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New York Knicks interested in Lawrence Frank as defensive coordinator

The Detroit Pistons already saw oen head coaching candidate they interviewed take an assistant job when Kelvin Sampson joined Kevin McHale’s staff in Houston. Now, the New York Knicks are reportedly interested in Lawrence Frank to handle coaching the defense for Mike D’Antoni. From Newday’s Alan Hahn:

All eyes will be on what happens with the Pistons head coaching position, as the finalists appear to be Mike Woodson and Lawrence Frank.

From what we’ve been hearing, D’Antoni personally likes Frank and there is a strong mutual interest there for many reasons.

First of all, whomever the Knicks hire would have to accept a one-year deal because D’Antoni is going into the final year of his contract and there is some uncertainty about his future. Frank, unlike most, would likely be amenable to accepting a one-year contract because it gives him the freedom to continue to look for head coaching jobs.

Frank might also prefer New York over returning to Boston for proximity reasons, as well, because he could be home full-time in New Jersey, where his wife and two daughters remained last season when he worked for the Celtics.

Although Hahn’s report suggests the Knicks will wait and see if Frank gets the Pistons job first, there might be some incentive for him to go to New York. As Hahn points out, it’s closer to his New Jersey home, but there are also questions as to how long D’Antoni will keep the New York head coaching job. An assistant like Frank who has head coaching experience would possibly be in line to take over if D’Antoni and the team part.


  • Jul 18, 20111:19 pm
    by Robbie


    Well I think with Gores and Co. liking Frank I believe he will get the joib with the Pistons.. Him or Mike Woodson will be fine with me since they are the 2 finalist anyway….

  • Jul 18, 20112:08 pm
    by Jacob


    Is there anything that could be keeping the Pistons from getting this done? I mean, what more could they find out about these 2 candidates that they don’t already know? Is it that Joe D wants Woodson and Gores wants Frank that’s keeping this from getting done sooner? Just curious…

    • Jul 18, 20112:13 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      Well, it’s not like a coach can do much right now since they can’t communicate with players. If they don’t think Woodson or Frank are going to get away, all that hiring one right now really does is make it so the team has to pay a coach during the lockout.

      • Jul 18, 20112:23 pm
        by Jacob


        That’s the risk I’m worried about – one or both getting away. One could get tired of holding out for the job and take one somewhere else for security. I don’t know, just speculating.

      • Jul 18, 20112:44 pm
        by Todd


        Not really. The coach can get a head start and use this extra time, that he wouldnt have in a normal season, to develop a system and game plan for the roster he is going to have. 

        If there is any silver lining in the lockout, its that it present a positive opportunity for new coaches by giving them extra time to prepare. But, it can also become a negative if they choose not to take that opportunity, and instead leave a new coach with a young team but a few weeks to prepare.

        Whenever this lockout ends, all of the usual pre-season activity is going to be shortened. Training camp will be shortened. Pre-season will be shortened as well, and it would be wise to give this coach as much time to prepare as possible, and foolish to wait any more than necessary, just to save a few mil.

        When you are opening a new business just because the open sign isnt out on the door yet, doesnt mean you wait until the last minute to hire all your employees. You hire them ahead of time so everything is ready for opening day, even if you have to pay them ahead of time.

        The longer they wait, the more they are setting this next coach up for failure, imo.

    • Jul 18, 20112:24 pm
      by brgulker


      I would also assume it’s possible that Dumars may want to consult with some of his “core” players as well. Well, maybe he does? If so, can’t do that during a lockout, either.

      • Jul 18, 20113:42 pm
        by Patrick Hayes


        Good point. I wonder who he considers his core players at this point? Monroe for sure, but I don’t know if Monroe is old enough to get that kind of input.

  • Jul 18, 20112:36 pm
    by Todd


    I think the Pistons need to sign this guy already and be done with it. There’s got to be a reason these contenders want him on their staff as a major contributor. And there’s also got to be a reason why NO team has any interest in Woodson for any position. Joe is the only person in the entire NBA interested in Woodson on any level. Is he suddenly smarter than the rest of the league again? I dont think so. Hire Frank and lets get going. This franchise has been in neutral with virtually no coach for 2 yrs now. They’ve had enough time to decide.

    • Jul 18, 20113:19 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      Well, that’s not entirely accurate. Woodson interviewed in Houston too. Frank interviewed for the Toronto opening. So they’ve both (as far as I know) been a candidate for two head coaching jobs this offseason.

  • Jul 18, 20113:07 pm
    by Murph


    Frank would be a perfect fit in NY.  Hopefully, they’ll sign him immediately.

  • Jul 18, 20113:15 pm
    by GeorgeH


    Hopefully the Pistons will keep procrastinating until both coaches are gone.  That would leave the BEST candidate still available … Bill Lambeer.

  • Jul 18, 20114:11 pm
    by Papa


    Both these coach choices are out of the same mold as the donkey they finally got rid of. Bill Laimbier is the coach they needed but Joe probably don’t want to bump heads with him. I will always be a Pistons fan but Joe is sure messing up this team. What a shame!

  • Jul 18, 201111:43 pm
    by Vince


    Am I the only one who’d want Ewing as the coach? Might as well have him as the head coach and make Woodson and Frank his assistants… (if they’re still available) Just saying, I think that would be a real good coaching team imo.

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