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Brandon Knight requests No. 0

Keith Langlois of Pistons.com:

Pistons fans looking for a new jersey: Brandon Knight has requested uniform number 0. Vernon Macklin: 20. Still waiting on Singler.

Some numbers just fit certain players stylistically, and I think this would be a good look for Brandon Knight.

If his request is granted, he’d be the third Piston to wear No. 0, after Olden Polynice and Orlando Woolridge.


  • Jun 24, 20114:54 pm
    by Boney


    Perfect.  Represents the amount of respect he’s getting in Piston land, and it’s been less than 24 hours.

    • Jun 24, 20115:08 pm
      by Reaction


      wtf are u talking about? So many people respect him.

  • Jun 24, 20115:08 pm
    by Dan


    love it! and am beginning to love this guy and his attitude and mindset.

  • Jun 24, 20115:19 pm
    by jake the snake


    yo boney go chomp on a boner and quit dissin our picks.

    • Jun 24, 20116:44 pm
      by BIG MARV


      I agree ol douche bag, go irritate the Lakers site on how the drafted the future Bum Darius Morris Boney! lmao what type of name is that

  • Jun 24, 20115:27 pm
    by Eric


    I have to disagree 0 is a stupid number to pick, any number but 0.

  • Jun 24, 20115:31 pm
    by Kim Jong Skillz


    not a fan of the pick, but he was the best available at the the time. now lets see what joe d has in store for that loaded backcourt.

  • Jun 24, 20116:36 pm
    by danny


    After reading all of the articles on how Knight expects so much of himself, Im convinced this is another motivational move by him. He’s taking 0 to show how he’s done nothing in this league, and needs to prove himself.
    Either that, or maybe he was a fan of Arenas…..

  • Jun 24, 20118:33 pm
    by jprime18


    Hopefully that’s the amount of turnovers he averages….

  • Jun 25, 201112:23 pm
    by Josh


    I just watched the pistons live stream press conference with the 3 new rookies. Singlers going to wear #25, Macklin’s  #20 and… Brandon Knight’s going to wear #7! That means either Ben Gordon changed his number or the Pistons finally got rid of him!!!

    • Jun 25, 201112:59 pm
      by Reaction


      Is it done? If not where can I watch it?

  • Jun 28, 201112:48 am
    by Antoine


    Does Ben Gordon will go in another team because i read that brandon knight was a replacement of Ben Gordon and he wears # 7 ???

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