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Pistons to hire Lawrence Frank

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports:

Lawrence Frank is Detroit’s choice to be its next head coach, and formal offer imminent within next 24-36 hours, league sources tell Y!

I’m happy. Frank was my top choice once the Raptors hired Dwane Casey.


  • Jul 21, 20115:46 pm
    by Shane


    I hope he brings Laimbeer as an assistant. I would love to see what Laimbeer could do to Monroe.

  • Jul 21, 20115:47 pm
    by Dan


    agree Shane, I want Laimbeer or Ewing here to see what they can do for Greg.

    • Jul 21, 201111:15 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      @Shane and Dan:

      I like the thought of Laimbeer working with Monroe, I think he could help him. But I think it’s a terrible idea for a new head coach to bring on board not only a guy who interviewed for the same head coaching spot, but a guy who is a beloved local hero. How long before the “Pistons should fire Frank and promote Laimbeer!” talk would start? He’d be looking over his shoulder from the moment he arrived here.

      Laimbeer will land on another staff next year and I’m convinced he’ll get a shot as a head coach sooner rather than later.

      • Jul 22, 20112:02 am
        by Dan Feldman


        Echoing what Patrick said about it being a bad idea. Not as convinced it won’t happen, though.

  • Jul 21, 20115:51 pm
    by Joe Dumars


    I figured Woodson wasn’t going to get the Job when he decided to interview with the T-Wolves when the Pistons were suppose to be close to deciding on a coach.

  • Jul 21, 20116:11 pm
    by khandor


    As I wrote on my own blog last week … Although Lawrence Frank will probably never be able to win a league championship, as the Pistons’ next head coach, he is still a better choice for this position than Mike Woodson, and it is Frank who SHOULD eventually be the person that Detroit hires, if what they want is someone with prior experience as a head coach in the NBA. Lawrence Frank has the makings of this generation’s Mike Fratello, and what it takes to do a better job than both J-Kuester and M-Curry.

  • Jul 21, 20116:42 pm
    by Jason


    This lockout is going to suck.  

  • Jul 21, 20116:52 pm
    by kagiso


    Feldman .. and you were happy when Curry and Kuester were hired too! Dead wrong … then dead wrong now ..  Curry .. Kuester .. Frank .. no fire .. no passion or leadership ever demonstrated .. Hades Yes Laimbeer is the better choice … even Woodson is a better choice … Time will prove all this and will be back again to rub it in .. But I hope I am completely wrong and you are completely right .. for that would mean the Pistons were on the right track for their next championship ..

    • Jul 22, 20112:05 am
      by Dan Feldman


      I was happy when the Pistons hired Curry and Kuseter? You sure?

      • Jul 22, 20115:25 am
        by Laser


        i remember that. you had a barbecue. i was there! you asked me to leave.

  • Jul 21, 20116:54 pm
    by detroitpcb


    Frank is a better tactician than Woodson. Frank is a very bright coach. The key will be if he can control the locker room. I like the hire but Frank could end up as the next Q if he does not have the full suport of Joe Dumars. Joe has been forced by management (Bill Davidson) to fire several coaches (Rick Carlyle, Larry Brown, Flip Sanders) but this is the first time he did not have control of the choice for the new hire. Frank is Gores’s pick. Should be interesting.

    • Jul 21, 201110:37 pm
      by khandor


      Kuester got into trouble with the players in Detroit because he refused – or was unable – to properly define a preferred [i.e. set] rotation for the players with clearly designated roles for the 1st [i.e. Nos. 1-5], 2nd [i.e. Nos. 6-8/9], 3rd [Nos. 9/10-12] and 4th [i.e. Nos. 13-15] units. During his years with the Nets, Lawrence Frank has already demonstrated that he has the ability to perform this most basic aspect of successful coaching in the NBA. If Lawrence Frank fails to succeed as the Pistons’ head coach it will not be due to a lack of respect from Detroit’s players, or because he fails to control his locker-room.

  • Jul 21, 20117:39 pm
    by Laser


    anybody but woodson, i guess. best of a bad lot.

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