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Lawrence Frank “blew the Pistons away” in his interview

Ryan Wolstat of the Toronto Sun (hat tip: I am a GM):

the word out of Detroit is Frank, the other finalist in Toronto, "blew the Pistons away" in his interview on Wednesday.

That’s certainly interesting, but I wonder how reliable it is. Does Wolstat, a Toronto reporter, have sources with knowledge of the Pistons’ plans? It wouldn’t surprise me if that info came from Frank himself.

It also wouldn’t surprise me if that info is true. Frank is a good coach.


  • Jun 18, 20112:24 pm
    by omar


    detroit please sign lawrence frank!!! he is a smart young coach and a smart defense minded coach!!!

  • Jun 18, 20114:16 pm
    by danny


    I said from the start, Frank was the best option of those rumored. Sway Jeff Van Gundy, or make this happen Joe.

  • Jun 18, 20114:29 pm
    by Quin


    Oh no.  Please no.  He’s another dude that gets no respect from players.  “Hey, I know … They don’t respect Kuester, so let’s hire a kid!”

  • Jun 18, 20114:36 pm
    by Scott


    I fully support this choice. Frank is a young proven winner who’s defensive-minded and will be a great addition to our rebuilding franchise. Make this happen Joe.

    • Jun 18, 20117:06 pm
      by Reaction


      How is he a proven winner? He never even played HS basketball. He coached the Nets to terrible records… below 50% winning over his entire career and he had Vince (when he was in his prime) for part of it.. I’m not so confident he is the best choice. Boston was great because they have Doc Rivers & a stack team of all stars and superstars..

      • Jun 19, 20111:12 am
        by Scott


        How is he a proven winner? You obviously didnt watch him during his EARLIER New Jersey days. Heres a quick history lesson for you: In late January 2004, Frank replaced then-coach Byron Scott. And from there…………THEY PROCEEDED TO WIN THEIR NEXT 13 F’N GAMES IN A ROW!!! His tenure would also include 4 straight Net appearances in the post-season. Now don’t get me wrong, there are obviously some other worthy candidates out there, but Frank has had my top vote for a while now. Trust me, he’ll do great with us.

        • Jun 19, 20119:18 am
          by Reaction


          So you are solely basing this on a 13 game streak? lmao Listen He proceeded to fail horribly the next like I don;t know 6 seasons he was there. Also of the 4 straight Net appearances in the post-season they made it past the first round ONCE. THEN they got swept. Either that or they got swept every time in the first round. HE IS NO WHERE NEAR A PROVEN WINNER. Don’t get your hopes up and start convincing yourself he is one.

          • Jun 19, 20113:13 pm
            by Scott

            Ok, so who do YOU think we should hire since you seem to know so much about who IS or ISNT qualified??

          • Jun 23, 20119:03 am
            by Scott

            Tell you what, the second you can recommend a better candidate(and WHY??) to me, then I’ll start taking you seriously.

  • Jun 18, 20116:01 pm
    by jprime18


    I will back whoever Joe hires. Anyone is an upgrade over Curry/Kuester.

    • Jun 19, 20113:47 pm
      by Scott


      Not speaking for everyone, but above all else I just want someone who will be in for the LONG haul. Not just someone who will be out after couple years cuz I’m getting dead sick of this coaching carousel we been having.

  • Jun 18, 20118:03 pm
    by Ryan


    This is an upgrade…but not much.

    When things start going south they’re not going to give this guy the time of day.

  • Jun 18, 20118:14 pm
    by liljune


    So Let me see if i’m understanding this. Frank had a 68-112 record in the last 3 years and went 0-16 before he was released in the ’09-2010 season. Okayy. So now he is the right man to put Stuckey, Hamilton and Prince (should he return) in check when or if they go to the twilight zone again. Riiiiight. Plus he’s going to bring that tough Pistons defense back to the D. Well Alrighty then. All i can say about that is this. 

    “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” - George Santayana

    • Jun 18, 20119:23 pm
      by Joe Dumars


      You must not have a clue why Franks team when 0-16 in his last year. Their owner wanted to sell the team, and told the team to have a fire sale. They pretty much gutted all their talent, and Frank was the scapegoat.

  • Jun 18, 20118:47 pm
    by Travis


    You don’t have to be a player to coach. I don’t believe that at all. Some people are just brilliant coaching minds without the body type or coordination to play. He’s a young option to keep with the team while they rebuild. And there’s no way he can be blamed for the 0-16 start when that team was talent less.

  • Jun 18, 20118:55 pm
    by liljune


    Now let us see how Bill Laimbeer did in his last 3 years as a “Head” coach shall we?
    From 2006-2008 Laimbeer compiled a 69-33 record. Is that all you say? Well the WNBA only plays 34 games in a season. In his tenure as “head” coach he won 4 conference championships and 3 finals championships. How tough is Bill? Now that question is just down right rhetorical; don’t need “no” answer. But the Shock were women you say? Yeah but those women were champions too!; the dynasty of the 2000′s. How many coaches have taken their teams from “worst to first” that resulted in a championship in one year? Well i don’t know the names of the others but i know the name of one; the Baddest Boy of them all Bill Laimbeer!!!

    “Seize every opportunity along the way, for how sad it would be if the road you chose became the road not taken.” ~ Robert Brault

    “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work. ” ~ Thomas Edison

    • Jun 19, 20113:09 am
      by Jason


      How many coaches have taken their teams from “worst to first” that resulted in a championship in one year? Well i don’t know the names of the others but i know the name of one; the Baddest Boy of them all Bill Laimbeer!!!

      It’s never happened before in the history of ALL professional sports, nonetheless for a first year coach..  I can’t believe how many people dismiss it, just because it was the WNBA. The success came from Laimbeer’s ability to coach a team of talented players, bringin out the best of them with defensive minded play, and dominance from their YOUNG bigs. With Monroe, and the likeliness of drafting a young PF/C in this years draft, IMO there’s no better man for the job then Laimbeer.
      No differently then the last “Coach Dreams” post about Tom Izzo, Laimbeer too would immediately bring hope back to the Pistons, just being his legendary status in the Palace. He would be a great move, he would demand respect – being he was successful with the Pistons, and would be able to gain experience as this team rebuilds. Most importantly, he’ll be a great coach to help better the young bigs we’ll have on the roster. At this point i really don’t care if people say he’ s not ready, i just think that now is the time to roll the dice on Laimbeer.
      It’s worth noting, I don’t think Frank would be a bad option for the Pistons. I think he is a good coach for sure, I just happen the idea of bringing in a Pistons legend more. The idea that argument that “If he wasn’t a Piston legend, then the fans wouldn’t want him..” is moot, mainly because that’s one of the MAIN reasons i DO want Laimbeer. It’s a huge selling point, and I think it would be a huge boost to the moral of a franchise that has went from the top, to the bottom so quickly in recent years..
      Just my 2 pennies..

  • Jun 18, 20119:00 pm
    by balooga999


    No winning coach is going to join the Pistons…Jackson, Adelman, Sloan…..they don’t want to come to such bad situation; even Van Gundy is not going to leave his cushy job at ESPN for this. The Pistons job isn’t the glamour job it used to be…management will have to roll the dice on someone. Not necessarily saying it should be Frank but whoever it is will have blemishes.

  • Jun 18, 20119:09 pm
    by liljune


    So the former coach of the Nets had no hand in the 0-16 start? Or the previous two losing seasons before that? Well in that case if he can mold the Pistons into a team that used to make other teams shudder when they walked into the Palace, i say bring on Frank!!! However if he is not the man for the job:
    If your strength is small, don’t carry heavy burdens. If your words are worthless, don’t give advice.Chinese Proverbs

  • Jun 18, 20119:36 pm
    by gmehl1977


    Hey can you come up with own stuff or do you have to quote everyone else? It hope you know it doesn’t make you smart because you can remember fancy quotes. Woodson will be the pistons  next head coach ‘and you can write that one down’ ~ Rasheed Wallace biatch

    • Jun 18, 201110:23 pm
      by rob


      I hope you know acting like you have inside info on what the Pistons will do, guaranteeing who will be the next coach, doesn’t make you look smart either. 

      • Jun 19, 20112:47 am
        by gmehl1977


        I wasn’t trying to come off smart i was just trying to be sarcastic. I just think it is ridiculous to give a quote after every post you make.

  • Jun 18, 201110:52 pm
    by liljune


    You sir are certainly entitled to your opinion as i am of mine. As far as the name calling let me reply with this, God bless you. I am sure you are a passionate fan as i am. I have been following the Pistons since 1970 and truly want to see them succeed. I happen to think Bill Laimbeer is the right man for the job. I could be wrong and if i am it won’t be the first time. Here is a quote from me.

    Never give up on your life long dream
    Seize it believe it achieve it
    Dare to dream the impossible dream
    Heed it feed it then reach it

    I apologize. This is the best quote i could come up with with my somewhat limited intelligence.

    • Jun 18, 201111:52 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      I like the quotes. Classes the joint up around here.

    • Jun 19, 20112:46 am
      by gmehl1977


      Yes you are entitled to your opinion. I was just questioning the fact that you have to give a quote after all your posts. That will get old here very quickly!

  • Jun 18, 201111:56 pm
    by Pratik


    I’m excited to hear about what Kelvin Sampson has to offer. Frank would be a good fit in Toronto, doesn’t have a strong enough personality to lead the Detroit Pistons, who need someone they can look up to and count on to deliver in tough times during the season. I think Bill Laimbeer would be a great Assistant under either Kelvin Sampson or Mike Woodson. Those two are my top choices though. However, Joe Dumars wants to get this one right, and will take his time. I think we will know after the draft is through.

  • Jun 19, 20112:39 am
    by gmehl1977


    I wasn’t trying to come off smart i was trying to be sarcastic. I just think it is ridiculous to give a quote after every post you make.

  • Jun 19, 20118:31 am
    by detroitpcb


    (Comment deleted for being off topic)

  • Jun 19, 20119:19 am
    by Reaction


    Hey guys getting a 13 game streak at the very beginning of your career and then blowing it up and losing more games than you win means you are still a PROVEN WINNER LOL

  • Jun 19, 201112:21 pm
    by Michigan Sports


    Give me a Dwyane Casey-Bill Laimbeer coaching combo and I’ll be ecstatic!

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