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Brian Hill and Pat Sullivan, Pistons assistant coaches, have experience with Lawrence Frank

As pointed out by Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press, two Pistons assistant coaches have experience with Lawrence Frank. As head coach of the Vancouver Grizzlies, Brian Hill hired Frank as an assistant in 1997. Pat Sullivan assisted Frank with the Nets 2005-08. Via Ellis:

"I texted him when I heard and he said he got my message and that he’d be in touch," said Sullivan, who is hoping to be named to Frank’s staff.

"Lawrence’s biggest strength is probably his preparedness. The fact that he leaves no stone unturned. I think that’s probably the biggest thing for him. … He watches a lot of film. He’s a very good teacher. He’s a good communicator with the guys. I think those things are going to help him."

Sullivan have served as a Pistons assistant coach the last three years, a span in which Detroit went 96-150 and won no playoff game. Under Hill, who assisted John Kuester the last two seasons, the Pistons have fared even worse. Obviously, I’m not pinning all the Pistons’ problems on Hill and Sullivan. Maybe those two frequently disagreed with Kuester and, in Sullivan’s case, Michael Curry, too. Only those closer to the team can judge for certain.

On a personal level, I have a difficult time openly rooting for someone to get fired – especially guys like Sullivan, whose salaries doesn’t guarantee anywhere near the financial security a head coach receives. But, unless the Pistons can isolate Sullivan’s and Hill’s contributions and view them as positive, it might be time to make a clean break.


  • Jul 28, 20111:25 pm
    by khandor


    IMHO, Brian Hill [and Darrell Walker] was [were a] big part of the problems that the Pistons had last season. If Lawrence Frank was to actually hire someone like me, as a consultant for his team, one of the very first things I would recommend to him is that he not include either of these men as assistant coaches on his current staff.

  • Jul 28, 20111:27 pm
    by Sebastian


    I wish like heck that Frank is not hired, as I have yet to read an “official” statement that he has been hired, as the next Head Coach.
    And, if he is hired and brings back Hill and Sullivan, then how much really has changed.
    Joe should be the next Head Coach and serve in both capacities, Head Coach and President of Pistons Basketball. Heck, Popovich serves dual positions in San Antonio and quite effectively (save for not being able to properly replenish their front line).
    Please don’t hire Frank!!!

  • Jul 28, 20111:48 pm
    by Jacob


    I think if this team comes back with largely the same roster (of players that tuned out coaching staff) as last season then it’s time for a clean break and some fresh voices. I thought Dave Cowens was a great assistant, but no use dwelling on the past. If Frank can find someone like that who was respected as a former player, but also had coaching experience that would be a plus.

  • Jul 28, 20111:53 pm
    by Murph


    In light of all the locker room problems between the players and the coaches last season, I think it would be best to start with a clean slate. 

    Aside from Walker, I’d get rid of all the Pistons assistants.  Only Walker seemed like the voice of reason, who tried to act as a buffer between the fueding players and coahcing staff.

  • Jul 28, 20111:58 pm
    by Murph


    I’d like to know who the guy was, within the Pistons organization, who kept leaking negative stories about Hamitlon to the press.  Whoever that guy was should definitely be fired.   The leaks only magnified whatever problems there were between Kuester and Hamilton.  The Pistons should not have aired their dirty laundry to the press last season.

    And while I have no basis for this opinion whatsoever, I wouldn’t be surprised if Sullivan was the guy behind the leaks. 

  • Jul 28, 20113:37 pm
    by rob


    No way should anybody from that staff return. I thought they all left with Kuester, tbh. Cant see why they would think they deserve to continue coaching here after the last few years where they did nothing at all.

    I would like see Cowens brought back. He would be a good big man coach for Monroe, if they cant get anyone better.

  • Jul 29, 20118:12 am
    by detroitpcb


    Clean house. Get rid of both those clowns. We need all new voices. If Frank already has his lead assistent in the guy from Boston then maybe i would hire Bill and Rick and let the old bad boys do some good work on the bench.

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