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Rodney Stuckey rated NBA’s top free agent point guard

Zach Lowe of The Point Forward ranked the 10 best free agent point guards, and Rodney Stuckey led the list:

Stuckey clearly belongs at the top of this list, even with all the questions about his shooting range,shaky finishing at the rim, flare-ups with former Pistons coach John Kuester (who didn’t have one or two of those!) and whether he really belongs on this list of free-agent wing players. Those are all legitimate criticisms, and Stuckey, already 25, may never develop a consistent, long-range jumper. But he improved across the board last season, cracking the top 50 in Player Efficiency Rating over some flashier names (Rajon Rondo, Kyle Lowry), finally finishing at the rim at a near-acceptable rate and piling up more foul shots and assists.

He can score in a variety of ways inside of 20 feet and is capable of defending both guard positions. The Pistons have tendered Stuckey a $3.87 million qualifying offer, meaning he is a restricted free agent and Detroit can match any competing offer for him. Of teams that figure to have a lot of cap space, only the Raptors and Clippers have pressing present or future needs at point guard, so Detroit may be in a strong negotiating position with Stuckey. Expect him to stay put.

Looking at Lowe’s No. 2 free agent point guard, Aaron Brooks, and the other names on his list, Stuckey deserved the top spot. But that says more about the free agent point guards this year than Stuckey’s value.

Hopefully, none of the teams that need point guards and are likely to have cap room (looking at you, Raptors), make a desperate offer to land one. If they do, Stuckey will likely be the recipient. There’s nobody else.


  • Jul 13, 20114:55 pm
    by Pratik


    I agree. Excited to see him play next season. A Rodney Stuckey/Brandon Knight (considering Knight can prove himself after he comes off the bench for sometime) back court lineup could be very dynamic and interesting, hopefully Stuckey stays in Detroit. I think the Pistons are on the right track rebuilding with young players such as: JJ, Monroe, Daye, Knight, Gordon, Singler, Macklin, Bynum, Charlie, Wilcox. Also, will be quite interesting to see what happens to Rip, Tay, Tmac, Ben Wallace.

  • Jul 13, 20116:38 pm
    by bob bayer


    Can anyone remember when Stuckey played along side of a real PG like Billups? .. He had a huge upside then … as a SHOOTING GUARD …. Any team that wants to force square pegs into round holes … go ahead and use Stuckey as PG … Any team that wants him as to blossom as an offensive force, use him primarily as a SG …

  • Jul 13, 20119:02 pm
    by getsomepistons


    Hell, Stuckey could be the best SG on the market, too.  Let’s hope his agent doesn’t realize this and leverage this fact into a too-large payday.

  • Jul 14, 201112:46 am
    by MrHappyMushroom


    I’ve never left the Stuckey train.  He’s not Chauncey-Reborn, but he has gotten a little better every year and retains a lot of upside.  I’d be very disappointed if he’s not re-signed.  (Change that to irate if Stuck goes and Tay is re-signed for a similar amount.)

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