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Pistons interviewed Lawrence Frank (and maybe Mike Woodson), set to interview Kelvin Sampson

Marc Stein of ESPN:

Boston Celtics assistant coach Lawrence Frank interviewed Wednesday for the Detroit Pistons’ coaching vacancy, according to NBA coaching sources.

Frank, formerly coach of the New Jersey Nets, is the second candidate to be formally interviewed for the position, sources said, joining former Atlanta Hawks coach Mike Woodson.

Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News sort of contradicts that second paragraph:

ESPN.com reported Frank and former Hawks coach Mike Woodson have been interviewed by the Pistons, but a source with knowledge of the situation said Woodson has not made his way to Auburn Hills yet.

I don’t know whether Goodwill is saying the Pistons haven’t interviewed Frank, whether he’s just trying to write cutely or both. Obviously, the Pistons could have interviewed Woodson outside of Auburn Hills. The difference probably doesn’t matter. The Pistons will surely interview Woodson at some point, if they haven’t already.

The Pistons will also interview Kelvin Sampson this week, according to Goodwill and Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press.



Again, #Pistons have not interviewed Mike Woodson. Not off-site. Not anywhere. He will be interviewed very soon.


  • Jun 16, 20113:36 pm
    by RandomGuy313


    It is Woodson’s job to lose. JoeD will sell it as getting back to that 2004 form with this hire.
    DF: Do you think Big Ben’s interest in returning is due to the possibility of Mike Woodson coaching. How was their relationship?

    • Jun 16, 20114:03 pm
      by rob


      Wasn’t that how he sold the Kuester hire? LOL

    • Jun 16, 20114:09 pm
      by Dan Feldman


      I doubt it. I think at this point, Wallace is playing for himself. If he feels he can compete, he’ll be back. If not, he won’t.

  • Jun 16, 20113:43 pm
    by Reaction


    Please get us a young coach that will stay with our team for a while and don’t fire him too promptly.. allow him to develop when our team is developing

  • Jun 16, 20113:50 pm
    by Jason


    I’m happy with Woodson or Laimbeer… Woodson would probably be the best bet, due to experience, but i’d be happy with both coaches.

  • Jun 16, 20113:58 pm
    by steve


    id say the three top choices should be  lawrance frank,mike woodson or dwayne casey it would be awsome if casey was the coach

  • Jun 16, 20114:06 pm
    by rob


    Laimbeer, Casey, or Sampson. Anyone else hired shouldnt bother buying a home in the area, ;-)

  • Jun 17, 20114:49 am
    by balooga999


    Not to be a pessimist….but thats a real underwhelming bunch there. Also Woodson is not a bad coach and his defense first mentality would appeal to many but on the offensive side he runs that slow walk it up the court offense that our guards (Stuckey) have really struggled with. With the number of combo guards and lack of size on the squad you would think someone who runs a faster paced offense would be more ideal. On that note lets go nutsoo and hire Don Nelson. Stuck, Gordon, Daye, and Charlie V would at least look good in his system….might still only win 30 games but at least they would be watchable. LOL.

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