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Tayshaun Prince named 11th-best free agent by Sports Illustrated’s Chris Mannix, Rodney Stuckey doesn’t make top 20

Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated named the top 20 free agents, and Tayshaun Prince ranked 11th:

If anyone needs a change of scenery, it’s Prince, who went from being a valuable contributor on Detroit’s contending teams to a malcontent on a team trying to rebuild. Prince is durable and an excellent defender and his numbers last season suggest he has plenty of game left. He has been a winner before and in the right situation (Lakers perhaps, if they make a trade) he could contribute to a winner again.

Rodney Stuckey didn’t make Mannix’s top 20, but if the “best of the rest” list is ordered by ranking, Stuckey is 24th. If NBA general managers agree with Mannix, that doesn’t exactly bode well for Stuckey, who’s looking to sign his first big contract.

Jonas Jerebko (33rd) and Tracy McGrady (37th) also made Mannix’s “best of the rest.”


  • Jul 7, 20114:46 pm
    by rob


    idk how Stuckey could expect anything more than an MLE deal. He’s basically at the same point in his career that Chauncey was at when he signed here in 2002. And I dont see any reason why Stuckey has earned a better deal than Chauncey up until this point in their careers. Neither really proved anything their first 4-5 years, aside from having potential.

    So, Joe should remind Stuckey of Billups, and how he didnt get his big payday until after he earned it. If Chauncey only got an MLE, it would be foolish to pay Stuckey anything more.

    Its good that interest from other teams is low. That way Joe will have bargaining power. If we get Stuckey on a 5 yr, $30 mil deal, that will be more than fair for a player that hasnt proven anything. And wont hinder us if he proves nothing more than a great bench player.

    If Stuckey can produce what Chauncey did here in his next 5 yrs, or even something close, then he will get his big payday. But to pay a guy $7-8 mil/yr thats proven nothing would be a mistake, in the same the BG/CV signings were.

  • Jul 7, 20117:20 pm
    by 2Tough


    That list is horrible and sounds like something off the “Bleacher Report”.  Glen Davis and JR Smith in the top 10?  Really?  Aaron Brooks over Stuckey after the horrendous season he just had?  Uh yeah, sell.

    • Jul 7, 20119:53 pm
      by rob


      You do realize that its good for the Pistons and fans if Stuckey is rated low, right?

      Only Stuckey benefits from a high demand on the market, and if he did have a high demand, we would be screwed and have to overpay or let him walk.

      This is good news, imo, if it has any credibility to what GM;s are thinking.

  • Jul 8, 201110:47 am
    by Steve K


    Wow, it’s tough seeing Afflalo on that list.

    Of all Joe D’s mistakes, letting Afflalo walk irks me the most. I can sorta forgive the Darko draft pick since every GM makes that same pick. I can also somewhat forgive the Chauncey trade since Chauncey seemed on the decline in the playoffs. But, even a blind man could see Afflalo brought something to the table. Joe D let him go for nothing. Ugh.

    • Jul 9, 201111:10 am
      by bob bayer


      Steven K .. you are not alone … this move was the most frustrating because it was so unnecessary and self-defeating … Yeah .. lets give away our best perimeter defender ..  Yeah .. lets give away the guy with the hardest work ethic on the team .. and to top it all off .. no Detroit Piston beat writer has the guts or insight to even mention the insanity of this move … and even now .. look at this article …  AA is not even mentioned once …

  • Jul 8, 201111:31 pm
    by bob bayer


    and Aaron Afflalo made the top 20 free agents as well …  a SG we gave away for zilch .. a better overall player than any SG on the current Pistons’ team …

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