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Fixing the Pistons’ weaknesses

I wrote about how the Eastern Conference’s lottery teams can address their weaknesses this offseason for Basketball Prospectus. Here’s my take on on the Pistons:

Statistical weakness: Defensive effective field-goal percentage (30th)
Weakest positions: PF, C

The Pistons want another big to complement Greg Monroe. Monroe can play both power and center, and since power forwards are easier to find, odds are Detroit will find a desirable power forward and keep Monroe at center.

His ideal frontcourt-mate is athletic and can protect the rim. Bismack Biyombo, although flawed, would certainly fill a need with the eighth pick.

Tayshaun Prince will be a free agent and after a productive year on the court and a miserable year off it, there’s a good chance Prince will get compelling offers elsewhere and take one. A sign-and-trade for Chris Kaman makes some sense if Prince, a Compton native, wants to play near his home.

If Prince leaves, the Pistons would need to add a small forward, unless they want to depend on just Jonas Jerebko (whom they might need more at power forward) and Austin Daye (who might be better at shooting guard). Detroit could target Jan Vesely or Kawhi Leonard in the draft or Andrei Kirilenko in free agency. Any of those three should help defensively immediately.

Tom Haberstroh had the same same assignment for ESPN. Here’s his take on the Pistons:

Statistical weakness: Opponent shooting (30th)

Weakest positions: SF, PF

First, find a coach who can implement something that resembles a defensive system. Second, make sure GM Joe Dumars doesn’t hand out A-list contracts to C-list players. Third, build around Greg Monroe, not the guys making eight-figure salaries next season and beyond.

Now that Tayshaun Prince has hit free agency, the Pistons can hand the keys to Austin Daye at the 3 and hope Charlie Villanueva dedicates himself to playing better defense and hitting the boards like a normal power forward. Neither scenario is all that promising, but the Pistons are in a tough spot. They basically drove Rip Hamilton’s value into the ground by benching him last season, and they’re paying Ben Gordon $37 million over the next three seasons. The Pistons could part ways with Rodney Stuckey (who is a restricted free agent), which would open up the door to draft a point guard like Kemba Walker at No. 8, or they could nab Bismack Biyombo, which would do wonders for that paltry defense down the line.


  • Jun 17, 20116:13 pm
    by Scott


    I agree. I’ve narrowed my selections down to either Kemba Walker or Bismack Biyombo as our choice at #8.

    • Jun 17, 20118:33 pm
      by Reaction


      couldn’t agree more.. if we can get both somehow i would be so happy(trade somehow)

  • Jun 17, 20116:52 pm
    by vic


    kemba and kahwi are great, but if only choosing 1 i’d choose Biyombo…
    giving charlie V another year to prove himself in the paint is the definition of insanity
    depending on charlie v to protect the paint and rebound will have you 30th in the league in rebounds, blocked shots, and defensive fg% (DEAD last in all 3)
    cv could be a wonderful small  forward, so could jerebko. they could just be 3s if they want to play like 3s… the old “square peg in square hole” adage appliesy
    daye could fill some minutes at SF, though i agree he’s more of a 2
    there are other options for smart SFs and passing PGs in the later rounds of the draft – Darius Morris, Norris Cole, Deandre Liggins (sf), Isaiah Thomas, Julyan stone.
    however the only other potential defensive superstar (our biggest need) is Kenneth Faried… and we are not in his projected range
    so in my opinion, its gotta be Biyombo

  • Jun 17, 20119:23 pm
    by RussellC


    you mean you can’t package Charlie V, Gordon, Daye, and Hamilton and turn them into two more decent number ones? They don’t have to be top ten picks to get some combination of Fareid, Singleton, Biyombo and that big USC center. Get creative Joe and build a team people will want to see. You would still have some scorers left as well as a hell of defensive and rebounding team


  • Jun 18, 201112:04 am
    by Swamp


    no no no this Biyombo character is an project all the way, The better of the two Morris brother out of kentucky or Jajuan Johnson out of Purdue his is an secound Kevin Garnet will block shot, 15 foot jumper and run the floor.

  • Jun 18, 20118:09 am
    by Gregoire


    I think the most important thing is to get rid of Rip Hamilton. Tayshaun won´t be a Piston next Season and then we´ll finaly have the Chance to rebuild. It would be stupid to not resign Stuckey and hope that Knight or Walker would be better…they are both no true Point Guards an d you saw how productive Stuckey can be at the end of the Season. Give Stuckey his 6 Milllion and draft for a BIG. I think the choice should come down to Biyombo vs. Valanciunas. With one of those two next to Monroe, Stuckey and Gordon in the Backcourt, Bynum and Villanueva of the Bench and Jerebko and Daye improving it would be a Solid foundation. The need at Small Forward could be fied with the 33th Pick.

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