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Would a Pistons starting five of Rodney Stuckey-Grant Hill-Tayshaun Prince-Amir Johnson-Greg Monroe make the playoffs?

The summer is the perfect time for ‘what if?’ posts and Logan Rothman of Ridiculous Upside has a good one: what if NBA teams were only composed of the active players that they’ve drafted? Here’s what the Pistons’ roster would look like:

PG Rodney Stuckey
SG Grant Hill
SF Tayshaun Prince
PF Amir Johnson
C Greg Monroe
SG Arron Afflalo
SF Carlos Delfino
SF Chase Budinger
C Darko Milicic
SF Austin Daye
PF D.J. White
C Mehmet Okur

I dare say … that looks like a playoff team (and even more impressive than that … Logan left out Jonas Jerebko, who would make that team even more solid). Certainly not the most impressive team on the list — my personal pick to dominate the NBA would be the Chicago squad led by Derrick Rose/LaMarcus Aldridge/Joakim Noah. The New Orleans Hornets backcourt of Chris Paul and Kobe Bryant is also pretty intriguing.


  • Jun 15, 201111:09 am
    by RandomGuy313


    In hindsight, of course swapping Billups and Iverson turned out bad. JoeD missed it. I can understand his thought process in getting a playmaker that can penetrate at will. However, the issue I had with the deal was the inclusion of Arron Afflalo. He seemed to be a hard nosed SG that embodied what Detroit was about. I am glad to see his improvements in Denver where he was counted on to split time with JR Smith. I would have loved to see a Stuckey Afflalo backcourt but alas it was not meant to be.

  • Jun 15, 201111:38 am
    by Ahperson


    Afflalo was traded because he asked for a trade.  He was upset that he wasn’t getting any playing time and when they brought in Ben Gordon I guess that was the last straw for him.  If you do a search you will see what Afflalo agent had to say about him going to Denver.  Joe D have always tried to accommodate players that is why Chauncey ended up in Denver.

    • Jun 15, 201112:01 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      Afflalo may have wanted more playing time, but the reason he was traded for a second round pick was so the team could afford the three free agents that were signed that offseason — Gordon, Villanueva and Wilcox. Afflalo and Amir Johnson were both traded with no salary back in return (the pick for Afflalo and Oberto’s non-guaranteed contract for Amir, which was waived) as cost-saving measures.

      • Jun 15, 201112:58 pm
        by RandomGuy313


        It makes sense since out of Afflalo, Rip and Ben Gordon his contract was the easiest to move. I am just speaking more towards regret than not understanding why JoeD made the move.

  • Jun 15, 201111:46 am
    by Murph


    Yes.  Unfortunately, Joe dumped Amir, Afflalo, Delfino, Budinger, Darko and White for nothing, and allowed Okur to walk

    • Jun 15, 201112:54 pm
      by I can't take it anymore


      Resigning Sheed and letting Okur walk was the right move.  It was one or the other back then.  2nd rounders were not protected like they are today.

  • Jun 15, 201112:41 pm
    by Art Van de Ley


    that is an excellent well balance team the nba would be interesting if there were no trades allowed

  • Jun 15, 20111:47 pm
    by Jason


    First thing is Afflalo would be 4th string shooting guard behind Hamilton, Gordon, and Stuckey. 

    Second, lets look how impressive that list is when you consider when the players were taken in the draft.

    Stuckey – 15
    Prince – 23
    Amir – 56
    Monroe – 7
    Jerebko – 39
    Afflalo – 27
    Delfino – 25
    MIlicic – 2
    Daye 15
    Okur – 37

    Even including Darko that list is flat out impressive.  Anyone who doubts Dumars drafting abilities should be embarrassed right now.

  • Jun 15, 20112:10 pm
    by Bubba


    Wait, you downgrade your power forward a little, upgrade your shooting guard a good amount and leave the other three starters the same…and you would be excited about that?  I guess your bench is way better, but come on, the only reason this would be a playoff team is because it’s in the East.  I don’t know if Budinger counts since he was specifically drafted to trade.
    If we’re talking these players in their prime, then you have a solid – not great – team (talent level around about what is was during Hill’s actual Detroit stay), but then my Spurs – Duncan, Ginobili, Parker, Splitter and George Hill dominate the league (they’re in the conversation no matter what).

    • Jun 15, 20113:01 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      I don’t think Johnson is a downgrade from anyone the Pistons started at PF last season. He averaged about 9 and 9 with 2 blocks and shot around 55 percent for Toronto I believe. He’s not great, but he’s an active presence on the boards, certainly better than anyone the Pistons ran out there.

      And the question wasn’t “would this be a great team?” It still has flaws. But that’s a solid bench and Hill would help some of the point guard issues Stuckey has.

  • Jun 15, 20112:24 pm
    by I can't take it anymore


    My list in order of who the pistons should take with 8.

    Valancuinas, (super Biedrins)
    Vesely, (haven’t figured out who to compare him too yet.. high energy big)
    Kemba, (Zeke lite)
    Bismack, (Theo Ratliff… but healthy)

  • Jun 15, 20113:52 pm
    by JoshB


    Afflalo was traded before Gordon got here…..

  • Jun 15, 20116:10 pm
    by BIG MARV


    I think I would have to start Affalo and have tay come off the bench and put jerebko at the power and let monroe play center so the line up would be Stuckey,Affalo,Hill,Jerebko,Monroe thats more of a better bench and have Tay,amir,maxiell,okur and delfeno be the the bench threats, but you wont have a solid back up pg I guess you would draft that this year. But besides that thats a damn good line up alot of vets I tell you that much.

  • Jun 15, 20117:45 pm
    by mike


    keep monroe..keep ben gordon..keep jonas..keep bynum…and get rid of everyone else

  • Jun 16, 20118:59 am
    by bill


    Where’s the custodian – Brian Cardinal?

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