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Austin Daye in favor of Pistons choosing Lawrence Frank as coach

I saw this tweet from Terry Foster of the The Detroit News last night and my immediate thought was, “Well … good luck Lawrence Frank.”

I already talked to a player about lawrence frank. Not impressed if the pistons hire him he must win them over

Then, in Foster’s column today, he cemented that point:

Frank is passionate, and knows his stuff.

But will players believe in him?


I assume that sentiment from Foster was strengthened because of the perspective given to him by whoever the anonymous player he talked to was (I won’t speculate on who that player was … feel free to go for it in the comments). The point is, after last season’s poor player-coach dynamic that unfolded, having a player blast the decision to hire Frank before he’s even been officially hired was certainly not what an organization trying to turn the page on a terrible couple of years wanted to see.

Thankfully, another player went on the record with Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News and showed refreshing maturity, particularly for a young player. Here was Austin Daye on Frank:

“Two thumbs up,” Pistons forward Austin Daye said. “He’s a winning coach, he’s got a lot of experience. He knows what he’s doing. He had a little rough patch in New Jersey, but other than that, I think he’s a good hire.”

More importantly, it’s clear the Pistons have the strong voice they were looking for.

“I think someone that has his credentials will demand more respect,” Daye said. “Not that Kue (Kuester) didn’t have credentials, but (we need) someone that’s won playoff games. From what I’ve heard around the league, players respect him and he expects a lot from his players.”

Whether you wanted Frank to get the job or not, I think everyone can agree that we all would like the dissension and locker room drama from last season disappear. Daye’s comments are a good step in that direction and hopefully signify that Frank will be given a fair shot by the players at earning their trust. But more importantly, I like that a young player like Daye spoke on this and is setting the example. That’s a good sign for his development.


  • Jul 22, 201110:02 am
    by Marvin Jones


    I have no problem with the Frank hiring, he will stress defense and he’s shown a willingness to run and he’s an absolute gym rat of a coach.  All the little “details” that win games will be covered and the players will be prepared when they step onto the court. I did not want another Larry Brown protege with a walk it up slow down style that ran counter to the strengths of the young players on this team. I think Frank will do well.   

  • Jul 22, 201110:04 am
    by RyanK


    I don’t know what to expect from Frank, but he’ll probably be better than Q.  He has a lot of head coaching experience.  If he’s a smart man, he probably learned a lot as an assistant to Doc Rivers.  The experience of working with Rondo and Kidd will hopefully give him tools to help Knight develop into a player who is as likely to pass as shoot…Stuckey as well.
    I hope they get an assistant who can work with Monroe the same way…not saying Frank can’t…I just don’t know.
    We have young guys who have talent and are hard workers: Jonas, Monroe, Bynum (not really young), Knight, and Singler.  Joe needs to trade all these entitled/lazy/one-way veterans for veterans who can help rebuild the culture of going to work every night.  Find the Cliff Robinson, Jon Barry, and Corliss Williamson to get the train back on the tracks.  A championship next season isn’t the goal…going the right direction is!

  • Jul 22, 201111:57 am
    by khandor


    expect Lawrence Frank to establish a solid 8-9 player rotation for the Pistons, clarifying each of their roles and creating a definitive pecking order for the remainder of the roster. This is something which good NBA coaches do in their sleep [so-to-speak] … and something which J-Kuester was unable to ever do over the course of his 2 seasons as Detroit’s head coach. Expect Lawrence Frank to do a good job coaching the Pistons and for him to un-muddy the waters fairly quickly for the Pistons at the crucial PG, OG and SF positions, re: the collective mess that exists with:
    Stuckey – No. 1 PG, until further notice
    Knight – No. 2 PG, until further notice
    Bynum – No. 3 PG, or traded
    Hamilton – No. 1 OG, or traded
    Gordon – No. 2 OG, or traded
    White – No. 3 OG, or traded
    Daye – ensconced at the Forward position with, either, Prince or Jerebko [if Prince is not re-signed or traded]
    For each of the last 3 seasons, the Pistons have had solid [although far from great!] NBA-level talent that has simply not been used properly by M-Curry and then J-Kuester.
    In this same regard, at least Lawrence Frank actually knows what he’s doing as a legitimate NBA head coach.

    • Jul 22, 20114:30 pm
      by oats


      Oddly enough, many good coaches get criticized for not doing that when it wasn’t clear who the best players were. Before bringing in Allen and Garnett, Doc Rivers was routinely criticized (most vocally by the Sports Guy) for tossing 11 or 12 players into the game in the first half alone. When he had more separation between the talent of his 9th guy and his 12th guy due to moves his GM made, that problem was fixed.

  • Jul 22, 201112:59 pm
    by Rob


    Its pretty simple. Whoever that player was that said that to Foster is pretty much out of here, once Gores hears that.

    An employee never undermines an owner’s business decision, in any business, and sticks around very long. Especially when that decision had nothing to do with the employee, directly, and the employee’s reaction was immediately following the news.

    I know if was an owner, and I had been contemplating a difficult and very important decision for over a month, and finally made my decision, only to have some punk player tell me it was the wrong decision an hour later, he would be packing his bags swiftly.

  • Jul 22, 20112:49 pm
    by bball4224


    It’s probably someone who was w/ the Championship team and wanted Woodson.

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