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Scott Perry on Kyle Singler: Pistons wanted to add Singler’s winner-iness, toughness, leader-y-ness to locker room

Via Dave Pemberton of the Oakland Press, Pistons vice-president of player personnel Scott Perry discusses Kyle Singler. Perry said the Pistons had Singler graded as a first round talent and discusses the reasons they felt he was a good fit.


  • Jun 24, 20113:26 am
    by Sebastian


    I guess I’m cool with picking Knight at #8, but I’m curious to know that of the questions that were lobbed at Joe, during this presser, no one asked Joe whay take Knight over Walker or if Joe really believes that Knight is a better fit and will be a better pro than Knight.

  • Jun 24, 20113:28 am
    by Sebastian


    Pardon me, I was meaning to type “if Joe thinks that Knight will be a better Pro and is a better fit than Walker.”

  • Jun 24, 201112:20 pm
    by L Boogie


    I agree. I was saying to myself, OK, Joe, Kemba is on the board, you have Kemba and Brandon, I just assume Kemba, since all the hype behind him; but then I got to thinking, since K Dubb is from Uconn, perhaps Joe was thinking that would be a distraction to the team with having all these UConn guys and they all would not be focused due to that; then you have Knight, he is taller, and a little better shooter, so I thought K Dubb would be the pick, but the reality it was Knight, I am OK with it. I was hoping for something else with the other 2 picks, but it is what it is, now on to Free agency, we need to hit a home run their. Come on Joe and Gores bring some big names here, especially a BIG, ala Dwight Howard money is not an option, right Gores??

  • [...] Kyle Singler. According to Pistons vice-president of player personnel Scott Perry Singler has winner-iness, toughness, and leader-y-ness. All traits that are needed to win the next few NBA [...]

  • Jun 25, 201112:17 am
    by MrHappyMushroom


    This Singler pick is the one that perplexes me.  Decent threes are a fairly common commodity.  The consensus on Singler is that he could be anywhere from a solid glue guy rotation player to someone who isn’t good enough for the NBA.  I would tend to think that a Kyle Singler sort would be available at any given time from multiple sources.  Maybe he ends up being great; but if not–and it would appear to be unlikely–this wasn’t a useful pick.
    Meanwhile, you have a close to consensus candidate for HS recruit of the year available in Jeremy Tyler.  Yeah, there are major questions about his mental make up and it’s at least semi-likely that he won’t become much.  Still, given a choice of picking between a guy at an easy-to-fill position who has an okay chance at being okay, and taking a flyer on one of the biggest and most athletic guys in the country who, should he pan out, would fill the teams greatest need….I just can’t put my head around this.
    Best case scenario, it seems, Kyle Sinlger’s intangibles could add a couple of wins a year.  Tyler, though as likely or more likely to bust, could transform the team if he makes good on his potential.  A Pistons team that won fifty games last year would be advised to do the latter.  But what’s the value in setting the team to move from 30 to 33 wins next year?

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