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Pistons high on Dwane Casey

Ken Berger of CBSSports.com:

Dwane Casey, the defensive architect behind the Mavericks’ championship shutdown of the Heat’s Big Three, is high on the Pistons’ list of head coaching candidates, league sources told CBSSports.com Monday.

The Pistons, who already have reached out to former Hawks coach Mike Woodson and received permission to interview Bucks assistant Kelvin Sampson, Celtics assistant Lawrence Frank, and Timberwolves assistant Bill Laimbeer, will reach out to Mavs general manager Donnie Nelson Tuesday with a request to interview Casey.

Patrick already profiled Casey. Admittedly, I didn’t know a ton about him before this coaching search, but the more I’ve learned, the more I’ve liked.

I’m really excited the Pistons have interest in Casey. If they hire him, great. If they don’t, that will be because they like someone else more, not because they ignored Casey. The better the field of serious candidates, the more likely Joe Dumars makes the right choice.


  • Jun 13, 20116:24 pm
    by L Boogie


    Casey maybe a defensive architect for Dallas, but I think you have to consider the players on Dallas who bought into to playing defense; our players have not bought into any idea of playing defense, nor does it appear they have the desire to put forth the effort to play defense. This where I think Joe must address the skillset of players we have and move the one’s that do not play defense, we all know who they are, but if we get players to commit to defense and trust one another on the defensive end, and play with passion, intensiity, and take personal pride in defense, then I think the team will be in a better position to succeed. Just bringing in a defensive minded coach is great, but if we do not have players to execute the schemes, it really does not matter. bring in a tough minded coach to preach defense and install defense EVERY PRACTICE..

  • Jun 13, 20116:43 pm
    by rob


    I tend to credit the veterans on the mavericks and Carlisle for their defense more than Casey. I dont really see him as a Thiboadeau type of defensive architect that has an ingenius system he can teach to any team. All Carlisle’s teams are great defensively. I’m not sure how much credit Casey deserves. But like you said, its good that they are exploring all options and not rushing into hiring the first choice. Casey at least earned an interview.

  • Jun 13, 20118:43 pm
    by balooga999


    Even taking Dallas out of the picture his resume is solid. The job he did with the T’ Wolves is oft over looked, subtle, but none the less, sterling. I’m glad he is getting a look at the job, I wouldn’t mind for a second if he was named HC after the dust settles.

    • Jun 13, 201111:38 pm
      by rob


      Are you sure the job he did in MIN was sterling?

      He won 33 games in ’05, then was 20-20 in ’06 when he was fired. Thats a 53 and 69 record overall. I didnt follow the T-Wolves under him so maybe he did a good job under the circumstances, but that record isnt sterling. Donald Sterling maybe, lol!

      j/k, he is a legit candidate.

    • Jun 14, 201111:35 am
      by Patrick Hayes


      I wouldn’t say it was sterling, but I think, particularly in his second season, he was doing a great job. He was fired when the team was 20-20. Then, after he was fired, the team went 13-29 the rest of the way.

      Also, he was let go, reportedly, because he stood up to Kevin Garnett and tried to hold him to the same standard as anyone else on the team. Not sure how many people followed Minnesota hoops while KG was there, but the T-Wolves had a reputation for giving him whatever he wanted, including handing out bad contracts to KG’s friends like Troy Hudson and Joe Smith. A no-nonsense guy who is unafraid to take on someone of KG’s stature with a reputation of running that locker room, particularly a relatively unknown coach like Casey, speaks a lot for his toughness and communication as a coach. As we know, the Pistons locker room has been a fractured place the last couple years, so a coach with his approach wouldn’t be all bad.

  • Jun 13, 201110:07 pm
    by I can't take it anymore


    The pistons missed out on Tom Thibodea when they hired Kuster.  Maybe this guy can coach too?  But that’s is a lot to assume.  I do like the defensive minded coaches though.

  • Jun 13, 201110:09 pm
    by I can't take it anymore


    I still like Laimbeers work with and rave reviews for his work with Love, Darko, and Beasley.  I think with Monroe being the future it makes sense on that note.  And all Laimbeer does is win.  He’s got the “do anything to win” attitude you want young players to be around IMO.

    • Jun 14, 20119:35 pm
      by kagiso edwards


      Amen … and winning 3 WNBA titles as  a head coach in 6 years … proves the man has some fire and smarts .. Coaching the ladies is in some ways tougher than the men .. Since they are more sensitive to criticism .. it shows Bill knows how to be diplomatic ..

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