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Markieff Morris won the Pistons’ workout today, could be in play at No. 8

Markieff Morris outperformed Bismack Biyombo, Tristan Thompson and a a few potential second-round picks in their workout with the Pistons today, according to Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press:

Here’s a from what I’m hearing: 1. Markieff; 2. Thompson and Biyombo. 4. Benson. 5. Vernon Macklin. 6. Jordan Williams. #Pistons.

A couple more writers confirm. Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News:

Source: Markieff Morris may have put himself in the mix for the No. 8 pick with the #Pistons with his workout today

Chad Ford of ESPN:

Yep RT @vgoodwill: Source: Markieff Morris may have put himself in the mix for the No. 8 pick with the #Pistons with his workout today

Yikes. I like Markieff Morris reasonably well, but No. 8 seems way too high for him. I hope the Pistons remember today’s workout is just one part of an overall body of work, a body of work that includes a paltry grade on John Hollinger’s draft rater:

At the back end, two players who rate surprisingly weak are Marcus and Markieff Morris of Kansas. Historically, big men who rate between 10 and 11 are career backups. Of the 23 who did so, only David Lee became a star; five others became top-eight rotation players, and the rest were bench filler or didn’t make the league at all. Based on that information, they’re late first- or early second-round selections. On my board, I have the Morrises ahead of the other players in the 10-12 range, but it’s tough to justify putting them ahead of similarly rated perimeter players

Also, if Jordan Williams let Vernon Macklin outplay him, that doesn’t bode well for Williams becoming the Pistons’ second-round pick.


  • Jun 21, 20116:08 pm
    by tarsier


    If Dumars wants Markieff Morris, there is no reason not to pursue the 8 for 14/23 trade with the Rockets. However, I would still rather go after Leonard or Biyombo (assuming Valanciunas is gone). I would also be happy with exploring a deal where this year’s pick is traded for a pick next year in what should be a much more loaded draft (maybe with Cleveland; do they and Minny still want the 2 for 4/8 deal? if so, Cavs might think their team with Irving and Williams in tow will be good enough to give up their pick next year with just top 5 or so protection).

    • Jun 21, 20116:16 pm
      by Scott


      My thoughts exactly! Trade with Houston and we could get Markieff at #14 and go for perhaps a true point gaurd at #23 like maybe Darius Morris.

  • Jun 21, 20116:32 pm
    by Mike


    I dont buy it. Who are these sources, scouts? Markieff Morris’s agent? I know info has a way of leaking, but the Pistons workouts aren’t open to the media and lately there have been reports all over the place from a promise to Leonard to Markieff being the top choice… seems like a lot of speculation or a smokescreen.

  • Jun 21, 20116:37 pm
    by @DetroitBuckets


    I’ve been screaming for Markieff for months now. He’s by far my top choice at 8. But would prefer to trade down at take him at 14 and get an extra pick out of it. And I don’t see how Markieff seems outlandish at 8 considering all the other guys that are currently in the mix. IMO he’s the most complete player available. Plays both sides of the floor, rebounds blocks and can score down low or take it outside. Good size and a physical player aswell. And as he wasn’t needed to be the lead guy at Kansas, he still has lots of untapped upside. He’s the player with the least amount of faults and just happens to play a position we have a need for. Kemba’s too short and not a real PG. Biyombo is a complete zero on offense. Jonas is years away. Leonard and Thompson are a bit more on the safe side by neither really inspire me. I’m thrilled by todays news of Markieffs performance and hope it leads to us taking him … but realize it’s still a longshot.

    • Jun 21, 20118:01 pm
      by tarsier


      You think Leonard is more of a “safe, low ceiling” pick than Markieff? I mean, I get the appeal of Markieff. You know exactly what you are getting and it will be decent. But he is the guy with almost no upside, just a reasonably good floor.

      • Jun 21, 20119:03 pm
        by @DetroitBuckets


        I don’t view Markieff as a one of these ‘he is who he is’ kind of players. I think he has tons of upside. I think his potential is severely misjudged because he played on a very deep Kansas team that typically plays team ball where everyone contributes and no one is the stand out numero uno. ‘Keef nearly doubled his output this last season because he was finally asked to do more with the loss of Cole Aldrich. But he still played a lowly 24 minutes per. On a per 40 basis only 2 players in this draft (Jordan Williams and Faried) had more rebounds a game. And on offense he’s just now starting to truly develop a post game based on more than one go to move. I think he’ll eventually be an 18 & 10 guy. A poor mans Lamarcus Alrdige, with a far better outside shot and grittier inside defensively.
        Leonard to me is nothing but a 6’6″ SF with very limited skills other than tenacity and hustle. He’s an energy guy. He’ll become better defensively and will always be a solid rebounder. But is he ever going to be a legit shooter/scorer? He projects to me as nothing more than a backup SF. A definite place for him in the NBA. A player who can absolutely contribute. But despite all that, he doesn’t fill a need for us. None at all. Daye and Jonas have the SF position locked down.

        • Jun 22, 201112:11 pm
          by tarsier


          Fair enough points. I disagree on Markieff’s upside, but I can see how you got there. But about need, Daye and JJ are well below average for starters. Also, Daye looks just as promising at the 2 and Jonas just as much at the 4. SF is no more a position of need than just about any other. But let’s face it: for this team every position is a position of need. Even SG, because while it is suitably manned for the short term, the Pistons won’t get to contention with Rip or BG as the starting 2. SO when thinking about needs, we really need to consider where we have players that would constitute a good core in the future, namely Monroe and maybe Stuckey, And both of them are 2 position players.

  • Jun 21, 20116:58 pm
    by vic


    was it a 5 on 5 workout?

  • Jun 21, 20118:51 pm
    by sop


    This is more smoke and mirrors mostly to throw other teams off of Thompson and Biyombo.

    • Jun 22, 201112:14 pm
      by tarsier


      Biyombo, sure. He is a high risk-high reward guy who would give the Pistons some things they really need. Thompson–I don’t really see how he is any different than Markieff. A safe, solid backup.

  • Jun 21, 20119:18 pm
    by Regan


    Ugh no.
    Markieff is guransheed to be a career backup.

  • Jun 21, 20119:42 pm
    by I can't take it anymore


    You know who had a workout that would crush any of these work outs?
    I hope they see the big picture.

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