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Tom Gores owns the Pistons, meaning it’s time to pause and celebrate

It’s pay day.

I always have a bit of excitement when I open a paycheck. The salary has already been set, and the work has already been done. But seeing that paper with my name on it makes me smile. Receiving a check after hard work brings a finality to at least a segment the process, an acknowledgement that everything worked out.

The inevitable formality doesn’t hinder the joy.

Tom Gores agreed to buy the Pistons nearly two months ago, and although everyone knew it would happen sooner or later, the NBA approved the sale last night.

Today, Pistons fans can celebrate a new and exciting, if not scary future, under Gores. And make no mistake, it was hard work sticking with this team the last couple of years.

The sale was difficult on everyone. Someone even lost his life during, and perhaps in part because of, the process. In context, all the other problems were more trivial, but they were just as real.

And fans, seeing all these difficulties turn their team into a bottom feeder, steadily abandoned it. Attendance at The Palace has dwindled, and I’m sure merchandise sales, television viewership and general interest has, too.

Thankfully, the Pistons can begin trying to fix all those problems. A turnaround won’t be quick. The franchise was neglected for too long for that to happen.

But, day by day, Gores and his people can take steps. That likely starts with firing Kuester soon, and Dumars can probably get more aggressive about trading Hamilton. Neither move will solve everything, but they’ll help.

Today, we celebrate. Tomorrow, we learn. Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press:

Gores and his team arrived very early this morning. Looks like an announcement could be coming soon with a news conference tomorrow.

The news conference will just be another event to anticipate. We’ve started to read about Gores’ background, but there’s still so much more to learn about him.

Gores could be a worse owner than Karen Davidson. There are no guarantees.

Actually, there’s one guarantee: Tom Gores owns the Detroit Pistons. And even like a paycheck doesn’t mean the work is finished, this guarantee makes me smile, too.


  • Jun 1, 20112:36 pm
    by Scott


    Ok, we’ve celebrated. Now make some roster changes dammit!!! lol

  • Jun 1, 20113:29 pm
    by Eric


    Time to celebrate, not yet.  We don’t know what Gores plans on doing, so I am not going to celebrate. 


    Go Pistons! Lets hope the future is better.

  • Jun 1, 20114:13 pm
    by MrCarter


    My solution for the Pistons(sorry for the harshness, but I gotta be real):
    -Keep Greg Monroe
    -Keep Terrico White, only because we havent really seen him play yet during a season
    -Re-sign Jonas Jerebko
    -Keep Ben Wallace for the sake of loyalty and the fact that he’ll retire a Piston, although he deserves a helluva lot better than to end on this note
    But read my lips…….
    -GET THE F&%K RID OF EVERYONE ELSE!!! THATS RIGHT, EVERYONE!!! I honestly think our franchise is the most messed up in the entire league.
    -Stuckey is a shooting gaurd(ironic since he cant shoot) who’s playing our point gaurd spot.
    -Rip Hamilton is quickly becoming more known for his contract than for his legacy OR his play.
    -Tayshaun Prince is still good, but seriously, why would he wanna be a part of this mess!?!?
    -Ben Gordon is an embarrassingly-overpaid shooting gaurd in a point gaurds body who’s contract is starting to make Bison Dele’s deal look smart.
    -Jason Maxiell is a (underachieving)power forward in a small forwards body.
    -The only difference between Charlie Villanueva and Austin Daye is this: Charlie’s overpaid/Austin’s OVERDRAFTED(couldve gotten Jrue Holiday, Darren Collison, Ty Lawson, Taj Gibson, or Marcus Thornton, but NOOOOO, Dumars had to go with the Prince clone).
    -Will Bynum’s play is looking more and more like a wet match than Bynumite.
    -Tracy McGrady is washed up
    -Chris Wilcox was a bust
    -And let’s not even disCUSS coach John Kuester
    Get my point?? Simply put, I’m a die-hard Piston fan who’s just about had it with this mediocrity. Granted, all teams go through tough stretches, but it seems like Mr. Dumars(whom I’ve always supported btw) is just content to sit back, make ZERO moves, and just let his team go down. Now that the team is sold to Tom Gores, they better(AND I MEAN BETTER) damn well make some kind of serious changes with this team……..and yes, I mean BEFORE this f’n lockout occurs(damn you David Stern). Again, sorry for the negativity.
    Thank you,
    One pi$$ed off and disgruntled, albeit very loyal, Detroit Piston fan.

  • Jun 1, 20114:49 pm
    by Laser


    1) feldman, this is the first and only place where i’ve read that he owns the team. did the deal get closed, or is this a (slightly) premature celebration?
    2) i just love that trading rip is your top priority. it’s a tale as old as time, but this is really just the joe-dumars-face-saving-bail-out option. when rip had four years and $50 million left and gordon and charlie had five, rip’s was the worst contract on our books. now that he’s down to two and the others three, his is much more favorable. it’s the third worst contract on the books. he’s just an overpaid veteran who will still be productive for the length of his contract (if not forced to split minutes and shots in an iso system). he doesn’t have gordon’s drawbacks or that extra year. the biggest advantage gordon has is his age, but at this point it should be 100% clear to everyone with eyes that NONE of these three are building blocks here. the smart thing to do is to rid ourselves of all of them, and rip’s is only the first priority if you think stuckey and gordon are the future of this team. and if you think that, god help you.

    • Jun 1, 20114:51 pm
      by Dan Feldman


      1. http://www.pistonpowered.com/2011/05/tom-gores-officially-approved-as-pistons-owner-by-nba/

      2. Again, what makes you believe Ben Gordon is tradable for anything reasonable?

      • Jun 1, 20117:04 pm
        by Laser


        1) cool. i wasn’t doubting that, but i did a google news search and got bupkiss.
        2) it’s the organization’s stance that both ben gordon and charlie v have value around the league. maybe they’re lying. it’s my personal opinion that a “reasonable” return for any of rip, gordon, charlie or max would be simply being rid of them. they’re our four highest paid players and none of them will get the team anywhere. i want them all gone. i’d just rather be rid of gordon than rip if we can’t ditch them both.
        rip and gordon are close enough to equal blights on this roster as long as they’re both here. similar salaries, similar production. but that extra year on gordon’s contract is a killer. whatever anyone offered us for rip, i’d gladly send them gordon instead. that’s all. then we just have to put up with one more year of rip (if he’s even considered a problem in the absence of gordon and kuester), and then he’s an expiring and tradable asset. voila!

        • Jun 1, 20117:11 pm
          by Dan Feldman


          2. I think Langlois has said Dumars has received offers for them. Would you trade Gordon for Gilbert Arenas if the Magic offered? I wouldn’t assume the Pistons can dump those guys for nothing. In fact, I’d guess they can’t and would have to take negative assets in return.

          Do you think you’re smarter than every GM in the league? If they make an offer for Rip, and you can see Rip is more valuable, maybe they can see that, too, and maybe they wouldn’t make the trade with Gordon involved.

          • Jun 2, 20112:21 pm
            by Laser

            nobody in their right mind would put that arenas contract on their books. only way i’d EVER do that is to consolidate two or more of our bad contracts in the event of an amnesty clause. but that would be a no-brainer for anyone. i guessed that arenas was the “big name player” that dumars was offered for gordon, but i never read that anywhere.
            instead of “negative assets,” let’s go with “liabilities.” it’s been the organization’s stance that gordon and villanueva have trade value. which means, by definition, that they’re not universally considered liabilities. and in a reasonable system, i believe either could be (albeit overpaid) contributors, as long as the system they were inserted into could pick up the slack for their defensive deficiencies. but the thing is, all we have to go on is detroit’s word. if it turns out that all three of these guys are untradable except for other liabilities, that’s as big an indictment on dumars as i can muster, and i can’t fathom a subsequent argument that dumars “deserves” a chance to fix this.
            i don’t think i’m smarter than every GM in the league, but i know a ROTTEN deal when i see one. and i’m fully willing to believe that joe’s first choice among many bad options he’s left himself with would be to trade rip in order to save face, with little regard to the tax that accompanies the dump. i just don’t understand how you could be remotely supportive of that trade, but the fact that you hypothesized that the team would subsequently renounce tayshaun and/or stuckey in order to pursue another class of unspectacular free agents speaks volumes. you must know how unlikely those renouncements would be, so it all sounds like excuses to me.
            and i do know one thing for sure. just because it’s what joe dumars wants to do, doesn’t mean it’s a good basketball decision. personally, i’d rather take back pennies on the dollar for gordon or charlie (which is probably the going rate) than PAY dollars on the dollar to dump a productive player. and i believe dumars would rather pay a fortune to dump rip to try to avoid having to dump one of the free agents he destroyed the franchise to get. for some reason, probably amounting to an absurd level of confidence in and loyalty to dumars, you refuse to accept this.
            maybe, just maybe, joe doesn’t want to sell low on these free agents because he (A) wants to save face, or (B) still believes this formula can work once rip is removed from the equation. those look like the most probable (and horrifying) scenarios, but you blindly trust that dumars is going to make the best basketball decision possible. i don’t have that trust. i think he’s stubborn and prideful and will go out of his way to do anything other than take a loss on his free agent busts. and all he can take is a loss, because he handed them atrocious contracts. but “taking a loss” on a trade by accepting pennies on the dollar is a different animal from “paying a tax to dump a player.”

    • Jun 1, 20114:55 pm
      by rob


      Everywhere I’ve read/heard the deal is going to be closed today, which is why Gores came to Detroit early this morning. And a press conference is already being talked about for Thursday, so I dont think its really premature. I dont think they announced the closing yet, but odds are it already happened this morning or he probably wouldn’t have come so early. imo, it was probably just a few final signatures needed on the contracts to close the deal. They aren’t still negotiating anything, afaik. It will probably be announced later tonight.

  • Jun 1, 20114:49 pm
    by rob


    lol, great post!

    I love your Bynum analogy.

    Instead of disCUSSing Kuester though, lets just discus him like a frisbee across the country to LA and let them deal with him, lol.

    • Jun 1, 20114:50 pm
      by rob


      My post was in response to Mr Carter’s. I forgot to press reply to his post.

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  • Jun 2, 20112:37 pm
    by Marcus


    What Gores 1st thing he should do is fire Joe Dumars he did build the 2004 team i think he really got lucky because all those players worked perfect together. Other than that he drafted horrible players signed horrible players wasted all that money on two average career role players. The Pistons could’ve traded for rajon rondo he said no thought stuckey was the next billups… wrong i LOVE the pistons i think dumars just got too cockey after that one championship. He should’ve been got fired

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