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Pistons could trade down with Rockets or maybe Bobcats

Chad Ford of ESPN revisited the possibility of trading down from No. 8 to get Houston’s 14th and 23rd picks, and he makes it sounds like a real offer, not just a possibility:

The Pistons, Bobcats, Bucks and Warriors are getting flooded with calls from teams looking to move into that range.

Among the teams that have made calls? The Rockets (who are offering picks Nos. 14 and 23), the Pacers (No. 15 and Brandon Rush), the Knicks (No. 17 and Toney Douglas) and the Spurs (George Hill).

The Pistons are seriously considering the Rockets’ offer — especially if Kawhi Leonard and Tristan Thompson are off the board. The target at No. 14?
Markieff Morris. Morris wowed the Pistons in a big workout Tuesday, and they feel he could still be on the board there.

Ford doesn’t mention the Pistons specifically in this next excerpt, but I wonder if they could get involved:

The Bobcats are in the most interesting situation. They are trying to package picks Nos. 9 and 19 to move up a few spots to get a shot at drafting Leonard.

Obviously, 9 and 19 are more appealing than 14 and 23. The Pistons, or someone, has been posturing that they like Kawhi Leonard. If they don’t, or at least not more than another player available when the No. 8 pick comes up, could the Pistons get another pick for dropping back one spot? That sounds pretty appealing to me.


  • Jun 22, 20118:37 pm
    by Hassan Shah


    1) Draft Kawhi Leonard
    2) Trade for Bobcats’ 9th and 19th
    3) Draft Bismack Biyombo at 9th and Kenneth Faried at 19th
    4) ???
    5) REBOUNDS!!!

    • Jun 22, 201110:13 pm
      by Laser


      i like ‘em both (laser loves him some kenneth faried), but there’s no way the pistons draft both biyombo and faried. not smart or possible.

  • Jun 22, 20118:41 pm
    by rob


    Maybe sounds like this Kawhi ”promise” could be Joe’s bluff to the Bobcats. Make them think you will take him at 8, unless they give up 9 and 19.

    That would be too perfect. We’d get the very next pick to take whoever wanted anyways, plus 19.

  • Jun 22, 20118:50 pm
    by junior


    i agree with u rob that would be a heist if i ever saw one go joe d lets hope thats what hes gonna get done. id take 9th marcus 19th markieff if hes there if not get vucevic from usc

  • Jun 22, 20119:11 pm
    by Aruna


    Imagine if Joe managed to trade Leonard to the Bobcats, and the guy the Rockets want is still on the board.  We then trade the 9th pick for 14 and 23.  What do you do with the 14th, 19th and 23rd?

    • Jun 22, 201110:14 pm
      by Laser


      well wouldn’t that just be a dream come true?

    • Jun 23, 20112:08 am
      by danny


      You draft 3 mediocre players instead of 1 or 2.

      • Jun 23, 20117:46 am
        by tarsier


        True, but it would still be a killer draft performance even if it doesn’t alter the franchise’s fortunes overly much.
        My personal opinion: if Rockets, Cats, Pacers, or whoever is really interested in Detroit’s pick, explore a scenario where Detroit gets another first rounder next year in what should be a relatively loaded draft.

  • Jun 22, 20119:34 pm
    by MrHappyMushroom


    Kee-rist, JOD, take one of these.  I can’t see getting out of this draft without any sort of size.  The Pistons have some 3 options, but absolutely no one with any future to play effectively alongside Greg Monroe.
    Mark my words–there’s a decent chance that Biyombo, Thompson, or Valanciumas will be available at 14.  And if not, Faried will be.  Any one of those guys has the potential (so the experts say) to be anything from a decent big to a standout.  And then there will be two more picks out of the next twenty to find another piece of the puzzle.
    If JOD is playing it cool and extorting max value, I love him.
    If he’s a) playing it too cool and ends up missing out, or b) drafts someone at 8 who ends up not being a stellar contributor, I do not love him.

    • Jun 22, 201110:16 pm
      by Laser


      yeah, i think you touched on the safety net here: faried’s going to be there at 14, even if nobody else we want is. he’d be a hell of a guy to put next to monroe. then pick up a wing and a point with our late 1st and early 2nd rounders.

      • Jun 23, 20117:54 am
        by tarsier


        besides, if you also include the Morris twins with Thompson and Biyombo (not including Valanciunas because there is no way he falls that far), it’s almost certain one doesn’t have to fall on the safety net of Faried, who could still be there at 23. And heck, if not, and the Pistons still really wanted him a lot more than say Darius Morris or someone, 23 and 32 could probably be packaged to move up a couple spots.
        The downside of ending up with two late first rounders plus the 32 pick would be a simple lack of roster space. Which is why it comes down to whether the right guy is there and if not, seeing about a future pick wouldn’t be a bad idea.

  • Jun 22, 201110:29 pm
    by Ryan


    Draft a 6’7 rebounder in Faried?

    I’ll pass.

    • Jun 22, 201110:51 pm
      by gmehl1977


      Dennis Rodman is 6’7. It’s about heart not height my friend!

      • Jun 23, 20114:52 am
        by Jason


        That’s your comparison? The biggest freak of nature in professional sports history?? Rodman was a once in a lifetime talent, – he should never be compared to other players.. NO ONE will ever compare to his abilities. Rodman could guard anyone on the floor, at any time.. PG to Center, it didn’t matter. i agree though that it’s definitely about heart – not size, but size surely helps quite a bit!!

        • Jun 23, 20115:44 am
          by oats


          Rebounding is a factor of size, athleticism, desire, and basketball IQ. You want a different comparison, then Charles Barkley is only 6′ 5″ and is not the freakish athlete of Rodman. How about the fact that Kenneth Faried actually has a 9′ standing reach. Kevin Love only has an 8′ 10″ standing reach, and is not the most athletically gifted player in the world. I don’t mean to imply he will have Kevin Love or Charles Barkley type numbers, I’m just saying it is theoretically possible that he can rebound effectively in the NBA. Add to that the fact that rebounding is a stat that tends to translate quite well from college to the pros, and I’d say there is good reason to think Faried can rebound well as a shorter player.

        • Jun 23, 20117:21 am
          by gmehl1977


          I was only using his height as a comparison not the type of player Rodman was. The point i was trying make was that you don’t have to be 7’2 to be a good rebounder. Rebounding is a combination of heart, positioning, anticipation, basketball IQ and athleticism. Size is a factor to a certain extent but it’s not the be all end all. I mean Rondo cleans the glass pretty good for the Celtics and his like 6’1 but he wants the ball so bad he puts bigger guys like Villanueva to shame.

          • Jun 23, 20117:58 am
            by tarsier

            Agreed. No reason to expect Faried to be a Rodman, Barkley, or Love. But don’t knock him too much for being 6’7″. Height is far from everything, and let’s face it, players in this draft will have flaws. Size is one of the least bad ones to have.

  • Jun 23, 201112:13 am
    by king


    i like the trade with the rockets because both of my top players will be there at those picks in Donatas motiejuans and MI pg darius morris i think donatas and greg monroe will play well together he is a great scorer altho i dont think he is the next dirk their style of play is more or less the same if he works on his D he can be a very good pick up at 14 and morris is a leader and a willing passer two things stuckey is not and i like stuckey i think if he works on his mid and long range shots he can be a good SG but he is no PG morris fits what we need at that position and i can see him AVG 15 and 7 at least

    • Jun 23, 20118:00 am
      by tarsier


      It is hard to see the Pistons drafting Montejunas. It might not be fair to him, but he is basically seen as a Bargnani/Villanueva type, which addresses none of the Pistons needs.

  • Jun 23, 201110:38 am
    by BIG MARV


    If they get in the bobcats deal that wouldn’t be bad but it looks like the cats wanna get into the top 5, so I don’t see det no 8 pick being so hot to trade unless they draft a player at no 8 that the bobcats want. The rockets deal is cool but you starting to hit mediocre at no 14, look at who we drafted in the teens-20′s Austin daye, Tayshawn Prince, Rodney Stuckey none of these guys was/are all-stars or cant even carry a team no thanks ill roll the dice and keep the 8th pick

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