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Bill Laimbeer could be out in Minnesota

J. Michael Falgoust of USA TODAY:

Im told by a source that #Twolves will bring back #KurtRambis but force him to retool his staff #nba #notfired

I wonder whether a retooling of the Timberwolves’ coaching staff will including firing Bill Laimbeer. Considering David Kahn’s praise for Laimbeer, maybe it won’t. But if Laimbeer is available, I’m sure plenty of Pistons’ fan will want him on Detroit’s staff next year, many of whom will want him as the next head coach. For the record, I don’t expect either to happen.


  • Jun 4, 20114:23 pm
    by brgulker


    I’ve been thinking about Laimbeer and Dumars, now that the ownership transition has happened.
    When you look at the Bad Boys, it’s pretty clear that they had an elite PG, several really good-to-great big men (including Laimb), and then solid role players at the other positions (Dumars, Vinny, Aguirre).
    When you look at how JoD constructed the Going to Work Pistons, a similar blue print was followed (or lucked into). Elite PG play, several good big men, and solid role players.
    Contrast both of those, however, with how JoD has “retooled” into what we have now, and I can’t help but ask, “Is this really how JoD thinks we’re going to win basketball games?”
    In other words, I suspect that 1) He misunderstands why the two championships were actually great or 2) He’s forgotten that / convinced himself that the NBA has changed too dramatically to win another one like that.
    Okay, now take Bill Laimbeer — from what I can gather, he hasn’t abandoned bad boy basketball. Which leads me to ask the question, “Could Laimbeer and Dumars coexist?”
    If Joe see winning one way, and Laimb sees it completely the other way, how well could that turn out?

  • Jun 4, 20114:46 pm
    by dan


    I’d like to see Mike Woodson as head coach and Laimbeer as an assistant

  • Jun 4, 20114:55 pm
    by Faraz


    ^Agreed. He may not end up as Detroit’s head coach this season, but it would be great to have him on the staff as an assistant coach. Who knows, maybe after a few years of experience, he can take over as head coach.

  • Jun 4, 20117:53 pm
    by rob


    Laimbeer 100% as head coach. He’s the only guy that I wouldnt care about his experience because I see greatness in Laimbeer as a head coach in the NBA one day. I dont see any coach in that list below ever being anything special. We either need to hire a coach that is going to be great, or already is/was great.

    Hoefully, Kahns comments on Laimbeer were just a nice way of promoting him to the league for when he gets fired.

    I could see Rambis telling Kahn he cant co-exist with Bill and needs him gone to do his job better. The Kahn saying, ‘ok, you can keep your job if you fire Bill.

    As far as us, I think we wont hire him because of Dumars wants all the credit himself for any success. He dare not share any with any other former bad boy. Same reason he refuses to hire Isiah in any capacity. Joe’s ego has severly F’d us in the past, I’m hopeful Gores can put his ego in check and it wont prevent us from getting the right guys in place this time around.

    • Jun 5, 20111:36 pm
      by Sam H


      I do not understand how Joe D’s refusal to hire Isaiah is selfish on his part. Isaiah failed to take a talented pacers team beyond the first round of the playoffs. During his tenure there, he absolutely tanked the CBA due to frivolous spending. Next stop was NYC, need I really say how he tanked the knicks? Oh, and lets not forget his stellar 18-44 record at FIU.
      It seems it was mercy rather than ego that kept Joe D from hiring Isaiah.

      • Jun 5, 20116:20 pm
        by rob


        Sam, I didnt specify what position Isiah could’ve been hired to, I didnt say he should’ve been the head coach or GM. But I cant see how a man with his basketball knowledge couldn’t be useful in some aspect to this organization. Even if just as a PG coach to Stuckey, like the Lakers did getting Kareem to develop Bynum.

  • Jun 5, 201112:44 am
    by RussellC


    Didn’t Laimbeer quit as a player during the season like he quit as coach of the Shock?

  • Jun 5, 20116:16 pm
    by Joe Dumars


    Kuester is gooooooooooooooooooooooone! Fired!

  • Jun 5, 20116:27 pm
    by rob


    Bernie Smilovitz just reported Laimbeer is now in the mix of candidates to be the next Pistons coach. Doesnt mean he has any more chance than the rest, but its great to hear that the Pistons are at least interested in him, whereas before Joe didnt seem to want to hire him.

    I do remember though last time, Joe telling him he needed to get a couple years exp as an assistant before teams would consider him for a head coach. IIRC, that was the reason, he accepted the assistant job with MIN.

    Bill’s greatest strength is as a leader. Your not going to see what he’s capable of playing second fiddle to Rambis. Put him in charge of the Pistons and he will flourish.

    He is exactly what we need in our coach. The mental toughness he will instill in our team is invaluable.

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