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Practice boycott, Rip Hamilton’s benching make Basketball Jones list of the 40 worst moments of the season

Andrew Unterberger of The Basketball Jones recently counted down his top moments of the NBA season and, to everyone’s surprise, a Pistons moment made it because of Tracy McGrady‘s unlikely point guard prowess.

Well, we all knew the flip side was coming. The Pistons had two moments make Unterberger’s top 40 worst moments of the season:

31. Rip Hamilton benched for trade rumors

8. The Pistons’ practice walkout

I’m actually a little surprised the walkout wasn’t a bit higher, considering that was the only national story involving the Pistons this season. Guys like Gregg Popovich and Stan Van Gundy even felt compelled to comment on it. Thankfully, the Magic made a terrible trade, the Knicks were massacred in their return to the playoffs, the Heat made everyone angry and the Cavs had a horrendous losing streak, all of which helped push the Pistons down the list.


  • Jul 1, 201111:26 am
    by Laser


    my list would have gone much differently, but i guess i would have had a hard time narrowing it down from 82 to 40…

  • Jul 1, 20111:34 pm
    by Jacob


    Pistons also made the list indirectly at #34 – The Sixers’ succession of embarrassing late-game collapses. One of the links is to that game where they missed 2 game-icing free-throws and Austin Daye hit a 3 to send it to OT where the Pistons won.

  • Jul 1, 20111:43 pm
    by Jacob


    I think the Charlie V/Ryan Hollins fight could have made the list near the bottom. If nothing else, the part where CV tries to come back and run into the Cavs locker room.

  • Jul 1, 20113:16 pm
    by Travis


    Let’s just hope there is a new list next year that doesn’t include lost nba season. Are Brandon Knight and other top picks allowed to go overseas and signing contracts to make some money since we are now locked out?

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