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Tracy McGrady makes The Basketball Jones Top 100 Moments from 2010-11 list

If you’re not following Andrew Unterberger’s top 100 countdown of the best moments from 2010-11 at The Basketball Jones, you should be. I honestly wasn’t expecting any Pistons moments to make the cut, for obvious reasons, but to my surprise:

McGrady’s surprising play and Greg Monroe’s rapid development are easily the two best moments from the season for the Pistons. Here are the other moments that Unterberger has unveiled so far: No. 55-41 | No. 70-56 | No. 85-71 | No. 100-86.


  • Jun 22, 20112:31 pm
    by Lindsey


    i loved McGrady at PG. I would sign him to another 1 year deal. I cant take another season with Rodney at PG.

  • Jun 22, 20115:04 pm
    by MrHappyMushroom


    I’m still mystified by the adulation for McGrady.
    He was a pretty good player for the mid part of the season, and that was a pleasant surprise, given his injury history.  But even at his very best, he was really just a mid-level point guard; take his fifteen best games of the season and match that with his counterparts and he’s not an All-Star or anything.
    And then he went on to play an apparently major role in the team’s discipline problems. By the end of the year, it’s hard not to see him as a malcontent.
    Even if he repeated last year’s performance on the court (fifteen to twenty really strong games and another twenty of being serviceable), I wouldn’t think retaining him would matter much.  And, of course, there’s a real chance that this was as good as he’ll ever be again.

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