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Ben Wallace leaning toward returning

Via Noah Trister of the Associated Press:

"I’m leaning more towards coming back," Wallace said. "It’s just a matter of getting myself healthy and getting ready to play."

Ben Wallace wasn’t nearly as effective on the court this year as he was last year, but he’ll probably still be more effective than the typical replacement player next season. More importantly, he’s a great role model for the Pistons’ younger players. Plus, it’s always more fun when a franchise icon can stick around a little longer.


  • Jun 12, 20114:37 pm
    by Reaction


    I would really like him to coach the younger plays in defense(at least the 4,5s). I hope we are able to draft Kemba though.. that would be beast.

  • Jun 12, 20115:02 pm
    by Scott


    He might be a good mentor for Biyombo if we draft him.

    • Jun 12, 201111:38 pm
      by BIG MARV


      I agree thats ben jr.

  • Jun 12, 20116:12 pm
    by jayg108


    This is good news.  Hopefully Joe keeps him and doesn’t use him as a trade chip.   It’s also good to hear something about the Pistons.  Though there are good games this postseason, the absence of the Pistons is really killing me this year.

  • Jun 12, 20116:13 pm
    by detroitpcb


    Biyombo would be a huge mistake. Can’t shoot. Can’t hit free throws so will not be able to be on the court in the 4th quarter.

    Ben Wallace also gave his endorsement to Woodson as a hire for coach.

  • Jun 12, 20116:33 pm
    by Reaction


    I watched a video of Biyombo at Eurocamp or whatever.. he reminded me of Dwight Howard in build and defense but his shooting was horrid.. maybe he just choked under the pressure or he really is that horrible at shooting

  • Jun 12, 20116:43 pm
    by vic


    we won a championship with ben wallace, shaq won several championships. we dont need a freethrowshooter when we have bg, ad, cv, etc…
    we need length, athleticism, and defense in the paint. as well as a passing pg
    it would be great to have ben wallace mentor biyombo… Pistons basketball is defensive superstars mixed with effective star guards. its our ID, lets keep it going!

  • Jun 12, 20117:40 pm
    by Robbie


    Vic, I agree 100% Defence wins Championships and could you imagine Bismack playing D like Big Ben you cant ask for any thing better….

    • Jun 12, 20117:50 pm
      by Reaction


      But wouldn’t you go to see Kemba light it up? I don’t know just watching him gets me excited… he hypes the game up and makes it exciting

      • Jun 13, 20111:26 am
        by OKJ


        No Kemba plkease.
        Pistons need another big man.

        • Jun 13, 20117:17 am
          by Reaction


          All the big men is this draft are ridiculously risky. Biyombo had a horrible workout. Kantar and Valanciunas are projected to be drafted ahead of the Pistons in many of the mock drafts.

  • Jun 13, 20119:32 am
    by RandomGuy313


    The more I read on Kemba, the more I am intrigued at the prospect of selecting him. His handle and speed are needed. Although Stuckey can get in the paint, Hollinger and our faithful bloggers on this site have indicated his subpar numbers at finishing.
    I also like Kemba’s response to his shoot first mentality, I am paraphrasing but he indicated that it was necessary for him at UConn and that he saw himself more as a point guard.
    We missed on picking Ty Lawson in 2009, JoeD needs to pull the trigger here.
    #Biyombo: I will not deny his athleticism; however I hope Ben comes back this year to get us to next years draft for a big man. I like the options in the second round for big men then jumping at Biyombo at 8.

  • Jun 13, 201110:22 am
    by Steve K


    If nothing else, it would be nice for Ben’s final season to NOT be that crap that was 2010-11.

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