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Chad Ford’s latest mock draft has the Pistons taking Kemba Walker

I don’t feel so crazy anymore for my recent feelings that Kemba Walker will somehow end up a Piston. Chad Ford of ESPN, in his latest mock draft posted today, has Walker going to the Pistons at No. 8 (Insider Required):

For the past few weeks, we’ve had the Pistons taking Valanciunas, but with Valanciunas now going No. 4, it looks like the Pistons will be down to three prospects: Kemba Walker, Tristan Thompson and Bismack Biyombo.

Walker is the safe pick, though he doesn’t actually fill a major need. Thompson has upside. And, from what I gather, the team is still very high on Biyombo. The Pistons know how to develop a defensive stopper like him and I’m told their trip to Spain to see him went well.

Still, at the end of the day, I think the Pistons draft the best player available, Walker, and look at moving Rodney Stuckey to the 2.

Ford is pretty well connected with the Pistons, so if things actually play out that way, could it mean that Joe Dumars might be open to moving Ben Gordon as well as Rip Hamilton?


  • Jun 15, 20114:26 pm
    by rob


    Gordon and Hamilton in the same offseason? That might be too much excitement for Pistons fans to handle, lol.

    I do like the idea of Walker/Stuckey backcourt. I think I like the idea of a Biyombo/Monroe frontcourt better though.

    • Jun 15, 20115:58 pm
      by BIG MARV


      LOL Rob I like that move too and hell if we can trade rip and BG and mabey get another draft pick that would be cool but if we get walker at 8 I would like for them to trade rip and BG and get a young active defensive Big. I think Kemba will be our first wow move and he does bring some energy and star draw since being a college star already with u-conn. I think hes good with the camera he brings vibrance and It could spread with the team. He seems like a good kid that would want to stamp his name on the team and league. He be a good floor general and woking next to stuckey that should make stuckey more energized, he will love to play with a guy that will feed him the ball and be his back court buddy.

      • Jun 15, 20118:06 pm
        by rob


        I agree. As much as I used to think this draft sucked, now that its almost here, there’s a bunch of players I would love to add to this team, and Walker is one of them.

        I like Walker, Biyombo, and Marcus Morris, and whats great is we’re almost guaranteed to get a chance to draft one of them. Any one would be a huge addition, i think.

  • Jun 15, 20114:54 pm
    by RandomGuy313


    Rip needs to be released or traded because I do not see a market for BG. Yes I understand that he is entering the final year of his deal, but I see this as an addition by subtraction. If Stuck picks up his qualifying offer the minutes at the 2 should go to BG and Stuck. Stuck can slide to the one when Kemba is out and find 15 minutes for Bynum.

  • Jun 15, 20119:54 pm
    by Fennis


    You know, I really don’t think Joe D. will both look for a starting PG and resign Stuckey. My hunch is that it’ll be one or the other. If he signs Stuckey, I think he’ll wait to see what he does as a PG under competent coaching. Keep in mind Stuckey at 5-7M a year is getting PG money. He’s not getting that money as a 16ppg shooting guard.

  • Jun 15, 201110:02 pm
    by RussellC


    We need bigs and perimeter defense. Package Rip, Gordon, Daye and Charlie V to Cleveland and Charlotte for Stephen Jackson and Baron Davis. Charlotte gets Number 4 and Cleveland gets a couple of starters. We end up with 8, 9, and 19 to pick up Biyombo, Fareid, and Singleton and still have pick 33 for a project big.  Starting five B-Dizzle, Stuckey, Jackson, Biyombo and Monroe with Fareid, Singleton, Jerebko coming off the bench with White or Bynum. Playoff team with cap room as you start weeding out Jackson and Davis over the next year or two

  • Jun 15, 201111:45 pm
    by Tony


    Chad’s been in the heat too long, Kemba is another undersized 2 guard and he can’t knock down spot up jumpers.  Oh yeah, this is Joe Dumars we’re talking about, that’s just what he’d do.

  • Jun 16, 20117:13 am
    by detroitpcb


    the Pistons will draft Burks before they draft Walker if all the big men they have in their first tier are gone

    • Jun 16, 201111:08 am
      by Patrick Hayes


      Considering the only guard they’re scheduled to work out is Walker, I’d be pretty surprised if they took Burks. His stock has fallen some too. Most have him behind Klay Thompson among wing prospects now. Thompson is bigger and a better shooter.

  • Jun 16, 201111:09 am
    by neutes


    I wouldn’t necessarily like this pick, but this draft doesn’t leave much to be desired if Kanter and Valanciunas are gone. If Walker is there I think I have to take him over Biyombo. Not sure how it really helps the team however. Seems like we would need this pick to move Rip or Gordon and since we’re taking Walker with it they aren’t going anywhere, and what about Stuckey, and our front court is thin as heck. Tough spot to be in if Walker is on the board.

  • Jun 16, 201111:37 am
    by zach


    Personally i like the idea of the pistons dumping bg and rip in a trade to try and get a mid to late first round pick i dont know exactly what the worth is for rip and bg combined but if we could get a decent pick out of those two id be very happy.  Itd be nice if we could get all the way to kemba but i doubt it, id settle with a morris twin if available or d morris for a new point gaurd.  With eighth pick id go with Bismack because the pistons dont need more of the same they need a game changer, and he could be that.  so not next year but the future line up id like to see would be d morris stucky daye monroe and biyombo.  although i was not a big fan of monroe unlike everyone else… sorry i dont see him as that special talent wise or athleticly.  he works hard but defensivly he is a liablility, offensively he is not that great… most of his points come from hustle plays or his teammates putting him in a good position.  I think he is a good big man but i dont think he will be as good as we hope.  but d morris would be the distributor, stucky the slasher, daye the range, monroe the offensive hustler and bismack no fly zone biyombo  with some quick offense comming off the bench in jerebko bynum and charlie v not to mention wilcox will be a good interum starter while biyombo developes with ben wallace teaching him…. sounds good right?

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