Austin Daye can’t guard my grandmama.

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