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Pistons probably won’t hire Isiah Thomas

Everyone has a strong opinion about whether the Pistons would hire Isiah Thomas, but not everyone agrees. Chad Ford of ESPN with the latest:

Charles (San Jose)

How would the Pistons’ fanbase react on the odd chance of Isiah being their next coach? Is that the last place he’s still held in high regard?

Chad Ford

  (1:27 PM)

Consider it a professional courtesy. They aren’t hiring Isiah.

Michael Rosenberg of the Detroit Free Press:

For those asking about Isiah or Laimbeer coaching the Pistons: They are as likely to give the job to Rodman.

Isiah’s rep benefits from reports the Pistons might hire him. Pistons probably won’t deny — why alienate an icon? But they won’t hire him.

I think Ford and Rosenberg nailed it.


  • Jun 8, 20112:34 pm
    by Jason


    I can completely understand the comments on Isiah, but i see absolutely no reason why Laimbeer would be so out of question.. Isiah had troubles in NY, we all know this. Yes, he did okay in Indiana, but is currently coaching a small college team.. Laimbeer might not have NBA experience, but he had done fairly well as a head coach in the WNBA. Given his history with the Pistons, i just can’t understand why it would be so out of question..

    • Jun 9, 20111:44 am
      by danny


      You said exactly why he would be out of the question; he has zero experience. When your trying to build a young team, why not bring in a guy you know has a track record of developing young players, and actually winning some games?

      • Jun 9, 201112:49 pm
        by Jason


        That’s one way of looking at it.. But then again, the reason inexperienced coaches haven’t worked for us is that they have no respect from our vets. Not only is Laimbeer a Piston legend, he’s played the game well for many years.. He’d be immediately respected, and would be a cheaper option then most out there.. More importantly, while he may not have NBA experience, again – he HAS head coaching experience in the WNBA. Yes, there two different worlds.. BUT, head coaching is head coaching. You can’t say he has NO experience, that’s just incorrect.

        • Jun 9, 20111:25 pm
          by Patrick Hayes


          See, I have a small issue with bringing up Laimbeer’s WNBA experience, and I say this thinking he might turn out to be a fine NBA coach.

          But the dude had phenomenal talent in the WNBA. One title team was lead by Swin Cash and Deanna Nolan. Another was led by Nolan and Katie Smith. I don’t expect many people follow or followed the W because, well, it’s the W. But he had two of the absolute best players in the league on both of his title teams. These aren’t perfect comparisons, but for NBA purposes, compare Smith to Ray Allen, Cash to Kevin Durant and Nolan to Manu Ginobili. Then, they also had Cheryl Ford, who wasn’t a franchise player, but was just a tier below, maybe an Al Horford type.

          Now, that’s not to say Laimbeer didn’t have an influence on those Shock teams’ success. But they won titles because they were led by incredibly talented stars with a ton of bench depth to boot. He’d be in a much different situation taking over the Pistons. He’d be taking over a team that isn’t good, that doesn’t have a franchise player-type talent. With the Shock, he had at least two players who, if things broke down, could create their own shots. It’s fine to give him credit for leading title teams in the WNBA, but there has to be an understanding that his teams were loaded, by WNBA standards, as well.

  • Jun 8, 20114:34 pm
    by Joe Dumars


    Hiring Laimbeer would be as smart of a hire as the Tigers hiring Alan Trammel.

  • Jun 8, 20118:01 pm
    by BIG MARV


    Cut the charade and just get Mike Woodson he’s the perfect rebuilding coach give him the job

    • Jun 9, 201112:46 pm
      by Jason


      I agree that Woodson would be a great coach for the Pistons, I just have a strong feeling that there will be no shortage of teams looking at him.

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