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At least one general manager preferred Brandon Knight over Kyrie Irving

And it wasn’t Joe Dumars (unless he’s talking to himself). Keith Langlois of Pistons.com:

But were there teams in the NBA that preferred Knight over Irving? Yes. One GM told the Pistons as much the morning after the draft.

I think Brandon Knight and Kyrie Irving have nearly identical upsides, but I think Irving has shown he’s much further ahead right now – and that’s why Irving deserved to go No. 1. So, part of me thinks it’s great another general manager thinks so highly of Knight, and part of me thinks that general manager is foolish.


  • Jun 30, 201111:16 am
    by tarsier


    Take everything Langlois says with a dump truck full of salt. Perhaps it’s because I don’t spend much time reading sportswriters on other teams’ payrolls, but I have never read a more biased sports writer.

  • Jun 30, 201112:06 pm
    by Andre


    As long as the GM wasn’t David Kahn I’m okay with that!

    • Jun 30, 20111:02 pm
      by jprime18


      If I could like this, I would

  • Jun 30, 20112:35 pm
    by RyanK


    WOW, we stole the draft again!!!  Every year at this time Langlois informs us a week later that if the draft had been done over our pick would have gone much earlier.  At some point all of these draft night steals are going to show in our win loss record…yep, some day it’s going to show…don’t doubt it for a second…just keep your eyes on the Pistons…these young players should have gone in the top 1-2 picks…

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