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Pistons, Lawrence Frank getting closer

Mitch Lawrence of the New York Daily News (via I am a GM):

Lawrence Frank is moving closer to getting the Detroit Pistons’ head coaching position, according to league sources.


  • Jun 22, 20113:22 pm
    by Dan


    This will make a lot of people mad cause everybody wants Laimbeer, but I’m okay w/ this I think he can do good things here. Not my first choice but I’m not gonna get upset about it.

    • Jun 22, 20116:00 pm
      by I can't take it anymore


      I hope it’s not true.  Frank brings nothing to the table for a team that needs leadership.
      He’s alright in a care taker roll for a player led team but nothing more than that.  He stunk it up hard when Kidd was out in NJ.

  • Jun 22, 20113:26 pm
    by rob


    Not my first choice, but I’m ok with Frank. This kind of makes up for the other news that they might pick Thompson at 8.

  • Jun 22, 20113:45 pm
    by Sam


    Would the pistons trade the number 8 pick to the spurs for Tony Parker?

    • Jun 22, 20113:55 pm
      by Dan Feldman


      The Pistons would have to trade near-equal salary. I doubt the Spurs want Richard Hamilton or Ben Gordon.

  • Jun 22, 20113:46 pm
    by Mike


    No, please NO.  Gores would be making a giant THUD instead of a splash.  As I read this morning in an ESPN article his players quit on him in New Jersay and when he took over as the defensive coach in Boston their defense got much worse.  We need someone who the players respect.  Would any of you respect Frank if you were a player?  If you were a free agent would you want to come play for Frank?

    • Jun 22, 20114:08 pm
      by Joe Dumars


      Link to the ESPN article?

  • Jun 22, 20113:59 pm
    by Pierre


    Bad choice to hire Franck.
    I stay on my choice: take Sampson!
    And forget Parker…

  • Jun 22, 20114:16 pm
    by Eric


    Frank and Thomas were the ones I definitely don’t want them to get.  I would prefer Laimbeer, but Woodson and Sampson I wouldn’t hate.

    Does anyone think the pick or plans for the draft will affect who the Pistons choose as the coach?

    • Jun 22, 20114:52 pm
      by Dan Feldman



    • Jun 22, 20117:09 pm
      by BIG MARV


      no, I like frank I think he redeemed himself as an assistant with Boston and I think he has Ideas on how the team is ran. He’s a players coach and will communicate with the players well and get them playing decent basketball…. good rebuilding coach

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  • Jun 22, 20114:19 pm
    by bball4224


    Are you kidding me? You want Sampson over Frank? Yeah that we we potentially have three assistants not work out and then Joey D would be next to go. Either way if it’s Frank or Woodson I’m happy.

  • Jun 22, 20114:19 pm
    by Quick Darshan


    Rasheed.  Wallace.

    • Jun 22, 20114:24 pm
      by bball4224


      Yeah right he would show p w/ holey sweet pants and a headband on. I couldn’t see him taking the job seriously.

      • Jun 22, 20117:57 pm
        by jprime18


        Sheed would be a very good coach, just not now or with this team. He needs a lot of experience.

        There was a great article on ESPN detailing why Sheed would eventually make a great coach. I’d like to see if he would do it.

    • Jun 22, 20115:04 pm
      by John


      Damon Stoudemire

    • Jun 22, 20115:09 pm
      by MrHappyMushroom


      Silly notion.  ‘sheed is great when all is set up for him to excel in exactly the situation he covets. But for all his acclaimed knowledge of the game, he has a long and documented history of exploding or just not trying very hard when things are less than ideal.
      This is the same guy who seemed to quit in a couple straight conference championship series, flat out gave up trying in the Iverson year, and then spent a season with the Celts with Kardashian-sized breasts, rather than stay in prime shape.  (And remember, he was pressed into service in that Game Seven against the Lakers, and the Celts faded in the last few minutes.  Would a more prepared Rasheed Wallace provided Boston with enough to have won that game?  Maybe.)

  • Jun 22, 20114:36 pm
    by Alan


    Maybe its Frank but I doubt the New York Daily News will break this story.  Dumars usually lets Chad Ford break the news for the Pistons.  My suspicion is the boys at pistonpowered will break this story.

  • Jun 22, 20115:23 pm
    by ric


    is this the same guy who said mark jackson was the front runner for the pistons coaching job. maybe hes just trying to be funny.

  • Jun 22, 20115:58 pm
    by I can't take it anymore


    Oh man Frank is going to get walked all over and crash if he is the choice.
    Frank isn’t a leader, he’s a care taker for a player led team.
    No Kidd on that team and Frank stunk it up hard.
    Joe D has one hire left in him and if he fails here he is sunk.

  • Jun 22, 20116:04 pm
    by balooga999


    Best of a bad bunch. I still feel this notion of players not respecting Frank is a little excessive, his former players from his time as head coach are usually very positive about him. Yes, at the end with the loosing it did get more mixed (16 game loosing streaks and a poor roster tend to do that)…happens especially when you have guys like Keyon Dooling and Sean Williams on the squad. Still guys like Carter, Harris, Lopez, Kidd always had positive things to say of him.
    His defenses were solid, ranking in the top 6 twice. And he did get his team to the playoffs 4 times. If you look at his complete head coaching resume he has had success. Frank isn’t a perfect choice but it’s hard to say that he isn’t the right coach either.

    • Jun 22, 20116:13 pm
      by Laser


      best of a bad bunch is right.

  • Jun 22, 20116:32 pm
    by ric


    can we please just shut up about frank already. you’ve got to be halucinating if you think frank is the right guy for the job

  • Jun 22, 20118:18 pm
    by jack moihoff


    Does it really matter who the coach is? Besides Monroe and maybe Jerebko this team has 0 assets. It’s a team that can win some games, but is the most ungodly boring team to watch in the NBA.

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