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Greg Monroe on Patrick Ewing: “Can’t go wrong with a Hoya”

Matt Watson of Detroit Bad Boys killed it covering the Pistons’ press conference introducing Brandon Knight, Kyle Singler and Vernon Macklin Saturday. Matt also caught up with Greg Monroe and got his opinions on the lockout, last season’s drama and his thoughts on his new teammates. Monroe also sang the praises of surprise Pistons head coaching candidate Patrick Ewing:

But when I asked about the recent report that Patrick Ewing was being considered, Monroe’s eyes lit up, perhaps revealing he does have a favorite after all. “He’s a Hoya! Can’t go wrong with a Hoya,” he said while laughing. “He was obviously a great player. He’s been an assistant coach for a few years now, and just watching the development of Dwight Howard as he’s worked with him over the past couple of years — Dwight Howard already had a lot of talent, but you see how much more he’s grown after he’s been working with Pat.

“Big Pat — we call him Big Pat — is a great guy, he knows the game, he played the game so he understands what it takes to be successful at the highest level.”

Here are Watson’s other posts from Saturday, one discussing Knight’s fit with how the Pistons want to play and the other with Joe Dumars giving thoughts on the coaching search.


  • Jun 27, 20119:43 am
    by rob


    Monroes comments make it interesting, but Rob Parker said last night, Ewing had a good interview but isnt going to be hired.

    Woody Woodriff

    • Jun 27, 20119:44 am
      by rob


      Woody Woodriff said expect Joe to ramp up the search this week

  • Jun 27, 201112:09 pm
    by Tony


    Joe’s always reaching in his coaching hires.  Keep it simple and pick one of the younger asst head coaches out there deserving a chance, how about Reggie Theus?  He did a better job with the Kings than the current coach has with 2 lottery picks!  Theus also turned around New Mexico in a short while and that’s only if Joe D won’t give Laimbeer a shot another candidate I feel would be a great coach for the Pistons.  Woodson would be the political choice, but a bunch of iso plays didn’t exactly go over so great come playoff time in Atlanta did it?  Frank…..are you serious?  With Laimbeer alone Pistons faithful will pack the Palace after what he did for the Shock.

  • Jun 27, 201112:15 pm
    by Tony


     The Lakers won’t hire Kareem & the Knicks won’t hire Ewing……what’s that about?  I know Laimbeer didn’t burn bridges in Detroit, he’s too appreciated there so what’s the hesitation by Joe to give him a chance after having given Curry & Kuester chances.

  • Jun 27, 20112:30 pm
    by L Boogie


    Laimbeer as Coach and Woody Woodpecker as an assistant; hell he is not working, and bring Larry Brown back as an assistant to teach fundamentals again, and install a Defense worthy of getting back to the times when Detroit held opponents under 90 points a game. We need toughness, we need leadership, why should Detroit be the place of giving every assistant around the league or former player a chance to coach. Lets go Joe make a choice.

    • Jun 27, 20114:49 pm
      by Dan Feldman


      What difference does it make whether Dumars hires a coach today or in three weeks?

  • Jun 27, 201110:00 pm
    by Jason


    Laimbeer Head coach – Adrian Dantley Assistant coach – Rick Mahorn – 2nd assistant coach..

    That’s a coaching staff that would turn this team around in a hurry…

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