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Joe Dumars has three years to get the Detroit Pistons on track

Chad Ford of ESPN:

Not only has Gores given strong support to Dumars, but he’s not pressuring Dumars to take shortcuts. Dumars is going to have the green light to build the team the right way over the next three years.

Ford also analyzes the main targets the Pistons are eying in the draft:

Most of the guys they are looking at are bigs — Jan Vesely, Jonas Valanciunas, Bismack Biyombo and Tristan Thompson. The one lone name that’s a guard is that of Kemba Walker.

Who would Joe D take?

Dumars likes winners and if Kemba Walker fell that far (a big if) he’d be seriously in the mix despite the fact that point guard isn’t a pressing need for the Pistons.

Apparently, Dumars has changed his travel plans:

Dumars has already been to Europe to scout both Valanciunas and Vesely. Two key members of the Pistons’ staff — Scott Perry and George David — will travel to Spain later this week to check out Biyombo in Valencia, Spain. However, thanks to an ongoing coaching search, Dumars won’t be joining the rest of his staff on the trip.


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  • Jun 7, 20115:25 pm
    by rob


    I like hearing that Joe is coming back early. That means he is going to get down to business on the coaching situation.

  • Jun 7, 20115:51 pm
    by Alan


    If Dumars isn’t going to Spain to interview Biyombo, chances are he’s comfortable with what he’s already seen/heard.  Unless Perry comes back and redlights this pick, Biyombo is at the top of the Pistons board (of those likely to be around).  I cannot see Dumars selecting Walker.  He’s basically Ben Gordon 2.0, only not as talented.

    • Jun 8, 20116:32 am
      by rob


      I think the exact opposite. He hasnt even seen the kid in person yet. IMO, this means he isnt drafting him. He’s not going to draft some unknown kid from the Congo with question about his age, without even seeing him in person once.

      Maybe as a last resort, he would trust Perry’s opinion, but if he was really interested it would’ve been top priority. i think he’s got other players in mind.

  • Jun 7, 20117:02 pm
    by steve


    i disagree, walker should not be compared to ben gordon…

  • Jun 8, 201112:31 am
    by Laser


    1) very glad to see dumars isn’t going to europe. i know the draft is important, but i was uneasy about him making this trip with the coaching situation in limbo. there isn’t that much time before the current CBA expires, and there’s a lot of work to do. hire a coach, get on the phone and start making some trades. he doesn’t need to go to europe.
    2) three years is a fair window for anyone to turn any franchise around. in fact, that’s the window i personally allowed dumars before losing faith in him. it took exactly three years to bring us from perennial contenders to a perennial lottery team, so that should be more than enough time to right the ship. dude can’t complain, since he’s essentially been given a clean slate. it’s more time than i would ever have given the guy, given that (A) his first attempt at a rebuild crippled the franchise, and (B) three more years equals the length of all the contracts we’ve got on the roster. for that reason, it’ll be no accomplishment whatsoever to get this team right in three years. that makes it kind of a smart window to give the guy, since even the biggest dumars supporter of all time couldn’t keep a straight face while making excuses for him if he fails.
    3) really, REALLY hope it’s a blank check situation, and it sort of seems like it from this report, right? even though i have no faith in joe dumars, i’d rather my GM have free reign. let the team be his, let him sink or swim on his own decisions, and there’s no room for more damn excuses. whether joe fails or succeeds, everybody who gives a damn about accountability wins.

  • Jun 8, 201111:40 am
    by Travis


    You would have to hope/think that if we draft kemba we are moving on from rip, gordon or stuckey to give him a chance to play. But I don’t see him getting past the Kings,Jazz, or Raptors.

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