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Ben Wallace’s law school dreams are still alive

Last year, Ben Wallace talked to Yahoo!’s Marc J. Spears about his desire to become a lawyer after his playing days. With Wallace’s career in its twilight, he’s apparently getting more serious about that post-basketball plan. From Terry Foster of The Detroit News:

Wallace not only wants to represent clients, he wants to tell them his long-shot story and make them realize their lives are not over despite youthful mistakes. Wallace is doing plenty of research now into law schools. The thought has been brewing for years, and he even spoke to former Pistons coach John Kuester about it three years ago when Wallace played in Cleveland.

“It would not surprise me at all to see him practicing law,” teammate Tayshaun Prince said. “Not at all.”

I hope that the lockout doesn’t take away our last chance to see Wallace in a Pistons’ uniform, but I think it’s safe to say that his fans will be rooting for him just as hard to succeed in his second career as they were for him in his basketball career.


  • Jul 18, 20111:08 pm
    by Regan


    Ben Wallace will have to take some speech lessons if he wants to be a lawyer…

  • [...] Wallace is currently on his second stint with Detroit and has been a fan favorite over the years due to his tough defense, hustle and rebounding.¬†Coincidentally¬†his case will be seen by the same judge that that sentenced Jalen Rose to 20 days for a DUI earlier this year. Interesting how he randomly ended up with the EXACT SAME judge, but we all know the judicial system has it’s “flaws”. Hopefully this doesn’t land Wallace in jail for too long as he has said that once he retires from basketball he wants to attend law school. [...]

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