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Scott Perry on Vernon Macklin: He brings toughness, length, depth to the frontcourt

Via Dave Pemberton of the Oakland Press, Pistons vice-president Scott Perry discusses Vernon Macklin. Perry says the Pistons liked his defense and toughness, but also liked the fact that he has improved his offensive game as well.


  • Jun 24, 20114:59 am
    by vic


    we should have taken Trey Thompkins at 32… good post scorer.
    the Deandre Liggins at 52 for a defensive SF

    Knight will be alright, but now we have a team that is  literally 2/3 combos and wings,,, if you count Mcgrady, CV, and Tayshaun. if Joe doesnt make some genius trades, this will be known as the year that Jordan killed.
    as of now, we will still be dead last in rebounds, blocks, and post defense.

    • Jun 24, 201112:15 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      Well, judging by the picks, character and work ethic were the big determining factors. Thompkins had the opposite of a work ethic in college, according to most of the scouting reports on him.

  • Jun 24, 201110:46 am
    by sop


    Top 12 Big Men prospects for 2012
    (rank, name, pick range)
    1. Sullinger (1-6)
    2. Perry Jones (1-10)
    3. Anthony Davis (1-5)*
    4. John Henson (6-12)
    5. Quincy Miller (4-13)*
    6. Zeller (10-17)
    7. Terrence Jones (7-16)*
    8. Thomas Robinson (10-18)
    9. James McAdoo (6-15)*
    10. Patrick Young (11-22)
    11. Joshua Smith (14-60)
    12. Mason Plumlee (16-28)
    * Possible SF/PF Tweener

  • Apr 9, 201311:41 pm
    by pastel hair chalk


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