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Tracy McGrady tweets picture of himself in Lakers jersey

Tracy McGrady tweeted (hat tip: Kelly Dwyer of Ball Don’t Lie):

Yes or No http://twitpic.com/5qorsu

I understand McGrady probably won’t play for Detroit next season, and I don’t have a problem with him have a little fun during the offseason. I wasn’t mad he hinted during the season about a desire to play for the Bulls, so this certainly doesn’t upset me. 

But as a Pistons fan, if McGrady somehow returns to Detroit next year, it’d be a tad disappointing to believe he preferred to play elsewhere. Is that naïve? Of course – but in an ideal world, I’d want the Pistons to have players who want to play for them.

Anyway, I wouldn’t take this tweet too seriously. And I don’t know where McGrady will play next season, but I think he already tweeted a picture of himself playing for his No. 1 team.


  • Jul 18, 20113:21 pm
    by Patrick Hayes


    How dare the Lakers give away Joe Smith’s jersey number!

  • Jul 18, 20113:44 pm
    by Ryan K


    Hopefully he will end up somewhere other than Detroit.

  • Jul 18, 20113:55 pm
    by neutes


    Not sure what the Lakers are doing, but they fired all their triangle coaches and don’t have a PG. Better fix it.

    • Jul 18, 20114:01 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      Although he was surprisingly solid on D last year, I’m not sure T-Mac defends well enough for Mike Brown’s tastes. Offensively though, that would be an intriguingly big backcourt with T-Mac/Kobe. Hell, they could put a lineup of T-Mac/Kobe/Odom/Gasol/Bynum on the floor and have more length than any team in the league. Not sure Kobe would want to spend 82 games plus playoffs defending starting PGs every night though, and he’d have to since T-Mac can’t.

      • Jul 19, 201111:17 am
        by RyanK


        That’s not going to happen.  If Tmac started, Odom would continue off the bench like last year and TMac and Kobe would play at the wings.  Chances are TMac would be the guy coming off the bench though.
        Both Tmac and Kobe are on the wrong side of 30.  Even if they were 23 years old neither player is a viable long-term solution at PG for a team that’s hoping to contend for the title; in a league that’s currently dominated by point guards.

  • Jul 18, 20114:24 pm
    by Todd


    That would be a great fit, imo. If he can play point like he did for us, for the Lakers with all the weapons they have, it will be a great addition/upgrade from Fisher for them. And an upgrade for McGrady as well, as he would get to play for the contender he will be seeking. As for him fitting in Brown’s defense, dont forget he fit just fine in JVG’s defense, played the most minutes on the team, and they were alwats a top 5 defense. He’s not the best individual defender, but he’s very good in a team defense, and if he is playing the point there, his size will make up for any indivdual shortcomings, as he will have a huge advatange over every PG in the league.

    The Lakers know a little something about how to use a 6-8 PG. If he tweeted this photo, its probably going to happen sooner or later.

  • Jul 18, 20115:13 pm
    by Jason


    I don’t knock him at all for wanting out of Detroit.. He signed here last year because no one else wanted him.. He realized he had to prove he still has something left, and did.. Now he just wants to play for a potential contender, the Lakers would seem to be a good fit – on paper at least. I agree with Patrick here, the Length on this team would be insane… For a team that has so many solid defenders as is, I wouldn’t be too worried if I were Brown about T-Mac’s lack luster defense, especially being he would have so much more help down low. (Something he obviously didn’t have with the Pistons.)

    Of all the teams, the Lakers or Miami would be the best fit, with the Lakers BIGS down low, it would be a perfect place for T-Mac to end his career.

  • Jul 18, 20115:28 pm
    by Alan


    I can’t see McGrady back in Detroit next season.  It’d have to be a repeat of last off-season where nearly every team in the league passes.  Tracy stayed healthy enough last year that it won’t come to that. 

  • Jul 18, 20117:11 pm
    by Laser


    uh… if we only had players who want to be here, we won’t meet the minimum roster requirement.

  • Jul 19, 20116:04 am
    by Murph


    I’m sure John Kuester is looking forward to working with T-Mac again, in LA.

  • Jul 19, 201112:06 pm
    by brgulker


    I still like him in SA better, but he makes a lot of sense in LA as well. 

    I’m not sure what their offense looks like yet, but he could make a lot of sense at 1, 2, and 3.

    • Jul 19, 201112:09 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      I think he fits in SA, as does Prince, but I’m not sure Pop would sign any of the Detroit insurgents from last season even if they are fits. If I remember correctly, he was one of a couple coaches who spoke out publicly and disgustedly about the Philly shootaround incident.

  • Jul 19, 20119:37 pm
    by Stephen


    It would make an interesting locker-room as Artest didn’t particularly care for McGrady in Houston and we all know Kobe’s patience w/players who don’t play hard all the time.
    OTOH,McGrady coming off bench for Lakers would be very good for the team as Lamar tends to drift and the back-up PG,Blake,is not a playmaker. And they could be very strong running Kobe,McGrady,Artest at PF,Gasol/Bynum and whatever PG is hot. But he has to go there for the new minimum,and Idon’t know about that.
    I half-way think he ends up on the Clippers. They don’t get the FA SF they want,he may end up being a  transition guy for a yr,while their young SF develops.

    • Jul 19, 20119:57 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      Oh man, Tracy passing to Blake Griffin would be sweet. I do think the Clips are looking for more of a Prince-like intangibles veteran guy. But hey, Donald Sterling is unpredictable, cheap and he loves stars. McGrady is still a big name and he’s cheaper than Prince, so it could be a fit.

  • Jul 19, 20119:58 pm
    by Patrick Hayes


    Also, meant to point it out earlier, based on that pic, what year does McGrady thing this is? Did he just photoshop 22-year-old McGrady onto the Lakers?

  • Jul 20, 201112:10 am
    by MrHappyMushroom


    I still don’t get the desire to have McGrady back.  Of course he exceeded expectations last year and though I don’t get to watch games, I read enough to get that the team flowed better when he was playing at his best.
    But between injuries, age, and a number of seemingly less effective games, what did he really bring to the Pistons last year?  Maybe twenty solid games as–let’s be honest–an adequate point guard?
    Intangibles?  I think they work against him: a) he seemed to have a pissy attitude, as he was a lead giggler in the Kuester-Expulsion-Gigglegate scandal; b) this is a lousy team that won’t win more than 30 games in the near future, so what is the point of squeezing an extra year out of T-Mac?, and c) it’s not like he has the reputation as a “winner”; fair or unfair, he’s seen as not matching up with his talent and not coming up big when it’s mattered.
    He had a good year last year, all things considered.  I can see him being an asset for some team.  But I can’t see caring either way if he’s a Piston.

  • Aug 22, 20113:26 pm
    by Andre Grayson


    Tmac on the bulls equals a championship! Watchu think? Cuz then theyll have a closer as a 2 n drose gone do him if mac play half as good as he did in houston or orlando itll b good… Watchu think?

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