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Terrico White shows some bounce

Basically, the only thing we know about Terrico White from his rookie season happened in this highlight at last year’s rookie photo shoot.

No one wants to miss a season due to injury, but I don’t think anyone will argue that lone highlights don’t get much better than the one White left. Well, if his Twitter feed is any indication, he’s at it again. White posted the above video yesterday, and the springs are still there. White, as a second round pick who didn’t play a game, still faces a tough challenge to earn minutes next year unless a couple of backcourt players are exchanged for frontcourt players, but clearly, the athleticism that made him such an intriguing prospect last year is very much intact.


  • Jun 3, 20111:57 pm
    by tarsier


    Terrico White is among the reasons I would be delighted to see Jerebko and Daye dealt for future talent or for turning a bad contract into a good one or some such. This Pistons roster has a dearth of mediocre players. Losing a couple really won’t hurt it much because the backups are just as good. And getting rid of the players ahead of them will boost the bench players’ values.
    For example, if the Jazz opted to draft big, maybe attaching Daye and Jerebko to Gordon would make a swap of him for Jefferson palatable.

    • Jun 3, 20116:52 pm
      by brgulker


      So let me get this straight. You would trade two proven rotation-caliber players because we have a 2nd year, 2nd rounder who’s yet to play one single minute of NBA basketball on the bench?
      My goodness.

  • Jun 3, 20112:55 pm
    by Marvin Jones


    I can’t believe it, a Terrico White sighting. It’s been like this guy was a ghost, during the year Langolis would write about Jonas’ rehab, show videos of Jonas’ workouts, talk to Jonas about his progress but never a word or clip about White. I would often think when I saw video of Jonas shooting stand still jumpers, where’s Terrico White, what is he doing, how’s his rehab coming. The only mention of White was his first practice back when Q was asked how he did and he responded by saying that he made on time and on target passes and everyone was supprised by how well he shot the ball. After that not a word. Kudos to you for digging up something on the young fella. I truly believe that what they think about White will have some bearing what direction they go in with the 33rd pick.

    • Jun 3, 20113:20 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      I mean, there’s always the possibility that the team just isn’t that high on him anymore. Obviously, the kid is athletic. But maybe there are other issues. You’re right, if he was viewed as an important part of next year’s team, I would think they would’ve covered his rehab more. Something that has never been looked into is the fact that his original injury wasn’t supposed to cause him to miss the entire season. Maybe he didn’t rehab as hard as the team would’ve liked? That’s speculation of course, but something was definitely up.

      He also wouldn’t be the first early second round pick who hasn’t panned out — Walter Sharpe and DaJuan Summers were both picked early second and both barely played as Pistons (Sharpe was gone after a season, and Summers is no guarantee to come back next season).

  • Jun 4, 20111:46 am
    by Tony


    I’d like to think the Pistons wanted to hold him out because they needed the focus to be on the log jam at SG to bring unsolicited offers to get rid of someone.  That would restore some faith in Joe if so, otherwise White is just another Sammy Meija or Sharpe.

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