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Adrian Wojnarowski: Bill Laimbeer, Kelvin Sampson, Mike Woodson will all be candidates for Detroit head coaching job

There have already been some names whispered as possible successors for the recently fired John Kuester. Yahoo!’s Adrian Wojnarowski adds one that we haven’t heard: Milwaukee Bucks assistant and former Oklahoma and Indiana college basketball coach Kelvin Sampson. Here were Woj’s Detroit related tweets:

Dan and I will have more collected thoughts on Sampson and several other candidates starting tomorrow, but I’m honestly not that surprised by Sampson. He doesn’t have NBA experience, and Big Ten hoops fans will certainly not be enthused about the guy who helped ruin Indiana’s basketball program, but Sampson has been mentioned for openings over the last two offseasons. He’s a good bet to get a head job at some point, Detroit or elsewhere.


  • Jun 5, 201111:01 pm
    by Tom


    Sampson would be a great hire. He deserved to get fired from IU, but he didn’t commit some unforgivable sin, all he did was make too many phone calls. It was stupid, he was already on notice so he has no excuse, but it was not some extreme case of moral failure.
    He had a lot of success as a coach on teams that did not have elite talent, I would be excited to give him the chance to do the same with the Pistons.

    • Jun 5, 201111:04 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      Yeah, totally agree. NCAA is a joke. But people do tend to hold grudges against things like that or act like violating NCAA rules is some type of moral sin, so I expect people will talk about it.

  • Jun 5, 201111:24 pm
    by Travis


    I think there will be complaints about hiring another rookie coach with Sampson but every coach has to start somewhere. No one is going to find the next brilliant coach(Pat Riley,Larry Brown,Phil Jackson) if you have to have head coaching experience to be a candidate. If he looks like he can do the job, don’t let him being a college coach disqualify him from getting the job.

  • Jun 5, 201111:33 pm
    by rook34


    Can’t imagine with as many uncertainties facing the franchise that the brass goes to a rookie head coach.  Woodson is the logical choice if he’s interested.

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  • Jun 6, 201112:15 am
    by BIG MARV


    No Thanks Let him get his first head coaching try in toronto the serbia of nba basketball, detroit has a stong legacy we dont need another first time head coach just give the job to Woodson he has the head experience.

  • Jun 6, 201112:41 am
    by rob


    If Joe hires Woodson, he’s signing his own pink slip. ATL was the most un-disciplined/Low IQ team I’ve ever seen, under Woodson.

  • Jun 6, 201112:50 am
    by Mr Happy Mushroom


    My gut is that it would be crazy to take a shot at Sampson.  Whether or not the NCAA rules are poorly constructed or not, you’ve got a guy who left two consecutive college head coaching jobs under clouds of suspicion. At best, this suggests really poor judgment on his behalf.  Add to this that he would be a first time NBA coach.  If he didn’t pan out, the choruses of “I told you so” would be deafening.  I suspect that having a history of questionable judgment and ethics would leave him very vulnerable and the wrong move for a team that has been in such disarray.

  • Jun 6, 20117:43 am
    by Jonathan


    What about rick adelman?  He coached possibly the greatest passing big men of all time in Divac.  Perhaps he could make some good use of Monroe?

    • Jun 6, 201112:13 pm
      by BIG MARV


      I think what would scare the pistions away about Aldleman is one thing and thats Money he will want a nice amount to coach an under acheveing team. And people gotta consider aldelman’s age also. He’s getting older and I think he wouldnt want the energy to coach a rebuliding team. I think his oppritunity will come either this year with the Knicks Job or next year with Mabey Orlando or the Utah Job. It has to be a ready made playoff team that needs a good coach to take them to the next level.

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