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Dave Checketts: Work with the Pistons will end soon, Tom Gores is a friend

Jeremy Rutherford of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch spoke with Pistons consultant Dave Checketts (hat tip: I am a GM):

As for his next move, Checketts still has his sights set on the NBA. Asked if he would return to basketball, the former New York Knick and Utah Jazz executive, said: “Some day, yes.”

Recently, Checketts caused a stir when it was learned that he had been hired as an adviser to Detroit Pistons owner Tom Gores. Checketts said Wednesday that the employment was short-term and will end shortly.

“People can say whatever they want,” he said. “Tom Gores is a friend of mine. He just asked me to take a look at the organization. It probably cost me three days. I know everybody wants me to get this concluded, but we’re working diligently in that direction.”

To clarify, I’m pretty sure that stir was in St. Louis, where Checketts works as the chairman of the St. Louis Blues. The Blues are for sale, and that’s what everybody wants to get concluded.

But I think the sentiment also applies here. Although I had no problem with Checketts temporarily aiding Tom Gores, if Checketts overstays his welcome, that would cause too much friction between him and Joe Dumars. I’m glad to hear Checketts’ three-or-so days with the Pistons will conclude soon.


  • Jul 22, 20114:00 pm
    by L Boogie


    You have to believe that with checketts around and advising Gores on Pistons matters, it shows that Tom Gores is serious about having an outside eye looking in, tell him what he should do in turning this franchise around. Being friends with him alllows checketts to voice his opinion, and tell Gores what he should do, and you see already tom values checketts voice of reasoning, to hire Frank over Woodson. Its no secret Joe is comfortable hiring people he already has had a relationship with, but, like Gores said in his press conference, it is NOT his job to agree with Joe, but to PUSH Joe in his thinking processes and not settle for what seems so comforting, but to look outside the box and do things differently, and with this choice of hiring Frank, shows Gores wanted to make a point by selecting Frank, therefore eliminating Joe’s ability to stay in the comfort zone. I think overall it was a good pick, it shows that Gores does not want to stick with the ole status quo motto; take a chance with some new blood, and thats what Frank is NEW blood, not another Larry Brown protege. Joe, you need to add more pieces to this roster in order for Frank to be successful and you to keep your job or checketts will be the next GM at the Palace. lets get it doen Joe, bring in some good talented free agents.

    • Jul 23, 20111:26 pm
      by Dan Feldman


      “Its no secret Joe is comfortable hiring people he already has had a relationship with”

      Who isn’t? But Dumars also hired Rick Carlisle, Larry Brown and Flip Saunders — guys he didn’t have previous relationships with. I wouldn’t say hiring coaches he’d already worked with is a Dumars trait.

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