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Vincent Goodwill on Rodney Stuckey and John Kuester: ‘Neither seemed to respect the other’s standing on the team’

In his column arguing Rodney Stuckey will likely be the Pistons’ best option at point guard, Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit offered his take on the Stuckey-John Kuester dynamic:

Stuckey and Kuester, it seemed, were in a constant battle for credibility. Neither seemed to respect the other’s standing on the team.


  • May 9, 20119:00 am
    by detroitpcb


    look at Westbrook right now in the playoffs. He is the reason OKC is losing because he is jacking up terrible shots instead of moving the ball. Stuckey has had similar problems but in his defense, the Pistons do not have anyone like K. D. on their team so Stuckey had legitimate reason to believe he was needed as a primary scorer. He also grew during the year and showed a more mature ability to assess the floor and get teammates shots.

    Obviously he has no respect for Q. I cannot imagine the Pistons bringing Q back, but if they did, there is no way they should bring back Stuckey. That relationship is not going to improve.

  • May 9, 201112:16 pm
    by gordbrown


    A coach’s job is to put players into a position where they can succeed. Kuester’s failure was not so much communication as his inability to do this. Everyone rags on Stuckey because he doesn’t set up his team mates as a “proper point guard” (whatever the hell that is) but for that to happen he has to have team mates who can score when he gets them the ball. Also because Stuckey was the primary scoring option, teams quickly adjusted by keeping a big between him and the basket on every play, meaning for Stuckey to score had to beat two players. The fact that he was able to do this fairly consistently is a tribute to his ability. If used correctly and with bigs that can run with him and catch the ball (which never happened until the very end of the season when it was largely academic), I think Stuckey can still surprise everyone. And further to detroitpcb’s comment, did anyone else notice the horror show that was Rose’s performance last night (Sunday)? I think it’s more than an open question as to whether that MVP award will ruin him going forward.

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