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Who will be available for Pistons at No. 8?

Speculating about whom the Pistons will draft is good fun, but first, we must identify which players will most likely be available for their No. 8 pick. I’ve compiled several mock drafts (listed at the end of this post) and charted how often each player is taken before No. 8. I plan to update the chart as the draft approaches.

The sections of the bars are color-coded by pick number. The darker the section, the higher the pick. So, the darker a player’s bar, the less likely he slips to No. 8, according to the mocks.


  • May 23, 20113:40 pm
    by sop


    Top 10 Prospects for the Pistons:
    1. Kanter
    2. Williams
    3. Irving
    4. Knight
    5. Valanciunas (if contract can be resolved)
    6. Biyombo
    7. Vesely
    8. Leonard
    9. Thompson
    10. Singleton

    • May 23, 20114:23 pm
      by neutes


      i’d probably go something like this, as of now:
      1. irving 2. kanter 3. valanciunas 4. biyombo. 5. williams 6. leonard 7. thompson 8. vesley 9. walker/knight
      I’d maybe prefer Walker over Knight, but I think both are a risk, and if I’m taking a risk I’d rather take it on a big man. I’m nervous about all these players, except Irving and Kanter. Those are the two I would bet are bound to be solid NBA players from this draft. Walker and Williams I can see scoring a lot of points, but I’m questionable on their impact. The rest are crap shoots.

      • May 23, 20115:05 pm
        by Patrick Hayes


        I agree with that entirely, except I’d probably swap Valuncianas and Kanter at 2-3 and then Biyombo and Williams at 4-5.

    • May 23, 20116:03 pm
      by sop


      Top 10 big men in draft for the Pistons
      1. Kanter
      2. Valanciunas (if contract can be resolved in the next year)
      3. Biyombo
      4. Vesely
      5. Nikola Vucevic
      6. Tristan Thompson
      7. Kenneth Faried
      8. Jeremy Tyler
      9. Jordan Williams
      10. Keith Benson

      • May 23, 20116:56 pm
        by tarsier


        Vesely is a SF. Yeah, he is tall. But so is Daye. He would be more capable of handling the 4 than Daye but less able than Williams. So if you don’t have Williams on your list, you shouldn’t have Vesely.

  • May 23, 20113:51 pm
    by at least im not crazy


    so what your saying is if kanter AND williams or irving are available the pistons should draft Kanter?!?  Whats wrong with you….also am i the only one who wants either Biyombo or Thompson???  I think both are PERFECT fits

  • May 23, 201110:03 pm
    by Ryan


    Either Morris brother seems like the safe pick at this point.

    If we select Burks I will burn my nose off.

    It’s funny though, Darius Morris will probaby end up being a top 5 player of this draft.  Few years away from really having an impact, but such a stellar upside.

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