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Brandon Knight will wear “divine” No. 7

I guess Brandon Knight’s request for No. 0 was denied. He held up a No. 7 jersey at today’s introductory press conference.

Ben Gordon wore No. 7 the last two seasons, but he already decided to switch to No. 8.

Kyle Singler will wear No. 25, and Vernon Macklin will wear No. 20.


Apparently, Knight wanted No. 7 all along. Keith Langlois of Pistons.com:

Knight to wear 7 not 0 .. Wanted 7 but BG had it, then realized BG switching to 8 next year

BG’s request to switch to 8 was made in March 2010 but NBA didn’t approve for 2010-11 season. It’s OK’d now.

Tom Leyden of ABC 7 explains why Knight wanted seven:

Brandon Knight: Chose between 0 and 7 and seven teams passed over me, so 7 it was.

That wasn’t the only reason Knight preferred 7. Detroit Bad Boys:

Brandon Knight let his family vote on his jersey number — they liked 7 more than zero. 7 is a "divine number," Knight explained.


  • Jun 25, 201112:44 pm
    by Gareth


    GetSomePistons suggests it’s number 7 for each team that passed him up.

    Same as why Tayshaun wears 22

  • Jun 25, 20111:59 pm
    by Sebastian


    Macklin should have chosen. number 52. Not, only because he was the 52nd player selected, but he’s a big man and maybe numberiologically speaking attempt to model his game, after Buck Williams.

    But, number 20: not the appropriate number.

    Does anybody know what number Monroe will be wearing? I would maybe like to see him in a number 55, as 5 + 5 = 10.

  • Jun 25, 20112:54 pm
    by danny


    Hmmm….6 teams actually passed him up, but okay.

    • Jun 25, 20113:05 pm
      by Reaction


      7 did. He was drafted 8th.

      • Jun 25, 20113:32 pm
        by Counter-Reaction


        I guess Cleveland and Cleveland are 2 different teams??

        • Jun 25, 20114:30 pm
          by Nate


          Yes, you’re right, only 6 teams passed him. But there were 7 opportunities for him to get picked. His number represents the number of players selected before him.

  • Jun 25, 20113:14 pm
    by jayg108


    I was hoping one of the draftees would wear number 32 or 22.

  • Jun 25, 20113:25 pm
    by jason


    6 did Cleveland picked 1st and 4th

  • Jun 25, 20114:29 pm
    by Oracle


    Was passed 7 times, even if it was 6 teams. Y’all are so persnickety

  • Jun 25, 20117:35 pm
    by DSV


    If you count the teams who traded their draft picks (and therefore passing on the opportunity as well) the number should increase too!

  • Jun 26, 20115:30 pm
    by Counter-Reaction


    Just stating the obvious. He was quoted as saying 7 teams that passed him, not 7 picks. If he is gonna unleash some vendetta on the league based on that, he should at least get it right.

  • Jun 26, 20116:51 pm
    by Nate Dogg


    you guys need to relax, there was 7 teams/picks who passed on him does it really matter what he says ? you guys just have no life but to go on a nitpick about what people say and do. I’d like to see how you react if you were him and just got drafted.

  • Jun 26, 20116:54 pm
    by Tre


    Awe Man , As a fan i soo wanted to see him in that #0 !!! that would have been extremely unique.
    No Biggie i think hell make #7 look Good.
    And BTW The fact that he got draft at spot 8 doesn’t change the concept that he got passed up 7 times. You guys are taking his decision to rock jersey #7 much out of context !

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