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Scouting Lawrence Frank: Devin Kharpertian from Nets are Scorching and Hayes Davenport from Celtics Hub give their take

I reached out to a couple of fellow TrueHoop Network writers who have covered the Nets and Celtics, respectively, to get their thoughts from watching Lawrence Frank and his impact up close over the last few years. Here are their responses:

Devin Kharpertian, Nets Are Scorching:

First, the good: Lawrence Frank is an absolute workhorse; as the Nets head coach, he was constantly watching video and prepping for games. I mean constantly. Basketball is his life. I’d say that gave him a good grasp of match-ups, and more often than not was able to maximize the talent on New Jersey’s roster.

It didn’t always come up roses, though. There were times when he didn’t command the players’ respect, and veterans occasionally tuned him out. While he’s certainly better than Kuester in this regard, I know that’s been an issue in Detroit. On the floor, I never thought his playbook was particularly diverse. That said, a season with Doc Rivers couldn’t have hurt him in either of these areas.

He was bound to get another head coaching job, given how hard he’s worked at this level. I don’t think he’ll change Detroit forever as we know it, but he’s an above-average coach who will always give you more effort than you expect. But that won’t always mean better results.

Hayes Davenport, Celtics Hub:

Watching Lawrence Frank sit on Doc Rivers’s right for a year, it’s pretty clear that he’s capable of being a great head coach, though his work with the Celtics might not appear to speak volumes about his ability to lead a team. He was mostly brought in to maintain the defensive system engineered by Tom Thibodeau and Rivers in previous years, a job that’s really about monitoring details and making sure nothing’s out of place. Frank did the job about as well as it could be done; with every timeout, he was the first coach out on the floor, intercepting players on their way to the bench and making quick tweaks. But beyond his coaching ability, Frank was just as valuable to the Celtics for his personality, which is probably his most relevant asset as a head coach. He’s a very friendly, very funny guy, and he managed to bring the players onto his side by the end of his first day in camp. For the veterans in Boston to listen to you, they have to like you first, and they all really liked Lawrence Frank.


  • Jul 22, 20116:11 pm
    by detroitpcb


    The vets are not important on the Pistons. The young players have to respect Frank and do what he asks of them. Doc is one of the best communicators in the game so if Frank learned a little from him and if the Boston vets listened to him because they liked him, that should help his cause with the Pistons.

    Personally at this point, i ship out any vet that is causing problems for the coach. This coming season has to be about the young players.

    • Jul 23, 201112:41 pm
      by Dan Feldman


      It’s not that easy. How do you just “ship out” guys like Richard Hamilton, Jason Maxiell, Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva? They make too much money and don’t produce enough for other teams to take them.

  • Jul 22, 20116:26 pm
    by detroitpcb


    Just making it clear that i consider Stuckey one of the young players. I still believe he can be one of the best two guards in the Eastern Conference.

  • Jul 22, 20117:29 pm
    by Ignarus


    So… do you think Stuckey can be one of the two best players at either guard position in the East or do you think that he can be one of the best 2-guards (e.g. shooting guards) in the East?

    I don’t think either is very likely, but the first doesn’t even seem remotely so. Hope you’re right, though — it’s always a plus when the NBA gets more talented.

    • Jul 23, 201112:03 pm
      by BIG MARV


      I think once stuckey get to shooting guard, he will be good Idk about great and I believe he will be very underrated in the east. Also he will get the recognition from true nba fans but not the media or casual fans. Frank is a smart coach he will try to make knight and stuckey one of the quickest and high scoring back-courts in the east and he will work on the teams weaknesses also it will be fun to watch this year once the lockout get lifted.

  • Jul 22, 20119:53 pm
    by Wolv256


    Stuckey sucks.

    They shoulda hired Laimbeer.  We’re gonna suck anyways, shoulda at least thrown the fans a bone.  We ALL wanted Laimbeer.

    • Jul 23, 201112:44 am
      by Mike Payne


      Not true.  Laimbeer would not have handled the all-important media responsibilities.

      • Jul 23, 20112:24 am
        by kagiso


        Hayes .. Is your comment a joke or something? I hope so! All important media responsibilities .. and did Laimbeer cause any problems as an assistant coach in MInn.. or with the Shock? I hope you are joking .. ;)

        • Jul 23, 201110:53 am
          by Patrick Hayes


          You know that the comment you replied to was not me, right? It clearly says ‘Mike Payne.’

          • Jul 24, 20118:26 am
            by kagiso

            Sorry Patrick … You show a lot of restraint in dealing with loose cannon fans like myself ..  This is the only issue I will ever be on edge about .. Bill Laimbeer .. Thank you for doing your typically great work …

      • Jul 23, 201112:07 pm
        by BIG MARV


        I think there is room for laimbeer here as an assistant mabey the no2 head coach on the team. frank didn’t get all of his staff together yet and I think they will find a big coach to help Monroe out if not laimbeer it has to be Ewing

    • Jul 23, 201112:42 pm
      by Dan Feldman


      Wolv, because fans would support Laimbeer if the team loses? They would turn on him, as they would on any coach who loses.

  • Jul 23, 201112:25 am
    by xyu022


    Stuckey is not a point guard which is obvious when he constantly picked up his dribble as soon as he crossed the time line.  & Prince and Rip on either side calling for the ball & then Wallace way outside or on the elbow holding the ball for way too long ’cause no one cut properly or got open.  Once again, broken play.  I’d like to believe that Stuckey, only 25, should get a shot at playing the two.  He’s a great defender but that’s all that’s stood out to me so far.  He absolutely cannot finish in the lane & his jump shot is extremely inconsistent.  With a good point or a true point in Knight I’d like to believe Stuckey will flourish at the two with easy buckets and less pressure.

    • Jul 23, 201112:57 pm
      by Dan Feldman


      Stuckey has good defensive tools and has played good defense at times, but too often his effort and focus on that ends is lacking. He’s not a “great” defender. All things considered, I’d say he’s between above average and pretty good.

      Knight didn’t exactly play the role of true point guard at Kentucky. He often looked for his own shot, which in itself is fine, but don’t expect him to play like a true point guard this season.

  • Jul 23, 20112:33 am
    by kagiso


    Well . true to form . No surprise to notice you didnt post ANY positive links for Bill Laimbeer .. just for Frank .. Reminder .. You were all for Curry and Kuester .. they were horrible and you were WRONG in supporting the hirings of these losers as well … Laimbeer should have been hired instead of any 3 of these sub 500 head coaches ….  



  • Jul 23, 20118:25 am
    by Jayg108


    As any coach coming in from a competitor’s team, Frank brings the Celtics point of view of the Pistons to the team. Whether the veterans want to hear his take on things, he knows how a successful team beat the veterans.
    Frank to Rip, “Rip, the C’s wanted you on the floor at the end of the game because they knew you’d miss open jumpers.”
    To Tay, “they wanted you to get the most minutes at the 3, cause you forget to play offense when guarding someone like Pierce.”
    I guess I still have some gripes about the vets. Oh well.

    • Jul 23, 201112:58 pm
      by Dan Feldman


      Haha, I wonder how those two would take that type of motivation. Ideally, it would inspire them. I fear they would just boycott a practice.

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