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New Jersey Nets will target Tayshaun Prince in free agency after the lockout?

Fred Kerber of the New York Post:

Two unrestricted free agents, Denver’s power forward/center Nene, and Detroit’s small forward Tayshaun Prince, will be the Nets’ prime targets when the lockout ends.

I’m not sure how credible this report is. First of all, it’s the New York Post. Secondly, I’m sure the Nets didn’t risk a $1 million fine just to leak this information now. So, if a credible source gave Kerber this information before the lockout, why did Kerber wait to publish it until now?

But it certainly makes sense for the Nets, who will likely have plenty of cap room and need an upgrade at small forward, will pursue Tayshaun Prince.


  • Jul 8, 201110:40 pm
    by Robbie


    If it’s true I’d love for the two to do a sign and trade for an trade exemption for the Pistons cuz that could come in handy….. But it may never happen but still would be nice…

  • Jul 9, 201112:39 am
    by Gregoire


    Tayshaun would be a nice fit in New Jersey without a doubt, but I don´t see the Nets spending round around 12 Mio $ a Year for Nene with Dwight becoming a free agent in 2012 who will cost around 15 Mio $.

  • Jul 9, 20118:55 am
    by detroitpcb


    So how about some analysis? If he signed there, who would we want and who might we be able to get in a sign & trade?

    • Jul 9, 201111:19 am
      by Dan Feldman


      Nobody. The Nets will have enough cap room. Why would they do a sign-and-trade?

      • Jul 9, 20116:59 pm
        by detroitpcb


        Teams are sometimes willing to do a sign and trade even if they have cap room. obviously NJ is not giving up Lopez or Williams. I thought it might be interesting to speculate.

  • Jul 9, 201110:51 am
    by Sam


    Well, we would want Lopez. But we won’t get him for Tay.

  • Jul 9, 20114:16 pm
    by Tiko


    I want to re-sign Tay.  He’s still got good bball left in him and his bball IQ would be a huge advantage to the youth 

  • Jul 9, 20115:44 pm
    by ray johnson reid


    It would’ve been nice if they still had CDR, but I’d settle for Damien James (a sleeper on the cheap) and cap room or maybe (just throwing ish on the wall) Kris Kardashian, hee hee

    • Jul 10, 20112:28 am
      by MrHappyMushroom


      We don’t need Chris Douglass-Roberts.
      We have Walter Sharpe.

  • Jul 9, 20115:53 pm
    by ray johnson reid


    ….. or any reasonable garbage contract with DAMIEN JAMES and a ftr 2nd round which is for eating there crap contract…. either way if they want him so bad I’d target DAMIEN JAMES trust me he’s just what the PISTONS need going foward check the pedigree, and he’s young cheap and hungry. Then we promptly get rid of RIP, BG, J MAX, and CV1 for WTF we can.

  • Jul 9, 20119:46 pm
    by L. Hunter


    He may be open to meeting with NJ.  And I bet Nyets leaked this sour-filled, rotting beet bag bit of news.  

    I think Prince wants to play for LA.

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