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How do you grade the Pistons for drafting Vernon Macklin?


  • Jun 27, 20118:38 pm
    by neutes


    because how can you hate on a 52nd pick? and if you can, what’s the point?

  • Jun 27, 20118:49 pm
    by Andre


    I don’t know enough about him at this point.  I watched youtube clips but that don’t tell the entire picture about his basketball career.  He need more than a jump hook to make it in the NBA so we will see.
    I give him a C from what I have seen so far but who knows until he get some playing time at the PRO level.

  • Jun 27, 20119:50 pm
    by George A Jensen


    It sounds like Joe expects the guy to make immediately make the roster, which is going to be a rarity from 2011 2nd rounders.  If he’s capable of playing center, he could be third on the depth chart behind Monroe and Ben.

  • Jun 27, 201111:31 pm
    by Laser


    yeah i don’t know how most anyone could judge this pick right now. maybe if you followed his college career closely (and how many of us have?). if the pistons say he was able to hang against some of the top picks in the draft, they probably got a good one. i like the idea of drafting second rounders they think can contribute right away. seniors (fifth year seniors, in some cases) or not, they’ve got experience. if they’re likely to make the roster, god bless em.

  • Jun 28, 201112:11 am
    by jake


    i just know he’s one big mufugga hahaha

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