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Pistons could decide between Lawrence Frank, Mike Woodson as early as this week

We’ve already had plenty of Lawrence Frank/Mike Woodson discussion today, and according to Perry Farrell of the Detroit Free Press, those two are definitely the finalists for the head coaching job. In fact, he reports that one could be offered a contract soon:

Pistons president of basketball operations Joe Dumars was expected to meet with owner Tom Gores — and Gores’ Platinum Equity partners Phil Norment and Bob Wentworth — to make his recommendation. It is not clear whether the meeting has occurred. A final decision could come later this week or next week.

Frank and Woodson both have interviewed with Dumars. Woodson also had a two-hour interview with Norment and Wentworth. It is not known whether Frank had a second interview.

Farrell also talked to former NBA player (and former Detroit Southwestern star) Howard Eisley, an assistant coach with the Clippers, who has worked with Frank. Eisley told Farrell that Frank “has an excellent reputation across the league and is considered a good coach.” Woodson, meanwhile, is the only candidate who (as far as we know) got more than one interview. It will be interesting to see which direction the Pistons go and, despite the slowness of the process, at least they seem to be moving in a direction now.


  • Jul 14, 201111:35 pm
    by omar


    detroit please sign lawrence frank he is a smart young coach in a smart defense minded coach!!!!

  • Jul 15, 201112:05 am
    by Richard


    Either or is fine with me as long as they stress defense!! We know that we can score and with the addition of Knight that will improve the offense even more.. Then you bring in Singler and Macklin two hard nose guys that will give you there all the Pistons future is bright!! First things first Defense and Hardwork!!

  • Jul 15, 20113:13 am
    by Todd


    Gotta go with Frank. He’s 40 with a near .500 winning percentage in reg season and playoffs.

    Woodson is 50+ with a bear .400 winning percentage in reg season and playoffs.

    You do the math.

  • Jul 15, 20113:15 am
    by Todd


    *edit – “near”, not “bear” :-)

  • Jul 15, 20117:41 am
    by getsomepistons


    Lawrence Frank, plz.  Joe needs to stop clinging to the success of 2004.

  • Jul 15, 20118:22 am
    by neutes


    There isn’t a coach on the planet that’s going to fix the defense with the players we have. That being said I really don’t care, but I suppose I’d prefer Frank since he’s younger. Both had success with good players and failed with bad players, which I would say is quite expected, so expect either one to struggle with this team.

  • Jul 15, 20118:50 am
    by RandomGuy313


    Now that I think about it the signs point to Frank. In one interview it has been speculated that Gores and the minions were pro Frank.

    Woodson was given two opportunities to lock down the position and one would think if he hit a homerun with the minions the announcement would have been made.

    Could be way off, but that is what happens when all you can do is speculate.

  • Jul 15, 201111:00 am
    by Laser


    neither really appeals to me, but frank makes me much less nervous.

  • Jul 15, 20112:18 pm
    by Murph


    Here’s a pretty good article from Bleacher Report that sums up the coaching choices much better than I could.  The only difference is that I’d prefer Laimbeer regardless of his lack of NBA Head Caoching experience:

    “(Frank’s) first stint as interim was his best year in New Jersey was his best, posting a 25-15 record during the last 40 games. The Nets made the playoffs and got to the second round where they lost to, ahem, the Pistons in seven games.
    Frank coaching five more full seasons, finishing with a winning record twice before being fired when his team started out 2010 0-16.
    Frank is a very smart, studious man that is known for his ability to educate his players. He is slight of build and short, and looks 10 years younger than he is.
    It could be argued that he owes a lot of his success in New Jersey to a veteran squad led by Jason Kidd who was essentially a coach on the floor, a situation he will not have here in Detroit.
    The team in the later years was without that type of leadership on the court, and was composed mainly of young players and journeymen. It truly was a bad team.
    His overall record is 225-241….
    After retiring (Woodson) caught on as an assistant coach in Milwaukee, then Cleveland, before joining up with Larry Brown in Philadelphia and then Detroit.
    Woodson took the success from helping to win a title in Detroit into a head coaching gig in Atlanta. He coached six full seasons in Atlanta, leading a very young team through ups and downs, improving in wins in each season.
    He was fired, however, when his team failed to win in the playoffs. In fact, he has never won a playoff series as head coach.
    Woodson is a physically imposing man that is known for stressing defense while preaching patience.
    So who makes the most sense? Let’s look at what we need from a coach. Someone that is stern, but patient. Someone that can teach while demanding accountability. Someone that can lead a young team and help them improve from year to year.
    In short, I think this is a slam dunk decision. It should without a doubt be Woodson.
    Sure, it is easy to draw on the fact that he has experience in Detroit. But that really was only one year.
    What is more important is that he was a protege of a proven coach in Larry Brown. And while former coach John Kuester could claim the same thing, Woodson actually took what he learned and translated it to the next seat over…
    And while I don’t think Frank would be a horrible decision, I don’t think he has proven that he can lead a young team and help them improve. Woodson has, end of story.
    Of course, I personally wanted Laimbeer, but I can understand the logic of this choice. Dumars needs experience, and Laimbeer doesn’t have it yet.
    Woodson is the right pick here.”


    • Jul 15, 20112:22 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      LOL. Bleacher Report.

      • Jul 16, 20115:29 am
        by Murph


        Try not to be so snotty, Patrick.

        How old are you anyway?

      • Jul 16, 20115:46 am
        by Murph


        “LOL. Bleacher Report.”

        Hey Patrick, is that one of your “nuanced” arguments that you like so much?

        • Jul 16, 20115:42 pm
          by Patrick Hayes


          Nah, you’re right. It’s 100 percent snotty of me. I’ve just never encountered a person who reads BR as anything more than a parody site. It’s totally a useful site if you’re looking for slideshows of the hottest soccer wags though. They cornered the market on that type of content.

          • Jul 17, 201111:13 am
            by Murph

            I notice you don’t address the opinions of the article at all.  Very detailed work, Patrick.

            BTW, I could dismiss all of your articles just by saying they were only written by some 25 or 30 year old know-nothing, who took six years to graduate from Oakland University, and use to write for the Flint Journal. 

            But I would never do that, because one,  it would be mean spirited, and two, it would missed the point of your articles.

          • Jul 17, 20111:19 pm
            by Patrick Hayes

            Alright, you’re getting too familiar there for my tastes. But it appears your research into my background is as incomplete as the research you put into your comments here. Seriously though, do I need a restraining order?

  • Jul 15, 20114:31 pm
    by brgulker


    I have a question for PP readers: what is it that you think that coaches do that impacts winning and losing? 

    The obvious related question is, how much does what they do impact winning and losing?
    I mean this question honestly, because I tend to be of the opinion that the difference among NBA coaches isn’t all that significant. I have some reasons, which I’m happy to share, but I’d be curious what others think before offering anything.

    • Jul 15, 20118:13 pm
      by Jason


      Calling plays, and motivation.. Knowing the right play to call, out of a time out is crucial. Some coaches get it, others don’t. But in my honest opinion, when you have a group of ego’s (much of the NBA), someone needs to keep them structured, with some sort of game plan. Sure, the players either making or missing shots, boxing out or not, hustling or slacking, etc, etc has much to do with it, but these are things a coach CAN change. 

      Whether that be changing lineups to correct the above issues, or motivating, and practicing the correct drills (to also correct the issues), has A LOT to do with the how successful a team is. A Lot of people want to discredit just how much of a role a coach plays, i’m one to believe otherwise. Good coaches know when to make the right lineup changes, know what plays to call, and are able to motivate players to practice their flaws. 

  • Jul 16, 201112:13 pm
    by CD


    Both are better than what we had.  End of story.

  • Jul 17, 20114:35 pm
    by Murph


    “Seriously though, do I need a restraining order?”

    Hey, you’re the one who puts all your information on the internet, not me.

    And any error I made regarding your backgroud is your fault, since all my information came from your linkedin page. 

    Personally, I think your resume looks a lot thiner than Bill Laimbeer’s.  :^)


  • Jul 18, 20118:04 am
    by Murph


    “I’ve just never encountered a person who reads BR as anything more than a parody site.”

    I’m just guessing here Patrick, but I’d be willing to bet Bleacher Report gets a whole lot more readership than Piston Powered.  What do you think?

    And as far as parody sights go, you people are the ones running pictures of Charlie Villanueva planking, and some former ABA coach in stone washed over-alls.  If that’s not parody, I don’t know what it.

    Bleacher Report seems like a much more serious sight than yours, IMO.

    • Jul 18, 20118:13 am
      by Patrick Hayes


      It’s very simple then: don’t read. The internet is a big place. You can find what you’re looking for elsewhere I’m sure.

      • Jul 18, 20118:22 am
        by Murph


        Well, I started out trying to read and contribute to your sight on a serious basis. 

        But I fould that your responses to my posts were so snotty and slanted, that I’ve now taken it upon myself to annyoy you as much as possible.

        • Jul 18, 20118:27 am
          by Patrick Hayes


          Good luck in your quest. Our content speaks for itself and I’m satisfied with our audience.

  • Jul 18, 201110:56 am
    by FL PISTON


    Just a thought, What if they have picked the new coach already but didn’t sign him so he can meet with players. A loop hole to the lookout? 

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