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Brandon Knight had great practice habits – during games

Henry Abbott of TrueHoop shares a great anecdote about Brandon Knight:

On Wednesday Brandon Knight confirmed a story I had heard that, in breaks between AAU games, when his teammates would rest, he’d do two-ball drills on the sidelines, alone.

That’s plain awesome. It won’t be difficult rooting for Knight to succeed.

Also, check out Abbott’s post a picture that pretty accurately reflects what I wrote about Knight earlier.


  • Jun 24, 20111:31 pm
    by RandomGuy313


    Pretty accurately reflects because he damn near cut and paste your post into his LOL

  • Jun 24, 20111:32 pm
    by RandomGuy313


    I have no problem with his expressions because I have a similar demeanor. If people looked at me they would think that I am pissed off because I rarely smile, that does not mean he is not happy; just an atypical expression to a joyous moment.

    • Jun 27, 20115:20 pm
      by Dan Feldman


      I talked to people who talked to Knight the day before the draft. The consensus was he doesn’t usually look how he did after being drafted.
      I don’t think it was personal to Detroit, just that he was sad to fall in the draft.

  • Jun 24, 20113:39 pm
    by Dan


    The more and more I read about BKnight the more excited I am that he’s a Piston. This pick seems to signal a shift back to the type of players we had during both of our runs. Tough nosed, pissed off and motivated and hard workers…I think he’s a perfect fit in Detroit and everybody that’s upset w/ the pick just need to read some of these stories and they’ll see that he’s a perfect Detroit Piston.

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