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DaJuan Summers signs with Montepaschi Siena, an Italian League team

DaJuan Summers signed a two-year contract with Montepaschi Siena, according to Sportando 5 Stars Basket News.

Facing the NBA’s lockout and without a qualifying offer, Summers probably made a wise choice to play overseas. Even if next season were slated to begin on time, Summers might not have received an NBA offer.

Hopefully, Summers, who by all counts was a model citizen in Detroit’s combustive locker room, gets a chance to play, develop and show he’s capable of playing in the NBA in two years.


  • Jul 3, 20116:43 pm
    by Ryan


    Playing in Italy doesn’t seem all bad.  He might like it so much he may never come back.

  • Jul 3, 20119:01 pm
    by Tyrone


    DaJuan, good move…

    He has to consider multiple factors in his choice.  NBA lock out, no qualifing offer in hand, and the log jam in the current Piston Roster.  I like the fact that Summers is going to keep working hard at his craft and I know that he will return to the NBA a better player and person as a resoult of his journey.  My hope is that when Summers returns to the NBA it will be as a productive Piston.

    DaJuan, I’m pulling for you and wish you the best on your journey…

  • Jul 3, 20119:28 pm
    by Andrew


    i’m happy for DaJuan. good safe move. I’ll miss him, but now he can be a stud.

  • Jul 4, 20115:38 am
    by gmehl1977


    Good luck to Summers but this makes Joe’s decision not to draft DeJuan Blair even more idiotic. Yeah Blair had red flags with his knees but it’s really hurts now that we are just cutting Summers loose. I know it’s only fantasy but Monroe, Blair, Jerebko, Stuckey, Knight sounds like a pretty good up and coming cheap team.

  • Jul 4, 20114:14 pm
    by Laser


    good for him.

  • Jul 5, 20118:11 am
    by detroitpcb


    Smart move by Summers. It definitely was a mistake by Joe not to draft Blair but i’m sure the medical report scared the Pistons off.

    by the way, did you see that exit story on Summers where he is quoted as saying “that basketball does not define who he is as a person”. Everyone gives him cedit for being mature and responsible (and that is a mature statement) but it might also indicate what the problem is: despite an NBA body and a NBA shot, he just never really showed a passion for the game.

  • Jul 5, 20112:14 pm
    by @DetroitBuckets


    For those with the Dejuan Blair comments, you might want to spend some time reading a few Spurs boards. The general thought amongst fans, is that they are done with him.
    here’s a typical comment:

    “If there is a good offer for Blair, I don’t think Spurs will hesitate a single second to trade him. His questionable work ethic combine with a lack of improvement, especially defensively, put him in the trade asset category.

  • Jul 5, 20113:13 pm
    by RandomGuy313


    How DeJuan Blair plays without ACLs is beyond me. I tore mine and went a year without surgery, but had to have my knee double wrapped and a brace any time I played.
    Even then I had to mind how I planted. Nevertheless, what he has done is amazing, but I would understand any teams trepidation in taking him as I don’t know any similar case as his.

  • Jul 5, 20115:30 pm
    by Mr.Freeze


    @gmelh1977: Had we drafted Blair our record might be slightly different (as in better), which means we would not have been in a position to draft B.Knight in all likelyhood. I know it was a fantasy, but c’mon now… Just be happy we are in a position to have B.Knight now. Under the right coach, this kid could be special.

  • Jul 6, 20116:37 am
    by milcon2


    Good.  Let’s move on.  What other useless baggage can we get rid of.  Oh yes.  Concerning Summers’ comment “basketball doesn’t define me”.  Bul*sh*t.  He leaves the country to play on a second rate b-ball team.  Like that doesn’t define him?  I get so sick of these ignorant athletes.  Now tell me it’s because he wants the “international experience” to round out his life”  LMAO.

  • Sep 14, 20115:13 pm
    by blackNees


    To Know Summers on a personal level i never questioned his passion for the game. My question is when will the coachs trust him enough for him to get the time he needs to show what his talents truly are. Im sure he he is better then most players u root for

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