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Adrian Wojnarowski: Lawrence Frank was Joe Dumars’ first choice

Although Marc Stein reported Joe Dumars’ preference as new Pistons coach was Mike Woodson, Adrian Wojnarowski is refuting that:

From start of interview process, Frank was clearly Joe Dumars’ choice to replace John Kuester. Ownership agreed. No close second in process.

Woj and Stein both get their share of scoops, but hopefully, Wojnarowski’s sources are correct in this case. The last thing the Pistons needed was ownership to force a coach on Dumars. If both Dumars and ownership were in such unanimous agreement that Frank was the right man for the job, that is a very good sign that Frank will get the kind of institutional support he needs to assert himself in the locker room.


  • Jul 29, 20114:47 pm
    by khandor


    Agreed. This is great news for Pistons fans. Lawrence should be able to get Detroit moving in the right direction after 3 years of general [and unfortunate] ineptitude.

  • Jul 29, 20115:47 pm
    by Ryan


    In order for Frank to have a fair opportunity here some cleaning house must happen…Rip and Tay bye bye.

    Still on fence with Stuckey.

    I think the other professional players here will give Frank the chance to earn their respect. Frank will work his butt off at the very least, hopefully the players realize it.

  • Jul 30, 20117:50 am
    by detroitpcb


    its just spin

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