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Detroit Pistons Draft Dreams: Charles Jenkins

One of my favorite players in this draft, point guard Reggie Jackson, has dipped into the second round in many mock drafts. Another big point guard who the Pistons could find themselves with a chance at with their first second rounder is Hofstra’s Charles Jenkins.


Measurables: 6-foot-3, 220 pounds senior PG from Hofstra

Key stats: 22.6 points, 4.8 assists, 3.4 rebounds per game while shooting 52 percent from the field and 42 percent from 3-point range

Projected: Late first/early second round

How would he help the Pistons?

My infatuation with Jackson had to do with his incredible shooting numbers. Like Jackson, Jenkins, as a point guard, is shooting over 50 percent from the field and 40 percent from three. That’s pretty remarkable for any college guard.

On top of that, Jenkins is a four-year player with size. Joe Dumars likes big point guards, and at 6-foot-3, Jenkins fits that mold. Jenkins was a do-it-all player for Hofstra, hit clutch shots and, although it’s a mid-major school, they do play touch competition as they are in the same league as Virginia Commonwealth.

Rodney Stuckey seems a likely bet to be back in Detroit, but he’s done little to prove he’s the long-term answer at point guard. If Jenkins lasts to the second round, he’d be worthy of serious consideration by Detroit.

How wouldn’t he help the Pistons?

Long-term, I like Jenkins’ prospects if he were to end up in Detroit. Short-term? He might not provide immediate help. As I mentioned, Stuckey is likely to be back, as are Will Bynum and Ben Gordon. It’s not even a foregone conclusion that Rip Hamilton will be able to be moved before a lockout and the team still has Terrico White in the mix.

None of that is to say the Pistons should pass on a player like Jenkins simply because of the roster situation, but adding him would certainly add to a glut while holding up a roster spot that could be more needed in the immediate future elsewhere.

What are others saying?

From DraftExpress:

His nearly 2,500 career points – he’s the active leader in the NCAA – is the mark that garners the most attention from fans and casual observers, but it is the versatility and efficiency in which he gets his offense that draws the intrigue of pro scouts. According to data from Synergy Sports Technology, Jenkins ranks as the second most efficient isolation threat in the NCAA (after Andrew Goudelock), scoring on over 50% of his attempts when going one on one (minimum 50 possessions). He also ranks in the top-10 in pick and roll situations and in the top-25 as a catch and shoot threat.

From ESPN:

I spoke with a number of NBA scouts about him this weekend, and the consensus continues to evolve. Last time I checked, in November, scouts saw him as a possible late-second-round pick. That’s changed. More scouting and perhaps a bit more open-mindedness now has a few scouts conceding that he could sneak into the first round.

“You combine his toughness, shooting ability and efficiency, and I think you can find a spot for a guy like that in the league,” one NBA scout said.

From Sports Illustrated:

As the focal point of the Pride’s offense, he was rarely left unattended — 63.4 percent of his catch-and-shoot opportunities came with a man in his face — yet showed an ability to make tough jumpers. His efficiency on guarded shots off the catch was 1.3898 PPP, which ranked 15th nationally among players with at least 50 such possessions. And while Jenkins shoots right-handed, he can go left off the dribble better than anyone in the draft: He had a national-best efficiency of 1.3261 PPP on left-hand drives, which he did 59 percent of the time.

Hickory High’s Similarity Scores

Here’s a breakdown of how Ian Levy from Hickory High came up with his similarity scores.



  • Jun 15, 20119:28 am
    by Murph


    Charles Jenkins???  You’re kidding, right?

    • Jun 15, 201110:41 am
      by Patrick Hayes


      You watch a lot of Hofstra hoops? How do you know so much about Jenkins to conclusively scoff at him as a potential second round pick?

      • Jun 15, 201111:14 am
        by Murph


        Why would I watch Hofstra hoops?

      • Jun 15, 201112:02 pm
        by Patrick Hayes


        Well, if that’s the case, why would you definitively declare a player you’re not familiar with as a potential bust?

  • Jun 15, 20119:40 am
    by neutes


    I like any player with high efficiencies in college. I’d take Jenkins over a guy like Sheldon Mack anyday. He’s one of my favorite later picks along with Cole and Jimmy Butler.

    • Jun 15, 20119:41 am
      by neutes


      Shelvin. Whatever. Sounds the same.

      • Jun 15, 201110:16 am
        by Murph


        No…I wouldn’t take Shelvin Mack, either. 

        But Charles Jenkins has “Bust” written all over him.

        • Jun 15, 201110:44 am
          by Patrick Hayes


          How does any potential second round pick have “bust” written all over him? Less than a quarter of all second round picks actually pan out anyway. Jenkins shoots way, way better than all but a couple guards in this draft. It’s weird that you’re so against using a second round pick on a player you’ve probably seen very little, if any, of.

          • Jun 15, 201111:39 am
            by Murph

            “Less than a quarter of all second round picks actually pan out anyway.”

            Right.  So against all odds, some 220 lb, combo guard, 5th year senior, from some no-name school is going to work out.   Don’t buy the hype.

            BTW, how’d Jenkins and Hofstra do in the NCAA Tournament?  Oh…that’s right…they didn’t make it.  They did manage to lose to Old Dominion in the Colonial Athletic Association tournament, however.  Geesh.

          • Jun 15, 201112:14 pm
            by Patrick Hayes

            Seriously? I’ve profiled roughly 50 draft prospects and this is the guy you think has “hype” or “high bust potential?”

            I do love your talent evaluation strategy though. “I haven’t heard of this guy, he must suck!”

            Rodney Stuckey was a senior, high scoring combo guard out of a no-name school and he’s become a solid NBA player. The fact is, a lot of really solid players come from mid-major programs. Stockton, Steve Nash, JJ Barea, Jameer Nelson, Delonte West, Eric Maynor, Antonio Daniels, Derek Fisher, etc., all have had nice careers out of mid-majors. Time will tell if Jenkins has that kind of ability, but he had a great college career at a really solid mid-major program.

            And you bagging on the Colonial Athletic Associaion makes you look really dumb. George Mason won that league this season and they were a Final Four team just a few years back. VCU won an at-large bid this season and they made the Final Four. The CAA is one of the top mid-major leagues in the country and Hofstra, led by Jenkins, was a very good team in that league. In fact, they had a win over George Mason this season.

            People a lot smarter than you have scouted Jenkins extensively and he’s on the fringe of the first round. His shooting percentages for a guard — 51 percent FG/42 percent 3-pt/84 percent FT — are fantastic for a Division I guard. He’s big, smart and athletic. I find it funny that you admit to never watching the kid’s team play, you obviously know nothing about the strength of the league he plays in, yet you are some kind of expert on whether or not this kid is going to be a good player? Give me a break.

  • Jun 15, 201111:17 am
    by Faraz


    If we could get him or Reggie Jackson, it’d be awesome. 2nd round picks are not really a risk cuz there is barely any investment. If it pans out, its amazing, and if not, its a few hundred thousand down the drain. Big Whoop

    • Jun 15, 201112:33 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      I’m a huge, huge Reggie Jackson fan, but I’d be shocked if he lasts past the Heat at 31. He’s already better than either of their incumbent point guards.

  • Jun 15, 20113:16 pm
    by Reaction


    I’d be happy with Kemba.. He would make basketball exciting once again in Detroit=] + we really need a pg

  • Jun 15, 20115:03 pm
    by HofstraFan


    (Personal attack removed) The CAA is a top mid major conference that Hofstra finished tied for 2nd with. Look up Jenkins online. He is a stud who was under-recruited. Andy Katz says he would take Charles over Kemba. Bilas says he was the best scorer in the country last year. Look up some videos. The guy is a tank at 6’3 220 and is quick as lightning. Please stop talking. (Personal attack removed)

    • Jun 16, 20114:25 am
      by Murph


      So you people want to draft Charles Jenkins in the 2nd round?  Is that what you’re saying?

      Let’s revisit this pick down the road.  If Jenkins get picked in the 2nd round and turns into a legitimate NBA player, then I’ll be the first to admit I was wrong.

      However, if Jenkins goes undrafted  or if he gets drafted and ends up a journeyman, then you people own me an apology for your petty insults.

      Hayes…do you always insult people you disagree with?  Not very professional of you, is it?  I find you smug and arrogant, and not all that knowledable.

      • Jun 16, 20119:34 am
        by Patrick Hayes


        Here’s the thing Murph. I find what you’ve written very irritating. As I said in another comment, I’ve profiled roughly 50 draft prospects. Me writing about Jenkins, a legitimate prospect who could be on the board when the Pistons pick (he might go earlier, actually) at a position they could use help at (point guard), doesn’t necessarily mean “this is the guy they have to draft.” It’s me doing what I’ve done in every profile: asking why would they draft him and why wouldn’t they draft him?

        Your reaction has been totally disproportionate. And what irritates me, is you freely admit to being ignorant about the player in question — you said you’ve never watched him or his team play, and you obviously didn’t have any idea that the competition in the CAA is actually very good. So yes, I’m going to respond to ignorant comments.

        I welcome good arguments from people who disagree with my views. Bring up an angle I haven’t thought of, use sound statistics to back up your claim, etc. Basically, teach me something I haven’t considered. You haven’t provided a good argument. You’ve provided a really weak argument with no evidence to support what you are saying. If me countering your really weak argument is “insulting you,” then so be it. You should be more insulted by simpleness of your argument itself.

        • Jun 16, 201110:03 am
          by Murph


          I am not ignorant of Jenkins.  I haven’t watched him, but I followed him last season, because I live on the East Coast, and am familiar with Hofstra, and know that Hofstra is not a big basketball school.  It confused me that all the pundits were so high on Jenkins.  He seems like an undersized, too heavy, combo guard.  Furthermore, he’s old for his class, and his team didn’t do all that well.

          I get guys like Jamie Skeen from VCU, or Kawhi Leonard from San Diego State, or Shelvin Mack from Butler.  Say what you want about those guys coming from previously little known basketballl schools, but at least their teams performed outrageously well, and to a large degree they carried their teams.  I even get Keith Benson and would not object if Joe took a flyer on him; he is 7 feet tall, after all.

          But Hofstra didn’t make the NCAA Tournament, and didn’t even do very well in their own conference tournament…a conference that is not that well known for basketball, VCU and George Mason notwithstanding.

          Anyway…thanks for the civil discourse.

          • Jun 16, 201111:01 am
            by Patrick Hayes

            To say that you ‘get’ Mack, another Mid-Major player, who had terrible shooting percentages (41 percent on twos, 35 percent on 3s) compared to Jenkins (52 percent on 2s/42 percent 3s), makes absolutely no sense. Because Butler had a better team, that should make Mack a better player/prospect? Furthermore, Jenkins played a lot more PG in college than Mack. Both are guys that are going to have to prove they can play the PG spot if they’re going to make NBA rosters, and Jenkins is way, way more advanced in that respect than Mack.

            The thing is, the success of the overall team means very little to scouts, particularly when looking at prospects at mid-majors. Benson had the benefit of playing in an incredibly weak conference compared to the CAA. If Hofstra was in the Mid-Con, they would’ve challenged Oakland for that conference title and automatic bid. If Oakland didn’t make the tourney, would that make Benson, the Mid Major player of the year, less of a prospect? Of course it wouldn’t. But none of that really matters anyway. Jenkins is a prospect for these reasons: those shooting percentages for a guard who is the focal point of his teams offense are insanely good, no matter the level; he’s big (at 6-3), reasonably athletic and strong; he’s played point guard, even if he’s a shoot-first guard because he happened to also be Hofstra’s best scorer, during his career. Those are the things that matter to scouts. On top of that, he’s had really good individual workouts with teams. The fact that his team didn’t make the NCAA tournament has so little bearing on his pro potential, it’s not even worth discussing. It can certainly help — tournament runs helped players like Skeen and Mack, for example, get exposure. But Jenkins doesn’t need the exposure because he’s killed it in predraft workouts.

  • Jun 16, 20119:54 am
    by Dutch01


    “I find you smug and arrogant, and not all that knowledable.”

    (Personal attack removed) Your comments are without merit and make you look foolish. God forbid I have to read another reply created by you again.

    • Jun 16, 201110:04 am
      by Murph


      Mind your own business…(personal attack removed).

      • Jun 16, 20111:17 pm
        by Murph


        You removed my personal attack, but not the original attack???

        Very petty and biased, don’t you think?

  • Jun 16, 201111:35 am
    by Murph


    Look….I don’t want the Pistons to draft Mack, Leonard or Skeen either.  And I was just being nice about Benson, because you said you were an Oakland alumn.

    But at least UNDERSTAND why the pundits are so high on those guys.  At least their teams were successful. 

    What I don’t understand for the life of me is Charles Jenkins.  Hofstra had a disappointing end of season…no way around it.

    (Man…you’ll argue any point ad nauseum.)

    Personally, I’d take Valanciunas, Walker or Biyombo in that order for the #8.

    And Vucevic, Smith or Jordan Williams in that order for #33.

    Do we or do we not have a #52 pick?  Some mock drafts have us picking at #52, and some don’t.

    • Jun 16, 201111:50 am
      by Patrick Hayes


      Yes Detroit has the 52 pick.

      Vucevic won’t be there at 33. He’s another high-riser because he’s had fantastic workouts. Probably be gone in the 18-24 range.

  • Jun 16, 201111:38 am
    by Murph


    Anyway, this is my last post on this.  If Jenkins is successful in the NBA, I will be wrong.

    If Jenkins is not successful in the NBA, I will be correct.


    Feel free to argue with yourself after this.

    • Jun 16, 201112:51 pm
      by Dan Feldman


      Nobody thinks it’s more likely than not that Jenkins will succeed in then NBA. He’s a second-round pick. Most second-round picks don’t make it. But if you have a second-round pick, you have to pick someone. Jenkins, at a certain point in the second round, is as good a bet as anyone else.

      If I’m rolling two die and someone claims getting snake eyes is impossible, and I roll a seven, only a fool would claim that makes him correct.

      • Jun 16, 201112:59 pm
        by Murph


        So you don’t think Jenkins will succeed either?

        I agree 100%!!!

  • Jun 16, 201111:58 am
    by HofstraFan


    Jesus. Hofstra didn’t do well in their own conference? We finished tied for 2nd above VCU! You realize those teams you named have several very good players. Charles Jenkins was basically a 1 man army who knew his team wouldn’t be successful unless he got them involved. He LEAD the CAA in assists and points. Shelvin Mack shot a much lower % while Jenkins is getting doubled, tripled teamed every time he drives. Nobody in the nation could stop Charles this year. 

    • Jun 16, 201112:09 pm
      by Murph


      The only good teams Hofstra played this year were UNC and VCU.  And they lost to both those teams by a combined total of 59 points!

  • Jun 16, 20113:19 pm
    by Dutch01


    “The only good teams Hofstra played this year were UNC and VCU.  And they lost to both those teams by a combined total of 59 points!”

    They beat George Mason…

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