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Assist Charts 2010-11: Richard Hamilton

This is the latest installment of a series called “Assist Charts.” For each of the 13 Pistons who played this year, I’m going to show whom they assisted and who assisted them.

Each post will be divided into two sections: Player assists to and Assists from player. Player assists to shows who the featured player assisted. Assists from player shows who assisted the featured player.

Each section will display two pie graphs and corresponding tables. One graph and table will show totals, and the other set will show per 36 minutes.

All the graphs and tables are color-coded with a specific color assigned to each player throughout the series. Point guards are blue. Shooting guards are orange. Small forwards are green. Power forwards are red. Centers are yellow.

Player assists to



Field goal Amount
McGrady 6
Stuckey 16
Bynum 6
Gordon 4
Prince 48
Daye 16
Summers 0
Wilcox 18
Villanueva 19
Maxiell 12
Monroe 21
Wallace 5

Per 36 minutes with each player


Field goal Minutes together Amount per 36 minutes together
McGrady 440 0.49
Stuckey 942 0.61
Bynum 304 0.71
Gordon 218 0.66
Prince 1131 1.53
Daye 424 1.36
Summers 24 0.00
Wilcox 305 2.12
Villanueva 359 1.91
Maxiell 478 0.90
Monroe 778 0.97
Wallace 584 0.31

What we learned

Unsurprisingly, Richard Hamilton assisted Tayshaun Prince often. The Hamilton-to-Prince alley oop has been a staple for years, and the trust between those two – on and off the court – especially stood out this year.

But a bit surprisingly, Hamilton assisted Chris Wilcox and Charlie Villanueva more often per minute with each player than he did Prince. And Austin Daye doesn’t trail Prince by much. Maybe Hamilton just works well with all forwards.

Assists to Player



Assist Amount
McGrady 18
Stuckey 80
Bynum 27
Gordon 4
Prince 45
Daye 13
Summers 0
Wilcox 5
Villanueva 6
Maxiell 5
Monroe 13
Wallace 9
None 63

Per 36 minutes with each player


Assist Minutes together Amount per 36 minutes together
McGrady 440 1.47
Stuckey 942 3.06
Bynum 304 3.20
Gordon 218 0.66
Prince 1131 1.43
Daye 424 1.10
Summers 24 0.00
Wilcox 305 0.59
Villanueva 359 0.60
Maxiell 478 0.38
Monroe 778 0.60
Wallace 584 0.55
None 1498 1.51

What we learned

As we all know, Richard Hamilton shoots most efficiently when a point guard is setting him up. That’s likely why Will Bynum, Rodney Stuckey and Tracy McGrady assisted him most often per minute together.

Of course, Tayshaun Prince wasn’t too far behind. Those two really stuck together last year.

Interestingly, Austin Daye didn’t trail Prince by much. If Prince walks in free agency, at least when it comes to working with Hamilton, it appears Daye is ready step in.



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  • Aug 30, 20114:31 pm
    by JT's Hoops Blog


    It obvious that what you see from the charts that Hamilton was not very happy being with his team.  A large bulk of his shots did not come from his teammates, but from himself and he primarily passed to one player: Tayshawn Prince, who had been his teammate during the Pistons’ glory years.

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