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Pistons interview Patrick Ewing for their head-coaching vacancy

David Aldridge of NBA.com:

The Detroit Pistons have expanded their head coaching search by interviewing Orlando Magic assistant coach Patrick Ewing, according to league sources.

Ewing, 49, has long desired to be a head coach, and has decried what he viewed as pigeonholing him as a “big man” assistant, a role he has undertaken while an assistant coach in Houston with Yao Ming and in Orlando with Dwight Howard. Ewing has said that he does a lot more than just work with bigs and is ready to run a team.

Wow. I didn’t see that one coming. Not sure how I feel about the possibility of Patrick Ewing becoming the Pistons’ next head coach, but I’m glad they’re willing to interview candidates beyond the obvious choices.

Maybe Ewing makes most sense as a lead assistant in Detroit, where he could prove he’s more than just a big-man coach.


  • Jun 24, 20116:38 pm
    by danny


    Im glad too that their taking their time. I just hope that whoever they get, its someone that will demand effort and defense, and not allow guys like Charlie and McGrady to stand around and watch on defense.

  • Jun 24, 20116:42 pm
    by Dan


    Don’t think Ewing is the guy and I’d be pretty upset if he got it. I agree w/ Danny, we need somebody that’s going to demand toughness, effort and defense and challenge the players. I would like Ewing as a lead assistant though and give him the chance to prove himself…but do not let him be the Head guy. Him as a lead assistant lets him show others what he can do and it lets him coach our big man specially a guy like Greg. Would love Ewing on the staff, just not as an HC.

    • Jun 24, 20118:31 pm
      by BIG MARV


      Yeah Dan I agree if we can get Ewing as an lead assistant that would be great and he can mentor guys like Monroe, The two new guys and even charlie V we need big man help and by adding on one of the greats as a big man coach it shows that Detroit is concern about their front court but he does need to be on the level as an asst Head coach first he just not ready yet for the Head job.

  • Jun 25, 20111:41 am
    by balooga999


    I don’t think its fair to Ewing or the organization to think of him as someone who only coaches big men and I think Ewing and ownership would agree. Just to add Ewing was one tough cat, I think he could woop people in line as well as anyone, and he has some (assistant) coaching experience in the NBA. Not my #1 choice but if guys like Mark Jackson can get head coaching jobs, Bill Lambeers’ of the world can get interviews….then Patrick Ewing should/deserves to get a serious look as Head Coach by the Pistons and other clubs.

  • Jun 25, 20112:10 am
    by Laser


    i think “demanding toughness” isn’t nearly as important as “commanding respect.” i want a coach guys want to play for, who can get a team to buy in. smart, a leader, that kind of thing. maybe it’s a vague guideline, but i don’t know these candidates personally.

    kuester sure as hell wasn’t a leader. he actually benched guys for insubordination on the reg. how often did that happen under flip saunders or even michael curry? my guess would be zero, but with sheed who knows? he demanded. it wasn’t enough. he didn’t motivate anyone, he never put out an alpha vibe in his life, he was a dud. we need some charisma. when’s the last time we had that here? larry brown, natch.

    you shouldn’t hire a guy based on the fact that you can’t NOT have a head coach. you should hire a guy you’re excited about handing the team over to. the thing i like about ewing, knowing nothing about him personally, is that i think he’d command respect just by being who he is. and he damn well wouldn’t take shit from some snot-nosed combo guard who never accomplished anything in his life. he never seemed particularly smart to me, but i never had a conversation with the guy. he could be a brilliant basketball mind for all i know.

    based on what little i know, i don’t know that there’s a good reason players should respect frank or mike woodson. there’s something charismatic about kelvin sampson, but i don’t know about him either. i could see a dozen millionaires tuning out laimbeer within weeks if all went wrong. we need a great choice here, and if you’re hiring for upside, maybe a guy like ewing is the way to go. i sure wish i knew more about these candidates.

    • Jun 25, 20112:50 am
      by Scott


      So u think Ewings a good candidate? Sorry but I had a lil trouble following your post lol

      • Jun 25, 20116:32 pm
        by Laser


        i’ve got no idea. i don’t know enough about any of these guys and have never met them personally. i can only go on my hunch, and i can see what he brings to the table simply by being patrick ewing.

  • Jun 25, 20114:14 am
    by Kris


    As much as I liked Ewing as a player and really rooted for Knicks to get past Bulls in the 90s, I have serious doubt he’s smart and talented enough to be HC. I am aware that this is not very representative sample, but remember 2010 when he coached Sophomore team during All Star weekend? He was not able to put  a balanced 5 on the floor and they lost the game. I heard about some sex scandals as well, which does not help either.

  • Jun 25, 20119:09 am
    by detroitpcb


    Joe has a really tough decision for the head coaching vacancy. There is no clear cut choice. None of these guys are locks. And given that the last two hires have been total failures, he better get this one right or the new owner will be looking for a new GM.

    Joe’s job is basically resting on this hire and he knows it. Gores expects improvement and thinks the Pistons should be back to the playoffs by 2012. Joe cannot hire another one or two year failure for a coach.

    Everyone is talking about the defensive mindset but basically, until the Pistons get a shot blocker or a big intimidating body in the middle, they are not going to be a good defensive team. Look at the difference Chandler made for the Mavericks. They went from being soft to being very good defensively and it was all about Chandler being back there in the middle to help out. Personally, i would overpay to get him here in Detroit to play alongside Greg Monroe. The worst thing about Karen Davidson’s moritorium on trades was that Joe lost Chandler to Cuban and Dallas. 

    Anyway, what i want to say is that i want a coach who is going to play up-tempo offensively. I believe with Knight, Stuckey, Daye, Monroe, JJ, Singler, Bynum and whoever we get in trades we could be a very dangerous transition team. We need to get rid of Ben gordon, Rip, and Tay and the walk it up style and utilize the talents of our young players.

  • Jun 25, 20119:37 am
    by Ralph


    How sad it would be that Patrick W would be given preference over B Laimbeer.  A proven winner in Bill L, a coach that can give the bigs some attention.  I would prefer Bill L over Patrick any day!

  • Jun 25, 201110:19 am
    by Alan


    I always liked Ewing and would like to see him get a shot.  Just, maybe not with my Pistons.

  • Jun 25, 201112:24 pm
    by Jason


    No dice… Not even as an assistant, we’;; need a high IQ, X & O’s kind of guy to team with Laimbeer, Ewing i don’t think fits the mold all that well.. Though i am glad that Dumars gave him the respect, but he isn’t a good fit right now.. Get Bill!!!

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