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As if Basketball Reference didn’t already give you enough tools to waste your day with

The folks at Basketball Reference have added another tool to their impressive collection of interactive basketball stats, trivia and information: a ‘Trade Partners‘ feature. Justin Kubatko explains how it works:

Simply select two franchises from the search form and you can see:

  • all of the trades between the two franchises;
  • the statistics for each player on their “old” and “new” teams; and
  • a summary of the number of Win Shares coming and going in the deal.

I’ve already played with it for about 10 minutes, it’s great.


  • Aug 26, 20113:43 pm
    by neutes


    I think it’s safe to say Marcus Camby has been involved in the most consecutive lopsided trades in NBA history. First from NY to Denver for an injured Mcdyess, then from Denver to LAC for Quentin Richardson, and then from LAC to Portland for Travis Outlaw and Steve Blake.

    • Aug 26, 20113:56 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      New York gave up Camby AND the rights to Nene in that deal for injured McDyess. Ouch.

    • Aug 26, 201111:02 pm
      by RyanK


      Come on!  Dyce was a 20-10 guy with a knee injury.  It’s all too clear now that he was going to have more knee trouble…what if you couldn’t look back on it like we can now??  It was a fair trade with the information they had at the time!

      • Aug 27, 20119:02 pm
        by Patrick Hayes


        “Dyce was a 20-10 guy with a knee injury.”

        Haha. Knee injury. That’s a bit vague. It was microfracture surgery, which is a little different, especially since pre-injury his game was predicated on athleticism. And at the time, I don’t think a player had successfully returned from that particular surgery. Penny Hardaway was the only big name player I remember having it before Dyess, and Penny was clearly never the same. The Knicks didn’t do their homework on the injury and they paid a heavy price for it.

  • Aug 26, 20115:19 pm
    by bryan


    I’ll let you figure out which trade this is: “Detroit traded 102.7 past WS for 2.7 future WS.” Sigh…..

    On the other side of the coin, this is funny: “Boston traded 0.0 past WS for 235.4 future WS” (Kevin McHale trade).

    • Aug 26, 201110:14 pm
      by tarsier


      Do you know what exactly it means by past WS? Does that just refer to how good the outgoing players once were? If so, does it matter? It would be like if Boston had traded Shaq at the deadline. No big deal but i’m sure he had accrued a lot of win shares in his past.

      • Aug 26, 201110:40 pm
        by bryan


        Oh, I have no idea. It’s pretty pointless for me to bring up, too, considering it’s so well documented.  Chauncey, Iverson, Gordon, Villanueva, blah, blah, blah.  That day, though, I told my friend something along the lines of, “This trade is terrible, but we will all look back on this day and regret extending Rip much, much more.”

        This just shows how much I’m going to miss basketball this winter.

  • Aug 26, 20118:55 pm
    by Hambone


    UGH!  We could’ve gotten Trey Thompkins this year instead of trading Alex Acker and the pick for a measly 2013 Clippers 2nd rounder…

  • Aug 26, 20118:59 pm
    by Hambone


    Looks like we also traded Arron Afflalo and Walter Sharpe and cash for Vernon Macklin.  Not sure who got the upper hand in that deal.

  • Aug 26, 201110:12 pm
    by tarsier


    But you kinda have to take basketball-reference’s frivolities section with a grain of salt. Here are their projections for the Pistons next year:

    Stuckey: 17.5/3.9/5.6
    Bynum: 14.8/3.0/6.0
    Hamilton: 18.5/3.2/4.2
    Gordon: 16.7/3.2/3.1
    Daye: 13.8/6.9/1.9
    Villanueva: 18.4/6.0/1.3
    Monroe: 12.7/9.8/1.9
    Wilcox: 14.8/9.3/1.7

    A total between those 8 alone of 127.2 ppg. Granted, I understand they wouldn’t all play every game and that inflates per game numbers. But there would also be plenty of games in which others play significant minutes to balance that out.

  • Aug 26, 201111:20 pm
    by mcfadden


    totally forgot about jumaine jones. did Detroit and ATL

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